Friday, July 31, 2015

Celebrity Dreams, Social Suffocating, Packed to the Rafters, and Collapsing Pregnant Women

1. Dreamed about Kate Miller-Heidke.

I'm hanging out with Jack. My cell phone rings. I see from the caller ID that it's Kate Miller-Heidke. I answer and talk to her, without letting on that I know she's a famous singer. She needs my help with something. At first I think it's with a blog, but then I realize I'm wrong. I ask her if it's for a self-promotion thing. I feel asking her this will let her know I know that she's a celebrity.

It wasn't like I was trying to hide the fact that I knew she was a celebrity. It was more like I didn't know how to bring it into the conversation.

Later: I look at a man's blog, and I believe he's the brother of Kate Miller-Heidke. He talks about his life growing up Jewish. His sister is mentioned, but her last name is different. I figure Miller-Heidke is her married name.

In this part of the dream, her name was Rachel instead of Kate, but I'm pretty sure it still referred to the same person.

I also had dream-within-dream things where I wanted to blog about the Kate Miller-Heidke dream, but I didn't want to talk about the fact that I had real-life interactions with her.

2. Tried to understand why I dreamed about Kate Miller-Heidke. It wasn't completely out-of-the-blue...random.  I've seen her name this week. Siany Young had a cover of her song, I saw her name listed on Packed to the Rafters music, and I saw one of her songs mentioned in one of my old blog posts.  But I've seen lots of different faces this week, and have seen a lot of different names. Why did I dream about Kate Miller-Heidke and not the other people?

3. Started to watch an episode of Neighbours.

When I saw Harley Bonner and Ariel Kaplan together in the credits, I thought it would be fun to see a list of actors who played family members, but dated in real life.  The only one I could think of was The Brady Bunch. I think Florence Henderson dated one of her stepson actors.

4. Found a list.

I'm just going to name the ones with actors and/or shows that are familar to me.

Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Grey—played siblings on Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Well, actually most of them aren't very meaningful to me; because I haven't watched any of the shows listed. I actually haven't even seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

5. Found another list. I like this one better, because I've seen some of the shows.

One of the items is Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston from Lost.  They were married, and then Preston guest-starred on Lost as Emerson's mother.

There's Nick/Tuck. Joley Richardson started dating her on-screen son.

And there's the one that creeped me out a bit: The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) ended up marrying his onscreen daughter (Georgia Moffett) On top of that, Moffett is the REAL LIFE daughter of Peter Davison, a past doctor. And from what I remember learning, it was Tennant's favorite doctor. Hearing that made me wonder if he married Moffett because he wanted her as a wife. Or did he marry her because he wanted Davison as his father-in-law?

It's probably all good. I just maybe took it to heart, because Tim has sometimes shown a huge amount of father-in-law love and admiration. There have been times where I have felt insecure and imagined he was more excited about being my dad's son-in-law than he was about being my husband. So....

6. Felt bad for Amber (Jenna Rosenow) on Neighbours.

I thought yesterday that she might have tried to runaway permanently, but it turns out she just needed some space. She communicated that in her note.

Daniel (Tim Phillips)  insists on finding her and comes to the cottage where she is hiding out. Then a little time later, Josh arrives too. I think they're just going to end up making her feel crowded and stressed.

I do think it's kind of nice that they both show this strong display of love and concern. But I'm hoping that after a short visit, they'll leave her on her own for a few days.

7. Annoyed with Daniel. He's being a clueless jerk. He acts all high and mighty, because despite his girlfriend sleeping with another man, he's willing to forgive her, love her, and love the child no matter what.  That's all lovely, but at the same time he's being an ass to Josh and trying to push him out of the whole scenario. Does he really expect Josh to stay away if the baby ends up being his?

Yes, Josh did a bad thing by having sex with Amber when she was supposed to be partnered with Daniel. But to be fair, Daniel stole Amber from Josh.

The other thing is, Amber wants to be alone, and Daniel is completely oblivious to that. When Amber gets mad and asks them to leave, Daniel wrongly assumes she's rejecting only Josh.

8. Hoped that Daniel and Josh feel guilty. They stressed Amber out so much that she collapsed.

9. Thought that although I feel very bad for Amber and all the people crowding her; I feel worse for pregnant women who have no one around to help them.

10. Started watching an episode of Packed to the Rafters.  I have three episodes left for season two.

11. Thought that Chel (Gillian Jones) reminds me of one of my aunts. Like Chel, my aunt is kind of strange and awkward, but good-hearted.

12. Had a feeling that the couple Ben (Hugh Sheridan) and Melissa (Zoe Ventoura) have met on their honeymoon are swingers.

It seems to be a thing. If a TV couple meets a very friendly couple, and they get along with them well; it's quite likely the other couple wants to have some group sex.

We'll see if I'm right.

I could be wrong.

I was wrong about Chel not being Dave's (Eric Thomson) mom.

13. Saw Melissa and Ben concluding the same thing I concluded. This comes after the couple says they're going to slip into something more comfortable.

What I'm thinking now, though, is that they're NOT swingers, and it's going to be some kind of comical misunderstanding. I'll prefer that, because it will be something I haven't seen before.

14. Learned that they ARE swingers.

15. Annoyed with Ben. He rushes home from his honeymoon to check on his mother after hearing she collapsed. That might be sweet, except his sister Rachel (Jessica Marais) promised him everything was fine.

I'd be annoyed if I was Melissa. If there truly was an emergency; I'd be understanding of my new husband bolting. But that wasn't the case here.

16. Saw that Melissa came home with Ben.

Well, that's good. At least they had the car ride together.

17. Learned that Dave and Nathan (Angus McLaren) disagree with me. They both say they'd do the same thing if they were on their honeymoon—rush back to their mother.

It makes me feel like a bad daughter.

I totally understand if the mother is still in the hospital, and there's a lot of worrying happening. But Julia was sent home from the hospital. She's on bedrest, yes. But if she sticks to bedrest, it seems probable that she and the baby will be okay.

This to me is different from someone's mother collapsing because of a stroke or heart attack, or a pregnant mother collapsing and the doctors can't get her blood pressure stabilized.

18. Started watching another episode of Packed to the Rafters.

19. Intrigued by the Rafter's long lost cousin, so I looked at the actor's filmography.

His name is Ryan Corr.

IMDb says he won the Heath Ledger scholarship thing, and he's been nominated for Logies.

20. Learned from Lord Wiki that Corr got the Logie nomination for Packed to the Rafters. According to IMDb, he sticks around for many episodes. Sixty two!  So I guess he becomes one of the main stars. I'm glad. So far I'm liking him.

21. Liked the Welsh Girl in Australia's post about rescuing a Cane Toad rather than killing it.

Yeah. I know, and she knows, that the proper thing to do is euthanize them. Cane toads aren't good for Australia.

But the cane toad is really cute.

The thing I've been thinking lately is even if an animal is dangerous, spreads germs, or causes ecological destruction; it doesn't mean they're mean animals.

The rat that visits our bird feeder late at night might be as kind as the cardinals that visit it in the daytime.

The wasp that flies around our pool might be no more out to get me than the cricket that used to live in my room.

An individual cane toad's personality might be as lovely as the personality of the koala being photographed in a tree.

22. Started watching the last Season Two episode of Packed to the Rafters.

23. Saw that Jake's (James Stewart) mother (Mercia-Deane Johns ) has gotten a bit better.  She's nervous about her son bungee-jumping—as I'm sure most normal parents would be!  But she didn't forbid her son from going. She's reluctantly supportive.

She's also being nice to Rachel (Jessica Marais)

24. Disappointed in Nathan. He won fourteen thousand dollars from gambling. He and Sammy (Jessica McNamee) have enough money to move out of the Rafter home and rent an apartment. What does Nathan do? He goes gambling again—trying to win more.

Is he a gambling addict? Was that one of the storylines of season one? I can't remember.

25. Thought that Nathan needs Roy Cropper. On Coronation Street, Roy's mother lost a lot of money through gambling.  Roy was able to get it back, because he has card-counting type talents.

26. Saw that although Chel (Gillian Jones) is free spirited when it comes to cannabis, she is not lenient when it comes to gambling problems.

Nathan gambled the fourteen thousand dollars he won and then lost it all. He then borrows money from Chel. She insists he never go to the casino again. She makes him promise.

Nathan breaks the promise.  He wins back enough money to move out and pay back Chel. Instead of being impressed and grateful; Chel scolds Nathan. She insists they go to the bank right that moment to deposit the money. She also orders him to tell Sammy the truth about what's been happening.

I think she handled it all quite well. I'm impressed.

27. Figured that Chel is not pro-drugs and anti-gambling. I think she's probably okay with either one, within limits. What she's probably against is self-abuse and addiction.

28. Thought of something Jack and I talked about recently. It started with discussing parents who are anti-Minecraft. We imagined some might be against it, because they think it will lead to their child becoming addicted to violent video games.  I decided this would be like saying I don't want my child reading Green Eggs and Ham, because it might lead them to reading things like Fifty Shades of Gray.  Or how about, I don't want my child reading Highlights Magazine, because it might lead them to one day reading Penthouse.

Jack said something about playing card games leading kids to a future gambling problem.  If you don't want your child playing Minecraft, you probably also shouldn't allow them to play Go Fish or Uno.

This is not to say I'm against pornography, violent video games, gambling, or erotica books. It's just that a lot of things have both a sweet and innocent side and a not-so-innocent side.  And also, there's a difference between happy and healthy moderation and uncontrollable addiction.

29.  Got a bit emotional while watching the Rafter childbirth scenes.

30. Finished watching Packed to the Rafters.

31. Went to to pick my next show. It's season two of Farscape! That should be fun. Hopefully.

It will be weird seeing Gigi Edgley, because now I'm used to her being George on The Secret Life of Us.

32. Saw that season two episodes of Farscape are about four minutes shorter than the season one episodes.