Monday, January 26, 2009

An Award

Lightening was nice enough to bless me with an award. Thank you!

Here are the instructions which come with said award:
Put the logo on your blog or post.
Nominate at least 10 blogs which show GREAT ATTITUDE and/or GRATITUDE!
Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

So, here we go.....

thesydneytraveler Lauren writes about the fun things that are going on in my favorite city. She has a lot of enthusiasm, and a love for Sydney that's contagious.

my journey to eliminate debt Louise is awesome. She gives great advice about personal finance by sharing her own personal triumphs and struggles.

Three Ring Circus Tiff is up for a MAJOR award. She probably doesn't need another one. But I have to give it to her because she so deserves it. She really should just get every award by default.

Magikquilter- The funny thing is I met Kathleen through someone's very unethical behavior. Sometimes good things DO come out of bad events. Kathleen is so passionate, and Linkan amazing artist. I'm very grateful that she came into my life. I feel my life is better for knowing her.

Michael Gorey-I love his blog. I love all the comments he leaves on my blog. Michael is great for me because he knows a lot about Australia history. And anyone anyone who understands me will know why I love that!

A Writer's Life-This is Magikquilter's son. I haven't seen many of his posts yet, but the ones I've seen are amazing. He has inherited his mother's passion and good heart.

Memoirs of An Aussie Living in the USA
-I hardly know this person. I just found her blog. But I'm amused because she's an expat living in Dallas. That's not too far from me. She puts me to shame because I think she's seen more of America than I have. I haven't read much of her blog, but I flipped through and looked at the photos. They seem like very fun people. They're really embracing the experience of being in a new country.

Georgina- This blog is about a horrible tragedy. It's incredibly sad. But it's amazing how much faith these people have. Religion is involved with a lot of conflicts in our world. It's easy to imagine we'd be better off without it. Then I read a blog like this and I realize sometimes religion can be a good thing. It can give people strength, and it can pull people together.

Lightening-Okay, I'm boomeranging this award. But if anyone deserves this award, it's Lightening. Well, she already got the award. I know. She deserves two though. Her blog probably has the most gratitude I've ever seen.

Bona Fide Mama-This is my fellow Unschooling mom. She's been my online friend for a pretty long time. We lost touch for awhile and then being the stalker that she is....she found me again. I'm so glad to be reunited. Mandy's posts are full of gratitude. She is full of bright enthusiasm. Even her sad posts are somewhat cheerful but not in a fake way. I think even when she's sad, she has hope. She has faith.


  1. Thanks for that. I worry when I write about cricket or rugby that I automatically lose half my readers :)

    I really have learnt a lot reading your well-researched profiles.

  2. Michael,

    Well, you do kind of lose me with the sports stuff!!! But no need to take that personally. I just can't get into sports.

  3. thanks Dina :)
    & congrats,you really deserve the award, your blog is kind of addictive! if there was an 'honorary Aussie' award you'd win it hands down!

  4. Louise,

    Thank you!! That means SO much to me. I love the idea of being an honorary Aussie. Honestly, several people (including you) have made me feel that I am one. And I'm incredibly grateful for that.

  5. thankyou too Dina....will have to get my resident widget expert to install it for say the nicest things and right back at you!

  6. Wow! Thank you so much!
    I love the award but I love the words you wrote more. made my day!

  7. Thanks for the award, Dina! And for the kind words. I'll have to try and come up with 10 blogs to pass the award on to; should be fun!

    I hope you have a safe flight and a wonderful time in Australia; I've been enjoying reading your blog and you often make me look at Australia in a different way. I looking forward to more once you get back. :)