Sunday, April 12, 2015

Six Thousand Dollar Plane Tickets

I had another one of my traveling-solo to Australia dreams. It's one of my recurring dream things.

In this one:

I have $6000 dollar tickets to Australia.  I think about how it's just like the dreams I've had where I'm planning to go to Australia alone, and I start to regret leaving Jack. Now it's actually happening. I'm feeling somewhat okay about it, and Jack is too.  

BUT...then I start to second guess things. Tim is away from home a lot on business trips. This means Jack will be home alone. I start to feel quite weary about this. Jack suggests that he can go with Tim on the business trips. Tim says this might work some of the time, but he seems stressed about the idea.

I start to wonder if it's best to cancel the trip. Tim's not too pleased, because the plane ticket money would be wasted. He suggests that I at least go to Australia for five days, because there's some kind of deal where you can get a free five day trip (not including the plane tickets).

I question whether we could just get a refund for the tickets, but by the way Tim is stressing, I'm guessing that's doubtful.

I woke up to pee; then later returned to the dream.

The idea comes up that maybe we could just buy another plane ticket and Jack could go with me. I'm wondering if he'll want to go to Australia. Then I read this long essay/letter he's written that indicates yes, he'd like to go.  I question whether it's best to lose the six thousand dollars, or add another six thousand dollars to the expenses.  

When it seems likely that we'll both go, I consider going for longer than our usual one month trips to Australia. Maybe we could go longer. But then I remember our dog. We'll have to bring him to the kennel. Since Tim's not in town, he can't drive us there. I also start to feel bad about leaving our dog at the kennel for so long.  

Then later I reamed....

I talk to Jack about the possibility of changing the date of the tickets. If we can't, we're due to leave the next day. I'm thinking we have a lot of packing to get done.

I think one good thing about this dream is it made real tickets to Australia seem less expensive.  I think six thousand dollars is close to what we paid for THREE premium economy tickets.

Actually, I'm going to check now to see what premium economy tickets cost.

Well, maybe it's more expensive than I remembered.

It's not $6000 dollars per ticket, but it's also not $2000 per ticket.  It's close to $4000.

I'm sure it depends on when you go, though, and whether you get some kind of deal.

We don't really have a dog in real life. But the dream matched reality in the fact that Tim is going on a lot of business trips. I'm hoping the frequent flyer points will add up, and eventually we can one day use them to get to Australia.  From what I've learned about myself from my dreams, I think I'll feel better if we all go rather than me going solo.