Sunday, August 5, 2012

Washington D.C

In the cab today, we drove past the Australian Embassy.

I've been wanting to walk there, but seeing it through the car window was sort of okay.

Later this evening, I tried to walk back there. 

I got lost.

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.

Being here, and looking around, has given me more hope in loving Melbourne.

In my old age, I've started to appreciate architecture.

I can't be bothered much to learn about it.  I just like looking at it.

I especially love churches.   

I know Melbourne has some good architecture.

I'll enjoy that. Definitely.

Then there's the fact that Melbourne has parrots. That's a HUGE bonus for me.


There are Australian accents.

The grocery stores have Aussie food.

The bookstores will have Aussie books.

There will be Aussie t-shirts and other fun things.

Australia is like Disney World for people who are obsessed with Australia.

How could I ever have doubted loving Melbourne?

It was so silly of me.

Back to D.C.....

I love the buildings.

I do NOT like the layout of the city.  It's driving me nuts. There's too many traffic circle things. It's similar (or maybe the same?) as roundabouts.

Roundabouts are one of the few things I dislike about Australia.   But in Australia, I better tolerate it...because it's Australia.

Well, also. With the roundabouts, we usually encountered them when driving.  Since Tim was the one driving, it was usually his thing to worry about. Here I'm having to deal with it while walking.  

Plus, it was raining. So that didn't add to the fun. Although when it's not raining here, it's horribly hot.

I think I prefer the rain.  


FruitCake said...

There are not many churches in Melbourne that have roundabouts, but sometimes I think they should.

I find it easier to get lost in Sydney than in Melbourne. Canberra, however, is the capital of confusion. I'm sure you've been there, and so will agree the street layout is like one big set of roundabouts.
It was designed by the same person who said "blessed are they who go around in circles, for they shall be known as big wheels".

HappyOrganist said...

My dad used to work in D.C. What are you doing in D.C.? =D
I hope you enjoy yourself (too bad about the rain ;/)

You haven't been to Paris, right? It's like D.C. only dirtier. :) And I don't mean kinky dirty. That would be kind of fun - but I just mean normal dirty.


Dina said...

Fruitcake: Canberra was designed by an American. So maybe that tells us something....

I can't remember if Sydney had a lot of roundabouts. I don't think so. It was probably Canberra that I'm remembering...with tons of them.

I've heard Melbourne has a grid system and is easy to get around because of that.

So...another reason for me to love Melbourne.

I like grid systems. I think. If I'm understanding what they are.

I think NYC has it.

I do pretty okay in Sydney. I got lost once in the Eastern Suburbs area.

Happy Organist: When you say "What are you doing" in D.C, do you mean why are we there. Or do you mean literally what are we doing there? Like how are we spending our time?

Cool about your dad working in D.C. I won't ask you what he did here since it might be top secret. So tell me in an email. OR maybe it's too secret for even that!!!!

I'm imagining him some top secret CIA agent.

We got in the cab at the airport. About 2 minutes later...Tim asked Jack "Do you like how the streets are laid out?" Jack and I probably gave him a blank look. Then Tim said "Well if you like these streets, you'll like Paris. It was designed by the same guy."

I said. We just got here. How do we know if we like the streets or not? Obviously you want to share this piece of trivia. Couldn't you just say "Hey I've learned the streets of D.C were made by the same guy who made Paris."

Or he could have waited until we've been here a few days; then asked. Even better...wait until we say. "Wow. I love how the streets are laid out in Washington D.C"

Then he could have said. "Well, since you love it here. We should go to Paris too."

I can't imagine why he'd imagine we'd love a place with a bunch of traffic circles.

I HAVE been to Paris. I don't remember the streets though...

I can imagine it being dirty. I wonder if it's dirtiness is equal to London and NYC.

HappyOrganist said...

It is top-secret in fact ^^

I think Paris was dirtier than London.