Sunday, October 7, 2012

Getting From Here to There

I read this article and felt empathy for commuters in Sydney; although I really don't understand what most of the article is saying.  

I did maybe get one point.

Commuters will no longer be able to take a train into the city and be dropped off near the CBD.   Instead they're going to have to be dropped off a bit away from the CBD.  Then they'll have to take a bus.

That's not like losing all your belongings in a cyclone or being on a bridge when it collapses. But it still kind of sucks.

I can relate. 

Fort Worth has had major transportation challenges lately.

For us, it's the roads.

There is SO much construction going on.  And it seems to be on almost every road.  There are detours.  There are cones.   Driving anywhere is like going through an obstacle course.

I quit driving because of it.

That's kind of a good thing, though. 

I think I was looking for an excuse to quit.