Monday, October 18, 2010

I Don't Much Like Oprah But I Kind of Wish I Was Her

I'm a bit jealous of Oprah.

People in Australia want her so much, that they're willing to give her free accommodations.  North Queensland is offering to let her stay at a $4000 per night place for free. Is that fair?  Well, probably....she's Oprah. 

I wish I was so desperately wanted.


I wish we'd get offers of free accommodations! $4000 per night would be totally unnecessary. I'd be happy with something much less expensive.  

Then again, if we did get offers....I'd feel obligated to write a positive review on a place.That would be an uncomfortable situation.  And even if I didn't have to write a positive review, I'd feel obligated to at least write a review that was entertaining.  I hate feeling pressured to be entertaining.  

Oprah is going to be spending 8 days in Australia. No one knows which places she will visit, but it does seem highly likely that she'll be doing Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef.  Will she do Melbourne?  Canberra?  Hobart?  How about Darwin? We'll she make it out west?  Will people be offended if she doesn't visit their town?

I'm not like Oprah. I don't get a bunch of free offers.  I don't get the mass outpouring of love and adoration.  I do however get people persuading me to visit the places they live and/or love. You need to come here! Make sure you go there. You'll love it here!  

Sometimes I don't know if I'm visiting a place because I want to go there, or because I feel pressured to go there.

I'm very easily pressured to do things. I mean I don't always say yes. I can say no. Really. But I feel all guilty about it, and I worry too much about offending people. 

It's really hard to pick places to visit. There's so many new places in Australia I want to visit.  That's fine.  The problem is we can't exactly afford to go there every year.  We have a limited time.  So we have to work with the time and money that we have.  THEN there's the fact that we get attached to old places. Jack and I are very attached to Sydney. We can't go to Australia, and not go to Sydney.   No way.  But then I started thinking....what if we also become attached to Melbourne or one of the other places we visit in 2012?   What if we feel we must also go back to Melbourne on our 4th (we hope!) visit?  Then how are we going to fit in any new places?

Plus, there's places OUTSIDE of Australia.  I kind of want to return to London someday. We were thinking of doing a driving trip to NYC this spring.   I love NY, and really miss it.  But then we really loved Pensacola recently, and a part of me is thinking we should drive there again instead.

We want to go to Spain. We want to go to Scotland so we can further our worshiping adventures of JK Rowling.  

The place I don't much like is Fort Worth. So what we SHOULD do is sell our house and be one of those nomadic families. We should just travel nonstop.  How would we make money? I'm not sure.   Maybe we'd plant one of those Sims 3 money trees. Yeah. That would definitely be a great idea.  

The problem is we have our cats, and can't abandon our feline loves.  

Oh well.

I should remember we're lucky to do ANY traveling in the first place. We may not be as blessed as Oprah, but we are VERY blessed.