Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Almost Naked In A Mining Town

I had a lovely dream about Australia last night.

We are on our way to where we're going to be vacationing in Australia. (not sure who the we is. I think at first it's Tim; but then later in the dream, it's my mom). We stop at this mining town which, thanks to a kind person we know, could be our home for awhile. Somehow and for some reason, they're giving us the opportunity to live here for awhile if we want to. I am wanting to.

We walk through this lush green land and I imagine settling in Australia. I could live here and maybe Jack will stay and raise his own children here. I notice, though, that the lush green land isn't empty. There are things lying furniture. The various things seems to be on sale. As if the land itself is one giant shop.

We head towards a place where there are people. There's a mining fight happening. It's cold and the miners are choosing to wear very warm clothing rather than their special mining clothes. The mining clothes are designed to keep them safe in the mines, and there's worry that they're putting themselves in danger by wearing other clothes. Meanwhile, I suddenly notice I'm wearing only a bra and underpants. I'm slightly embarrassed by that, but not too much so. My mom seems a bit annoyed and disappointed in me.

There are two men in the fight against improper mining attire. One is tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious. He wears a winter coat. I make eye contact with him at some point. The other is small, blond, and geeky. I seem to know him somehow. He uses my attire in their fight. If it's so cold, why is this person okay just wearing her bra and underpants?

After the public debate ends, the small, blond, and geeky guy apologizes for using me in his argument. I tell him it's okay, that I'm used to it from him. Then we hug each other.

I wish I knew why I dreamed that and what it means. I imagine there's some kind of great symbolism there.

When I woke up, I thought about how mining towns aren't lush and green. Then I thought maybe I'm stereotyping by imagining mining towns as being brown and barren.  

I imagine money-making things can be found under land that's lush and green. But I'm thinking that once you start bringing machines in, and you start digging, it's probably going to become much less lush and green.

I'm heading to Google Images now. I plugged in "Australian Mining Towns". I want to see if I get any photos that are lush and green.

My internet is slow.


A few pictures have appeared. I'm not seeing anything very green.

When I think of mining in Australia, I picture places like Coober Pedy.  

I gave up on the photos and Googled mining and rainforest. If anything is lush and green, it's the rainforest. Can you mine under that?

And that got me thinking....

There's probably treasures under the rainforest. But from what I know, mining damages the land to some degree. It's bad enough wreaking havoc on empty brown dusty land. I think there would be an incredibly huge outcry if miners went after a rainforest.  

Here's an article about something called The Tarkine Forest. It's in Tasmania. There's mining happening there, and some people are very unhappy about that.  

I went back to Google Images and plugged in "Mining Tarkine". Now my internet is working better. 

Anyway, I think I was right before. You can mine lush green areas, but once you do that, the lush green areas stop being lush and green. I mean it doesn't erase all the lush and green suddenly. But there are patches that become barren.  

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