Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Andy and Hannah, Covergirls, Punchbowl, and Women's Choices

1. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

Saw that Hannah (Cassie Howarth) is not letting go of Andy (Tai Hara) easily.

She got tired of him. She needed space from him. She started showing interest in other men—dreaming about them and flirting with them. She lied to Andy about something he saw with his own eyes.Yet she still plays the victim in all of it.

I don't have a problem with Hannah losing interest in Andy. It happens! I don't blame her for wanting space. I don't blame her for flirting with other men. I do blame her for being dishonest and trying to cling to Andy when things should be over.

2. Saw Andy and Hannah get back together.

I think it's a mistake.

But maybe I have it wrong.

We'll see how things go.

3. Thought the storyline would make more sense to me if I could see that Andy is clingy and overbearing—the type of person you can love but feel suffocated by.

I don't see that. He seems pretty independent to me. If someone feels suffocated by a person like that, it makes me think they probably have fallen out of love with them.

4. Heard Ben Lee's "We're All In This Together" at the grocery store.

I like when I hear Australian songs in public places.

5. Started to watch more of Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo.

6. Watched a scene where the first Cleo covergirl model was photographed.

7. Found that Women's Weekly has an article about Cleo's covergirl.

Wasn't Women's Weekly in competition with Cleo? That's the impression I got from the miniseries. But maybe they weren't

8. Saw from Lord Wiki that the two magazines probably weren't in competition—at least not in the beginning.

Both magazines were connected to the Packer family.

Now they're both owned by a German company called Bauer Media Group.

8. Went back to the article about Cleo.

For the final issue, they're recreating the look they used on the original cover.

Well, both models are wearing a white dress, but the dresses aren't very similar.

9. Consulted Lord Wiki about the last Cleo covergirl.

Her name is Jesinta Campbell. She's a model from Queensland.

She's dating someone from the Sydney Swans.

10. Googled the original model—Louise Francett.

I couldn't find much about her.

11. Saw a commercial on YouTube for an American TV show with two Australian actors.

It's called Heartbeat. In the commercial, I saw Melissa George and Don Hany.

I vaguely remember writing about the show before.

Did I?

12. Searched through my blog for Heartbeat, and didn't find anything.

Maybe I didn't write about it.

13. Searched again using Melissa George's name.

It turns out I had the name of the show wrong. It's Heartbreaker, not Heartbeat.

I did write about it; though I didn't say anything exciting.

14. Looked on IMDb and saw the name of the show IS Heartbeat.

Did they change the name of the show?  Or did I write it down wrong when I wrote the other blog post?

It is possible for shows to change their name, but I'm going with I wrote it down wrong.  I tend to make mistakes like that.

15. Went back to watching Paper Giants.

16. Heard a place called Punchbowl mentioned on the series.

Where is that?

17. Learned from Lord Wiki that Punchbowl is the name of an actual suburb.

I thought it was a nickname.

18. Saw from Google Maps that Punchbowl is about forty minutes south of Parramatta.

I'm trying to get some perspective here. Well, I'm trying to find a nearby place that's familar to me.

Maybe Botany Bay? I know that's south.

19. Saw that Botany Bay is about fifty minutes south-west of Punchbowl.

20. Saw that Punchbowl is very close to Bankstown.

I'm pretty sure I've heard of Bankstown before, but I don't remember why.

21. Inspired, by scene in Paper Giants, to find Ita Buttrose's first letter from the editor.

Crikey has a copy.

22. Liked Ita Buttrose's brand of feminism. It's the type where there's a belief that various life choices are valid.

I don't like when women think all women should stay home, raise children, and be housewives.

I also don't like the women who believe that, to be a person of worth, one must work outside the home.

Buttrose says to all that, I think if you're living the life that suits you, and you like it, then that's it. And I promise you that Cleo won't dictate how you live. We like you how you are. But of course we expect to give you quite a few ideas and if you care to follow them, good luck.

I wonder if the magazine lived up to what she says there. Did it equally respect both housewives and women with jobs?

Did it respect both single women and married ones?

23. Thought about how I read many magazines throughout my life. I think it was rare that I read the letter from the editor.

Now I sort of regret that.

24. Decided if the regret ever gets strong, I have a lot of old magazines in our closet downstairs. Maybe I can read them.

25. Decided that I'm way too busy doing other things. I have my TV shows and so much reading to do on my iPhone! When do I have time to read old magazines?

BUT...if we have an apocalypse and lose all technology, I can spend my free time reading old magazines.

That's doubtful, though, because we'll probably be running from zombies. I'm not sure I'll remember to grab magazines before we dash from the house.

26. Saw Ita Buttrose's husband (Nathan Page) read "The Little Red Hen" to their daughter.

I wonder if that story is supposed to symbolize something about Buttrose and Cleo.

Maybe Buttrose ended up feeling like she wasn't getting enough help from her staff?

27. Watched scenes about Cleo's sealed section.

This was an insert in the magazine that was more R-rated than the rest of the magazine. It was sealed, so readers would have to open it before reading.

28. Learned from this article that Cleo got rid of the sealed section in 2008.

29. Saw an actor in Paper Giants that looks familar to me.

He kind of reminds me of the Neighbours/11.22.63 actor. I forgot his name.

The guy on Paper Giants is younger, but the series was made five years ago, so it could...maybe be him.

30. Found the name of the actor.

It's Daniel Webber.

31. Looked through his filmography.

He wasn't on Paper Giants.

32. Couldn't find the character on the Paper Giant's cast list.

It's a guy working at a newsstand.

33. Went back to see if the guy's name is given.

It is!

Buttrose says, Hello Gary.

34. Saw that Gary is played by Tani Edgecombe.

According to IMDb, he hasn't been on many things besides Paper Giants.

35. Saw something in the film that I think contradicts what I saw in the letter to the editor.

Now I don't know if this really happened or if it was made up for the movie.

There's a scene with Buttrose and her daughter. Her daughter tells her that she wants to be a nurse when she grows up, because she wants to work in a hospital.

Buttrose tells her daughter if she wants to work in a hospital, she can be a doctor.

I wouldn't want any women to feel that she HAD to be a nurse—that being a doctor wasn't a possibility.

But I think nurses need to be valued as much as doctors.

I would be more impressed with pretend-Buttrose if she said to her daughter.  You can be a nurse, or you can be a doctor if you want. You can be anything. 

36. Got the idea that being a magazine editor is a very stressful job.

37. Decided being a magazine editor, with Kerry Packer as your bos,s is a very stressful job.

Though I imagine the owners and/or CEO's of most magazines are probably not easy to work with.