Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fifty-Five Thousand Hours in Queensland

I had another Australia-related dream:

I'm outside. I think there's a lot of people, but I don't remember much about it. A man approaches me, and compels me to come with him. He doesn't forcibly grab me or anything. It's more like he makes a suggestion that I don't consider refusing.

We walk.  Slowly, I become somewhat lucid.  The man asks me something like am I real or fake. I think it's funny, because in my lucid dreams I usually ask my dream characters that. This time, the role is reversed. I think this gives me the sense that this guy must be real. Otherwise, why would he ask me if I'm real?

At some point the man becomes a woman. I don't see any exciting morphing special effects. It's just one of those dream changes which you don't realize happened until you wake up.

The woman is a mother who wants me to be her son's bride. She's taking me to where they live in Queensland.

I question the logistics of all this. What about paperwork?  Certificates? Identification? I think she tells me she has that taken care of.

She says something positive about me, and I question that. She doesn't even know me. She tells me she knows me from reading my blog.

I then realize I have something that will have her stumped.  I ask....what happens when I wake up?

She tells me there's no problem. She has a special drug she's going to give me. It will keep me asleep for 55 thousand hours.

I don't bother to try and do the math in my head, but I figure that's an awfully long time. I'm wondering what will happen to me in MY world. I decide this must mean that I'm going to go into a long coma. Like most moms, the thought of abandoning and losing my child horrifies me. I tell myself I can probably visit him when I'm sleeping....visit Jack in HIS dreams. But that doesn't seem like it would be enough.

I'm a little worried, but not horribly so. I'm mostly in denial. This can't really happen. Well, I AM in a know. It's not real. Although, I think a little part of me questions that.

I try waking up a few times, and it doesn't work. I don't try too hard though....just make little attempts. (I feel maybe I didn't try hard then, because I worried if I tried hard and it didn't work; then I'd be REALLY scared.)

We eventually get to Queensland. I guess we walked there. I don't remember taking a boat, plane, or anything.

We come to their house. We enter from the back. As the man-turned-mother opens the door, I say the house reminds me of Mary Poppin's house. I feel stupid right after I say that because I'm not even sure what Mary Poppin's house looks like.

I think actually seeing the inside of the house made me panic more. It makes it all seem more real. I feel trapped. But it's not like there's anything horrible about the house. It's actually pretty homey looking.

Still, I want out of there. I force myself to wake up.

For the first few seconds upon wakening I felt the following:

A) relief that I had escaped
B) Satisfaction as I imagined this woman realizing that I had gotten away. Ha!
C) Fear of going back to sleep. Could she find me again?


Andrew said...

Fear of going back to sleep and resuming the dream strikes a chord with me.

Redness said...

Ohhhh Darling ... it's OK ... Qld. travel slogan has been "beautiful one day perfect the next" ... and it is ... so you'll be fine there ;)

Dina said...

Andrew: I can't remember having that feeling before this. I have had the opposite...waking from a good dream, and wanting to return to it.

Redness: Well, that's good to know!

HappyOrganist said...

really interesting dream.
I dreamt I was selling girl-scout cookies last night. ;) (I love those cookies)

Dina said...


That sounds like an interesting dream : ) What happened it it?

HappyOrganist said...

Well, for the girl-scout cookie part of it (I can't remember any of the rest), all I know is I signed up and so I had this whole pile of cookies (and candies) to sell - and I didn't know what I was going to do about it.
I wasn't too worried, though, b/c they are tasty cookies. When I woke up, I realized "hey, I'd have to pay for those." ;)

And for some reason, the thought of going door to door or parking myself in front of Walmart or something like that (to sell the cookies) didn't occur to me.
But like I said, they taste good - so what's to worry about.

Dina said...


It sounds like a positive dream. You have a challenge, but you're not worried about it.

I'm not sure if I told you this already, but I have those recurring dreams of the end of the semester approaching and I haven't done the work I need to do. They used to be very negative, but now when I dream it...I realize it's all fine. I already finished with school. I don't need another degree.

I also have those dreams where I realize I forgot the feed a pet and/or give it water. But now usually when I dream it, to my relief...the animal ends up being fine.

It reminds me of your cookie dream. I think they're all messages that say "no worries".

HappyOrganist said...

Glad you don't sweat the school dreams anymore. I still have a lot of them lately where I don't know where my locker or classes are (usually due to a lot of skipping school, which I never ever did when I was in school).
Some of the time in those dreams I do remember "Hey, I already have a Bachelor's degree.." ;)
I think it's so funny I never know when or where my classes are. In real life I was worried about passing classes (always behind on math homework, for example. though I loved those math classes).
and then there are those 'catching the bus' dreams..
Those are fun because usually in those ones I realize that I can walk home, but I am concerned about the being home on time for when my siblings/kids get there (they are interchangeable and change during those dreams. It's funny how my kids and siblings are interchangeable like that).

That's really nice, though, that you've gotten to where you can remember that you're already done with school. ;D

Dina said...


I interchange people in my dream sometimes.

HappyOrganist said...

;) it's fun.

C says I swap my kids with my siblings because my children have now reached the age where when I look at them, they really remind me of my brother and sister.

Dina said...

Happy Organist,

I interchange my son for my sister sometimes. I don't think he reminds me of my sister too much. But my relationship with him often reminds me of my relationship with her.

I can't really think of anyone else I interchange. I know there are other examples though.

HappyOrganist said...

Yes, that relationship thing makes sense ;)

HappyOrganist said...

I'm the oldest of my siblings - so I think I kind of felt like their mother in some ways. So it's a natural substitute in a dream (kind of funny). I had a hard time when my brother got married. I was standing there crying with my mother (practically the same way). It was weird.

Now I know what I can look forward to when my son gets married someday.

Dina said...


I bet a lot of older siblings feel that way.

I think I cried at my sister's weddings. But it was probably much in the same way, I'd get emotional at any wedding.