Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Example of Human Kindness

I found another nice story in the news today.  This one says the RSPCA (animal shelter) in Brisbane asked for people to volunteer to take their animals.  They were due to be flooded.  

And people came through for them.

They offered up their home to animals.

Maybe some of them will become emotionally attached to the animals, and they'll decide to keep them. That would be really nice. But even if they don't, it was really great of the volunteers to take them at least temporarily.  

In other (not really flood-related news). I think I found another Aussie author to add to my favorites.  Nick Earls.  Last night I finished reading his young adult novel After Summer.   I was thinking I should order more of his books, but then I looked at my shelf and saw that I HAD ordered another one of his books.  So, that's good. If I like that one as well, I'll have to order even more. 

Reading After Summer was kind of poignant because it takes place in Queensland.  

I got a notice from Powells the other day that they have shipped my recent order.  The only thing is the one book they're NOT shipping (because it's no longer available) is the Alfred Deakin one. The reason I ordered more books in the first place is because I wanted the Deakin one.  But I ordered extra books so I could get free shipping.

Oh well.  I'll take this as one of those it-wasn't-meant-to-be things.  And I'm sure I'll love some of the other books that are being shipped to me.   I was planning to get them eventually anyway. I guess I just ended up getting them sooner than I planned. Not a big deal really. 

Back to the flood (which IS a huge deal, really).  I heard this morning that there's sewage in the flood water. Not surprising. That happens. It's really gross though. Bad enough that your house fills with water, but sewage water?  Major yuck. Floods would be a little less horrible if they were made out of chlorinated pool water.  That might be bad for wildlife though.

I hope people don't end up getting sick from the water.