Saturday, August 11, 2012


I started to notice Australians on TV (mostly Q and A) saying "Look".

They would start their sentence with something like, "Now look"or "well, look."

I wondered if it was an Aussie thing; or whether Americans did it too, and I just hadn't noticed.

But today I did a rare visit to Google+ and James had a link to an article about it.

It IS an Aussie thing.

I wonder why I didn't notice it until recently.

MAYBE it's because until recently I read Aussie language more than I heard it.  

It's not like I speak to Australians often.

It's probably something that's said more in oral language than in written.

But now I'm hearing more Australian-talking because I'm watching Q and A.

I did have Offspring before, but that's scripted.  It might not pick up all the little language nuances.

I do vaguely remember the singing lady saying it.  OR I can imagine her saying it.