Monday, August 13, 2012

The Lord Wiki Game

Jack found a fantastic game today.

It involves Lord Wiki.

This is what you do.

You go to Lord Wiki's site. Then you think of a topic.

You click on random site.  You go there. Then you click and click until you get to your topic.

The most recent one we did together was the Wimpy Kid books. We had to get there from the co-inventor of the dye laser, F.P. Schaefer.  

I was thinking I'd do an Australia-related one.

I'm going to do Peter Singer because I'm watching him on Q and A today.  


My random topic is Luftseilbahn Wengen-Männlichen.

That's a cable car in Switzerland.

I'm clicking on Switzerland.

Peter Singer's family is originally from Europe.  I know that.

Now I've clicked on Germany. That was mentioned in the Switzerland article.

I clicked on Nazi Germany.

I clicked on Nazi eugenics.

I'm trying to get to euthanasia, because that's one of Peter Singer's big topics.

It's sad, though, because his version of euthanasia is very humane and compassionate.   It's so different from the Nazi version of it.

Okay, I found Euthanasia in the article.

I clicked on that.

Peter Singer isn't mentioned.

I'll have to keep digging...clicking.

Now I'm at voluntary euthanasia.

Peter Singer is mentioned in that article.

I'm done.

How many clicks was that?

Let me go back and count.....


Anyone want to play?



  1. I did it! That's so funny...
    Okay - I was going to look for 'blenders' as my random topic (yeah I'm just that creative ;)) And I started on an article about Lemurs.

    Molcajete (this is the name of the dish I order at one of my favorite restaurants. The word actually has nothing to do with the recipe - it just refers to the dish that it's served in (which is a mortar, I suppose).
    Mortar and Pestle

    That's a fun game. Thank you for sharing. I'll have Cody and our kids try it ;)

  2. HappyOrganist,

    I'm glad you like the game! Thanks for trying it.

    I love reading your path.

    I'm going to read about the Molcajete. I want to learn more about it.

  3. Okay....I read about it. Now what you said makes more sense to me.

    What's the recipe like that you order? Or is it different at different places?

    Maybe I'll go googling again.....

  4. mean

  5. Ali,

    Yeah. That's it.

    But we don't use an APP.

    Do you play it?

    We did a new variation yesterday where we each have a laptop. We pick the same word, but each have a different random article. Then we race to the topic. It's easier because we don't have to count the clicks.