Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Changed the Name of My Blog

I just changed the name of my blog.  The possibility has been on my mind the last few weeks. Jack changed his blog title yesterday. That might have made the seed in my head sprout a bit.

Then today I got a VERY angry email from someone. They thought I was saying that the subject of one of my biography posts is the one who wants to be Australian. This would mean that I was inferring that for some reason this certain Australian celebrity was not truly Australian.   

They're not the only person to be confused by my blog title lately.

Besides that, it's not really accurate anymore. I was in a different place when I started this blog. I was miserable and didn't like being American. I wanted to be Australian. I thought it was my destiny to live in BECOME Australian.

I would love to live in Australia. That would be great.  But I doubt it's going to ever happen.  And....

For now I'm satisfied with being an American who loves Australia from afar. 

So...that is that.  I hope this change isn't too emotionally traumatic for anyone. 

Oh!   I just remembered another reason why I wanted to change my blog title.   I am hoping to keep up with this blog going until the day I die.  I hope to die when I'm past past my 80's. It  might seem awkward to call myself "The Girl" when I'm an old woman. Although I guess, even when I'm old, there will be a part of me that feels like a young girl.  Anyway.  Whatever. I feel better changing it.   Plus, I like having my name in the title. It's VERY vain, and I am vain.  So it fits.