Friday, June 15, 2012

Liberal Majority

Now I'm watching a 7:30 Report interview with Anna Bligh.

It's kind of funny seeing her because earlier this week I watched an Aussie history documentary featuring her famous ancestor.


The interview with Bligh is interesting. I think it was done the night before the election. She's expected to lose and is pretty graceful about that. She doesn't plead to save her career. What she asks is that people don't vote in too many LNP (Liberal National Party) folks into Parliament. 

I paid vague attention to this in the news back when it was happening.   I remember hearing that the Labor Party suffered significant losses.  I was curious, though, to see the details.

So I went to the Queensland Parliament page.

Anna Bligh didn't get her wish.

Out of 89 members of Queensland Parliament, 78 are from the Liberal National Party. 

Only seven are from the Labor Party.

There are two independents.

Then there are two from the Kap Party.   

I don't think I've heard of that one. 


Lord Wiki says it's Bob Katter's party.

He used to be an independent.

I kind of remember that.

It looks like he formed his own party. 

They're anti-gay marriage, so they're really not the party for me. 

I do like their idea of all police, prison, and military clothes being made in Australia. That's cool. 

The party's conservative. The LNP is conservative. 

I'd have to say Queensland is pretty conservative right now.  Well, at least their government is.