Monday, April 11, 2011

Facebook Drama, Off-Topic, Almost-Solved Mysteries, and Organ Donation

1. Watched a British spoof of Aussie soaps via HappyOrganist's blog.  Hugh Laurie is in it! I found the second half funnier than the first. My first laugh came at around 2:40.

2. Disturbed by what happened on the Gay Marriage Rights in Australia page.   This morning I saw a post from them.  It wasn't about gay marriage.   It was a weird math trick.   I didn't pay it much attention, mostly because I'm pretty sure my dad once emailed us all the same thing.  I just thought Oh, how cute.  They went off subject a bit.  Then I moved on and read the fifty trillion other things on Facebook.  

A few hours later I checked Facebook and there was another message.  The page creator/moderator apologized and said his housemate posted the math stuff as a joke.   I wondered why one off-subject message would call for an apology and explanation. I looked at the comments, and from all the drama I thought maybe there had been a LOT of spam.  That would probably mildly annoy me.  But I wouldn't throw a fit.  I'd just do what I usually do when someone spams Facebook.  I mute them for awhile.  

There were two off-subject messages.  Two!  I really don't see that as a big deal. Other people act as if this page creator has created an offense against humanity.   

Antony McManus says, Why are you posting all this numerical crap? You will lose support if you keep this up. I've had the stuff you're posting as spammy messages months ago. Get back to the cause.

William Mills says Someone else needs to take over the admin of this page.  So this guy has created this page, done all this work, and because of two off-topic posts, he should be dismissed? It really makes me angry that people could be so ungrateful and snobby.

Antony McManus gets more nasty later on in the game. A teenage girl says: Dear GMRA, I love you guys, and I don't care if you post some useless, very incorrect information that's not useful in any way. You've done, and you keep doing great work. You're fighting for freedom for god's sake! People are just waaaaaay too serious nowadays. Just keep up the good work guys!

I like how she is critical, but complimentary at the same time.  It's sweet and gives me a a good laugh.

And how does Antony McManus respond?  He says, Wherever you are Jaderenee, yes we are serious, how flippant is your comment? You look 12 so I may forgive you, but some of us have been fighting this cause, probably before you were born, so I find your comment offensive. Go back to the Beiber. 

I just love when people who are supposed to be standing against discrimination, stereotyping, and bigotry go ahead and do it towards others.    

3. Read more from the Gay Marriage in Australia Facebook drama.    Rob Street writes in all capital letters, so I guess he's really angry.   I JOINED THIS PAGE TO SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE RIGHTS.... NOT TO LISTEN OR READ THIS SORT OF DRIBBLE. YOU ARE DOING UNTOLD DAMAGE TO THE GAY COMMUNITIES CAUSE. SO SHUT THE FCUK UP UNLESS ITS ON SONG!  

I don't get the song bit.  But really. Two posts about silly math things are going to do untold damage to the gay community? What in the world?!   

I'm hoping that Rob Street was simply being silly or sarcastic.

4. Decided that in honor of the Gay Marriage in Australia Facebook page, I'm going to go totally off topic and talk about something that's not at all related to Australia.  Yeah.  I know. I probably do that a lot already. Oh well.

I want to talk about my Harry Potter blog.  One of the things I've learned through this Magic is Might experience is that when I get into a character, I REALLY get into the character.  When I'm writing the other blog, it doesn't feel like I'm pretending to be someone else. I feel like I AM someone else.    I'm probably a few steps away from having a dissociative identity disorder.   

The other day I wrote this post about being homesick for London.  A little while later I went downstairs to play with Max.  My dad had given Tim this business book, because there was a chapter about himself in it. I decided to read the chapter.  I did that, and then looked at the book to get more information about who published it and all that. I learned it was a British book, published in London.  Guess what.  I started crying. So I guess I was still playing the part of the homesick British Muggle.   

If I was an actor I'd probably be the type who didn't need exercises to get in character.  I'd need exercises to get OUT of character.   

I don't think it would happen with all characters; probably just with ones I can relate to in strong ways.  The thing is my character is fifteen.  I FEEL fifteen.  Actually, I feel twelve.   I feel like a twelve-year-old stuck in a 38 year old body.  So maybe the character matches me better than I match myself.    

5. Wanted to go off-topic even more, so I'm going to do that.  I often feel like a total dork for playing the Harry Potter game.  I'm almost positive I'm the only one over twenty-two there. I keep thinking there's another adult, and then they'll say something like Sorry.  I've been away. I had school work I needed to do.    I mean I guess they COULD be an adult doing continuing education. That's very possible.

Anyway though. Yesterday I realized something.   Most of the participants are high school and college students.  If I was playing such games back then, I'd be totally embarrassed.  I think I was always so self-conscious about my imagination.   I stopped playing imagination games later than other kids.  I think most kids stopped at around 8-9.   I was still playing with my Cabbage Patch dolls when I was around 13-14.  I was very embarrassed about the whole thing.   Although I wanted to play, I had the idea that mature teens and adults don't do such things.  Sadly, a part of me still feels that way.   I'm trying to ignore that part of me, because she's a snobby bitch.  Hopefully all these Magic is Might teens and young adults will keep playing these games when they're my age.  And hopefully they'll be better than me and not be embarrassed about it.    

Really.  It's like I'm Cam, but instead of having Mitchell as my partner; he's inside of me rolling his eyes. 

6. Listened to From Little Things Big Things Grow on the Australian Screen website.   I love that song.  

7. Started reading Grace by Robert Drewe.   I'm on page 9, and liking it so far.   This girl (Grace) is in this silly happy mood, which is a nice contrast to what she had been feeling before.   I guess maybe she had been depressed?  I'm not sure yet.  She's in a bar or restaurant and eavesdrops on other people's conversations.   Two blond girls talk about lingerie.  Grace listens, and then when it's time for her to leave she calls out, Good night! Good luck with your new lingerie!

That would be a funny thing to do....let someone know you've been listening. I've done it before, but not in such a comical way.  I try to be more polite.  I'll say something like  I'm sorry to eavesdrop, but.....

8. Solved the mystery of why people from this blog are popping up on my Harry Potter blog!   I was on the other blog, looking at a post I haven't looked at in a few days.  It's this place where people can write biographies of their characters.   You know where it says links to this post?   Well, it said that this (Australia) blog had a link to that blog. I went to the post in question, and found what was supposed to link to an article about Bob Brown and Israel, instead linked to a bunch of stories written by wizards.

No...wait...that wouldn't explain it.  Because then on Statcounter, it would show people going to that particular wizard biography post.  And Statcounter would also show that they came from the Australia blog.  None of that happened.

Oh well.   I still am amused by the fact that I provided the wrong link.   It's happened before.  Someone once emailed me about it.  I'm sure it's happened other times, but people didn't say anything; or no one clicked on the link in the first place.   I wonder if anyone tried to read the Bob Brown article. I'm sorry. But I have to laugh at that.

I did fix the link though.  

9. Read Melissa Parke's first speech to Parliament, and learned something interesting about her ancestry.   She says, My great-grandfather, John Stanley Parke, and his son George were the first people to export Granny Smith apples to the world, and they did so in 1922 through the port of Fremantle.   That's pretty cool.

10. Did not like Melissa Parke's quote here. Once upon a time, if you were not an environmentalist, it might have been said that you did not have a heart. Today, if you are still not an environmentalist, it must be said that you do not have a brain.  That's just....rude.   I guess it would be hyperbole, and many would say I shouldn't take it literally.   They're probably right.   I just get annoyed by it.   If someone has an opposing opinion to you, it doesn't mean they're lacking a brain or a heart. Even if they ARE wrong.

11. Got all stressed out by the guilt trip in Graham Perrett's first speech to Parliament.  He says, Have you signed an organ donation form? If not, why not? Have you clearly told your loved ones that you would love your body to keep on working long after you are gone? If not, why not? If your religion prevents you, perhaps you need to have another talk with your God. Whether you are watching, listening to or reading this speech, the question you need to ask yourself is: why not? Please commit today to doing somebody else a favour after you are gone. Caring is doing. If you don’t do, you really don’t care. 

That's pretty harsh, but maybe true.

Anyway, I wasn't sure if I properly signed what needed to be signed.   Maybe it says I want to be a donor on my license?  I'm not really sure. I went to various websites to see if there was something I could fill out, so it would be official.  There was one site, but like the Disney Vacation Club site it tried to drive me insane by telling me I had typed my name in wrong.

Then I stopped and used my brain.   I'm not giving away my organs!   I might need them in the afterlife!  Does anyone have any proof that I won't?

I'm joking.  What my brain did is remember that Tim's own brother had a heart-lung transplant. Of course Tim is going be supportive of donating my organs if I die.  I also can't imagine anyone in my family being against it.

12. Looked at this Australian organ donation site.   

The myth page says that even if you sign up to be a donor, your family can overrule that.   I think it's sad.  What kind of person would go against a dead person's wishes?  Well, I shouldn't say that.   Some people might wish for really outrageous stuff.

Some of the questions on the myth page are really offensive....especially this one.  People only need organs because of bad lifestyle choices.   

Why are people that ignorant?   Have they not heard of genetic diseases and/or birth defects?  And even if people have made bad lifestyle choices; if they've turned their life around, why not let our organs help them? Is the organ better off cremated or underground being eaten by worms; or is it in better use inside the body of a man who was once a drug addict?

13. Continued to read Grace.  I am loving this book so far.  Grace works in a shop that sells crocodile-themed souvenirs.   Wow.  What else could an American fan of Australia ask for?    It's like our new friends that we ate dinner with last night.  I asked what they liked most about Australia.   One of the main answers was all the deadly animals.   I may have ruined it for them by saying horses are probably the animals involved in the most human deaths.  I tried to remedy the situation by then telling them about irukandji and the blue-ringed octopus. 

It's not like we want to be killed by these animals.  And it's not as if we delight in the idea of Australians being attacked by drop bears and crocodiles. But it does all add to the whole mythology of Australia.  We want a country where people ride on kangaroos and bravely dodge killer snakes and brain-eating marsupials.     

14. Read article about health reforms in Australia. Patients will get more access to their health records.  They'll even be able to see the doctor's notes.  I'm all for this. Twice I've had issues with doctors regarding my medical charts.

One happened when I went to a pregnancy follow-up appointment.  I took a peak at my chart and there was something about cysts or polyps in my body.  I asked the doctor about it, and he totally brushed me aside. They're minor.  Don't worry about it.  Well, excuse me. It's MY body.  I have a right to know.  Then I'll do my research and decide if it's minor or not.  

Later down the road, I had issues with my periods.  It could have been related to whatever was on that chart.  I don't know if my new doctor has that information or not.  I mean I can't remember if we had the medical files forwarded.  

As for the new doctor's office.   I had problems with the medical charts there as well.  I can't remember it exactly; but I think I started to look at my chart, and a nurse caught me.  She was very snotty about it.  I think then we tried to go through the process of getting official access to the charts, but they made it difficult.  I just gave up.  I probably shouldn't have.

There is no reason patients shouldn't have full access to whatever is said on THEIR medical chart.   Oh, the doctor wants to say something nasty about the patient?  Does he need to complain about the patient's attitude or insult her in some way?  Well, why can't the doctor go home and write it in her little private diary?   She could even blog about it if she omits the name of the patient.   But such crap doesn't need to be written on the medical chart.  

15. Learned that there's major rain and flooding in Melbourne.  

The floods are causing train problems as well as road problems.  

Hopefully it won't turn into anything too awful.

16. Liked this quote from Grace.   She felt dizzy.  What was the correct position on this: sentimental or pragmatic?  It's in reference to the crocodile shop.  Not only does it sell crocodile-themed souvenirs, but also stuff made out of crocodiles.  Her boss defends his business by saying, Listen I'm  here to keep the species alive and thriving.  Believe me, people won't tolerate having crocs around unless we extract some benefit from them. 

Is he right?  I don't know.

Yesterday I had one of those pragmatic vs. sentimental decisions.  In our living room, I saw a caterpillar struggling in a spider's trap.  That was the spider's dinner. I know the right thing to do is let nature take it's course.  But this was in my house, and I hated to see the caterpillar suffering.   I rescued him as the spider rushed away.  Then I put Mr. Caterpillar outside.

Yep.  I stole someone's dinner.  But hey, I'm not going to feel too guilty. We have plenty of spider-food in our house.  

Really though.  It's a form of bigotry.  Caterpillar?  I rush to the rescue.  If it was a wasp, I'd let the spider have his feast.

The other day I rescued a little beetle-cockroach type thing from the bathroom sink.  I put him outside the bathroom, in the hall.  A little time later I come back to the bathroom to pee. Our spider was working on the same beetle.   I didn't try to save him again.  

17. Heard the Nick Cave's "O Children" on Pandora.   It's the one they played in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I'm reading the lyrics and trying to find stuff that fits with the story.   

I mean I know Nick Cave didn't write the song for the movie. But I'm wondering if the movie music choosers saw something in the lyrics that fit.

There's stuff about trains. That could go with the Hogwart's Express.

I think this line fits.   It started out as a bit of fun.   The first  two Harry Potter books were very well-written, but typical children's books. It was like a Roald Dahl thing—fun engaging children's British literature.  Then as the books progress, they becomes so much more.  They become very dark and serious.  It's really shocking to compare the first Harry Potter movie with the last.  One is this cute happy children's fantasy film.  The last is this dark depressing movie with lots of resemblance to Nazi Germany.  

Oh!   I love this line.  We're older now, the light is dim.  And you are only just beginningThat could be about people who are starting at the beginning of the series, even though the books are now finished.  Harry Potter and his gang are older now.  But anyone can go back to when they were kids and start the story from the beginning.  

18. Found this on a Harry Potter site.  They talk about the lyrics and ways the song could connect to Harry Potter.  

Mr. Pond says, This song is Dumledore's cameo. He says we should listen to the song again as Dumbledore speaking to the trio.   I'm going to go do that in a minute..... 

Holy shit!   Draco Malfoy has become a YouTube star.   I never expected that! He is too damn cute.

19. Read "O Children" lyrics and imagined Dumbledore was saying them. Yeah.  It does fit well in some parts.    

20. Saw Michael's photo of the Umpherston Sinkhole on Flickr.   It looks pretty cool, but not as awesome as The Blue Lake.