Sunday, January 2, 2011


We babysat my nieces on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. While they were here, the three kids put up signs all over the house advertising a Kimberly School.  They had played art school together.   I didn't pay it a lot of attention, besides thinking that I'll probably eventually take SOME of these signs down.   

A few minutes ago, I was just doing laundry, and saw one of the Kimberly School signs on the laundry room door.   It made me remember that I got an email yesterday from someone who had seen my blog. They suggested that I go to Northern Australia (NT and Western Australia).

Guess where this person lives.....

The Kimberley.

I'd count that as synchronicity.  

Maybe it means we should go to the Kimberley.  Missy Higgins likes it there.  

I actually was thinking of going to that area; not on our next trip, but the one after next.  

I asked Jack why they named the school Kimberly. He acted annoyed by my question, and didn't have an answer really.

Was it just random?

Does he know someone named Kimberly?  

He said he was the one that came up with the name. 

Maybe there's a character on Sponge Bob with that name. He's been watching that a lot lately.  

Lord Wiki gave me a list of all the characters.  I don't see a Kimberly.  

Oh!   I know.  Kim Possible.  He likes that attraction at Disney World. Maybe that's how he thought of the name.

In other news....I have another new email-pal thanks to someone reading my old post about Ruth Park.  My new email-pal and I have both written novels, and we did a reading exchange. There's a bit in his novel that mentions a police station around the streets Goulburn and Brisbane.  That's where we stayed the last time we were in Sydney!  Here it is on Google Map Street View.  I was excited to see it in a book.

I remember the police station.  Some people holiday next to a beach or the Opera House. We had our holiday next to a police station.   

He also mentioned Riley Street. I think that MIGHT have been where our supermarket was.  

Yep! I just looked it up. 5 Riley Street. I'll try to find it on Google Maps. 

Well, I can't find it exactly, but I see the general area.