Thursday, January 29, 2009

One More Day

We were going to actually put the stuff in the suitcases tomorrow. But we decided to do it tonight. I have a few pajama shorts/t-shirts to wash. I'll throw them in tomorrow. We ended up not taking two big suitcases and a duffel bag. Instead, we're doing a small suitcase, a big suitcase, and a duffel bag. At least, this is the plan right now. If we can't fit it all in, we'll have to change something. Tim weighed everything to make sure it's under 20 kilos. So good.

We're trying to figure out what we should do about Los Angeles. We have a four hour layover. I'm really paranoid about getting stuck somewhere and missing our flight. But then I really don't want to spend four hours in an airport. I've done a little research on nearby places. There's a beach close by that looks nice. Or we could go a little farther away (which scares me) and do a museum type thing. The problem is LAX has no baggage lockers right now so we'll have to carry our carry-on stuff with us. That will be a huge pain. Maybe it's better to just stay at the airport. No, it's not. I hate airports. And LAX is not a fun far as I've seen. My worry is we'll end up parking ourselves somewhere and doing all the stuff we should save to do for the six hour flight to Hawaii.

What would you guys do if you were us?

I HATE traveling. I like BEING at a place, but I don't like having to get there. When is someone going to invent teleportation?


  1. I'm with you about teleportation.

    Enjoy your trip, have a ball. :)

  2. I went for lunch one day when I had about 4 hours in LAX. But then I had friends come and pick me up and take me back...

    What time of day are you there? Could you do a meal? At least then you get somewhere and put down your bags...

    I agree, it's my second least favourite airport - after Narita (at least LAX is air conditioned).

  3. I'm paranoid about missing planes. If I had a four-hour changeover I'd stay at the airport drinking coffee or beer, depending on the time of day and how long I had to travel.

    Have a great trip!

  4. As tempting as it is I wouldn't leave the airport if it was a four hour turnaround. Too risky. See you next week! The house is a messy shambles (seriously messy) with me working full time. I have arranged the day off though on the Friday..did I tell you that already?

  5. I would stick out 4 hours at the airport. I guess most of my flights with that length of stop-over have been international and to escape the airport through customs and then re-enter through customs is a hassel and time waster.

    Like you said LAX is not a fun airport, and you will probably end up doing the things you planned for the Hawaiian leg. From memory there are some nice beaches close by.

    Have a safe journey

  6. Hey, Dina
    I've been "away" for a while: work, family stuff, (summer)XMAS holidays, etc

    When we travel, I can't wait for:
    a) teh travelling to begin
    b) the travelling to be over

    Here is Aus, it's been a very hot sumer in the South-East. Lots of places have had multiple days of 40 degrees-Celcius (104-F) plus.

    Hope you enjoy AUS when you get here.

  7. Why don't you pack an extra book and post it back to yourself from the airport...? Of course you could always find a random aussie to chat with, I'm sure there'd be a few there!

  8. Anja: Thank you!

    Ariane: I think we'll be there around lunch so we could do that. That's probably a good idea.

    Narita isn't air-conditioned? Well, I guess we were there in the winter....

    Michael: I'm paranoid too! This comes from my dad. We usually arrive at the airport very early.

    Tracey: You're probably right about staying in the airport. Sad to say, but we'll probably feel VERY comfortable in a messy house!!! Thanks for taking a day off for us!

    M+B: It's actually not international (yet). We're flying to Hawaii. So, it won't be until Hawaii that we go through customs. We'll probably just stick to the airport...maybe go to the nearby beach.

    John: Hi! I've missed seeing you around. I hate the whole hassle of airports. I don't mind the actual plane ride so much (except at night) but I hate going through security and then waiting and waiting. I hate having to wait for the luggage when we arrive. I hate waiting to get the rental car...all that fun stuff.

    Kyles: I've actually brought a lot of books that I'm hoping to give to someone once I finish reading them! And then I'll replace them with new books when I get to Australia. Maybe? We'll be flying to Hawaii from LA. I'm not sure if there will be any Australians on our flight (or near our gate). I keep thinking maybe we'll see some of the actors from Lost. I'm sure they fly a lot from Los Angeles to Hawaii. I'll be looking out for them. I doubt I'll chat with them. But it might be fun to stare at them and try to pretend I'm not staring.

  9. I'd stay at the airport, and it's really hot here at the minute, hitting 40 degrees most days this week. hope you have a wonderful time here dina, can't wait to read all about it :)

  10. Louise: Thank you so much!! I hope I don't end up melting ; ) And try to stay cool yourself.

  11. I can't wait to see you. I have thought we'll just decide on the days what we will do depending on our mood and what we all feel like doing.

    Yippeeee Yay!!!

  12. Tracey:

    It sounds like a great plan! I think the most important thing is we're all together. Okay. That sounds really corny. Oh well.

  13. I once had a six hour wait at LAX and spent all of it in the airport. I ate, I read, I wandered. I'd go with Ariane's suggestion - a meal somewhere to break the monotony of airline food and to get out in the fresh air.

    Good luck! Can't wait to hear about your adventures here.

  14. I'm with the other commenters: stick it out at the airport. Four hours seems like a long time, but if I left the airport during a four hour layover I spend my time worrying about getting back to the airport on time too much to enjoy my time away from the airport. LAX is a hole of an airport, but even I preferred to stick it out there on the 7-9 hour layovers I've had there.

    And how the owners of LAX could allow it to be such a hole of an airport when it is such a major gateway I don't know.

    But if you do decide to leave for a couple of hours I think you can leave your luggage with a business that will hold it (for a fee) off airport rather than carrying it all around with you. Check out the LAX website. Dunno if this info comes too late or not, but it's there for future reference anyway.