Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kevin Rudd, Twitter Issues, Steve Baker, and Batman Movies

1. Dreamed that I kissed Kevin Rudd.

I'm with people, and we're looking at photographs. I see animals that I see as being dangerous, including polar bears. I start raising concerns about these encounters with dangerous animals.  

My concerns are dismissed by someone in the room. They don't think polar bears are dangerous. Kevin Rudd then announces he'll check it out. I'm thankful to him. To be nice, I suggest that I could do it instead. I'm disappointed when he takes me up on my offer. But then it turns out he was joking. He's willing to go.  As he's leaving, I kiss him. It's meant to be friendly and casual, but I end up getting him on the lips
(but not in a very kinky or passionate way)

2. Felt that dreaming about Kevin Rudd was a bit random. It's not like I've been thinking about him lately or harboring some kind of secret crush.

3. Did wonder how Kevin Rudd is doing. Maybe I'll check up on that later.

4. Saw stuff about Kevin Rudd and Twitter when I did my daily thing of reading an old blog post.

Maybe my day is Kevin Rudd themed for some reason.

I thought it was funny, though, because I was planning to look at Kevin Rudd's Twitter account later. It turns out I did the same thing in September 2011.

5. Learned from Twitter that Stevie Wright, the singer from the Easybeats died.  He was fairly young—only sixty-eight.

6. Went to Kevin Rudd's Twitter page.

I don't know if the guy was a great Prime Minister. Nor do I know if the allegations about him being a egomaniac are true.  But I do think he's adorable. He kind of reminds me of Anthony Hopkins.

7. Saw that Kevin Rudd often replies to Tweets he received.

It's a sweet thing to do—personable.  On the other hand, I think it can get annoying on timelines when you see all these Tweets from one person saying quick things to a whole lot of people.

8. Felt maybe the best thing to do is favorite the Tweets of people who give you a compliment or Holiday wishes. That lets them know that you've read their Tweet and appreciate it.  Although it can be interpreted as being rude—you accept their well wishes but don't send them back in return.

It's really complicated. I guess I'm lucky to be not put in that situation.

I'm imagining someone giving me a Tweet compliment on my novels or blog.  I'd want to thank them, and having one thank you Tweet wouldn't be annoying. But what if a miracle happened and all of a sudden I started getting multiple compliments within a short period of time. I think it would start to get annoying to people following me if I had all these, Thanks @person A! Thanks @person B! I really appreciate it @person C.

Or what's worse is when someone keeps Retweeting all the compliments they get. Then it's like bragging, and I'm highly tempted to stop following the person.

But back to simply replying. If I didn't reply, I'd probably feel cold and rude.

9. Wondered if it would work to reply via direct message.

Probably not. That might send out the wrong idea...too personable.

10. Realized there is a VERY obvious and easy solution.

I think Alyssa Milano did it for her birthday. Or at least she did part of it.

I think what you do is favorite all the Tweets. I'm not sure if she did that. But what she did was send out a Tweet thanking everyone for their birthday messages.

So instead of Kevin Rudd wishing Merry Christmas back to multiple people, he could just Tweet something like, Thank you for all the Christmas wishes!  I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday too!

11. Wondered if the reason I dreamed of Kevin Rudd is because I've been watching the 2007 Tropfest films. Kevin Rudd became PM in 2007.

Though I don't know the point of the polar bears or the misplaced kiss.

12. Started to watch an episode of Scooter: Secret Agent.

13. Saw Martin Sharpe cracking up when saying one of his lines. There's a chance that his character was supposed to do that, but I'm doubting it.

It happens when he says, Does that man ever get tired of being evil?  It's a corny line, so I can imagine an actor finding it amusing.

I like when actors crack up. It's cute. I've seen it on The Big Bang Theory a few times.

It's probably only good with a comedy, though. It would be strange in a drama. Or...maybe it would be even more funny.

14. Decided that with a drama, the scene should probably be reshot. And then the cracking up can be put in the outtakes video.

15. Started watching another episode of Scooter: Secret Agent.

16. Decided that I'm beginning to dislike Scooter: Secret Agent less than before.

17. Went to the Tropfest website. Today I'm going to watch the 2007 WINNING film.

It's called "An Imaginary Life".

18. Finished watching the "film". It deals with the topic of forgotten imaginary friends.

I thought it was okay. There were a few moments I liked a lot.

I think it's just that I prefer some of what I've already seen before regarding the subject. The main thing that comes to my mind is Bing Bong's story in Inside Out.

Really I think Pixar is the king of this type of story.  The Toy Story trilogy deals with a similar but slightly different situation—beloved toys that have been forgotten by children.

19. Tried to remember the book—Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend.

I do remember I also didn't like that one very much. I can't remember why. It might have been I just didn't like the voice of the author.

The imaginary friend novel I liked a lot was Sundays at Tiffany's. I thought that story was very sweet.

20. Looked at "An Imaginary Life" on IMDb.

A man named Steve Baker was the writer and director. Plus, he did the voice-over narration of the imaginary friend.

Archived footage (home movies) of Andrew Baker was used as the child.

I'm guessing Andrew is the brother of Steve.

21. Saw that Steve Baker has recently done animation for a show called HitRECord. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I think this is the first time I've heard of it.

He also did writing for one of the episodes.

22. Went to Steve Baker's Vimeo page.

23. Saw that there's a segment from HitRECord.

It features Scarlett Johansson.

I'm going to watch that.

24. Distracted by the male characters's huge chin.

25. Liked the segment. It's basically about humans have a hard time communicating honestly with each other.

26. Watched Baker's commercial for The Starlight Foundation.

It's sweet.

27. Watched Baker's most recent upload; though it's from a year ago.

It's a non-animated commercial for a product called Olive Grove. I think it's a butter substitute.

28. Went to Steve Baker's Twitter.

His profile banner thing is for his project called This is Desmond Ray.

He says it's an online series coming soon.

He does have a Desmond Ray video on Vimeo.

I'll watch that.

29. Loved the video.

It's very sweet.

It reminds me a lot of Mary and Max—the themes and mood, at least.  Though I must say I much prefer the imagery in Desmond Ray.  It's a mix of animation and real images. For me, it's more visually stimulating.

30. Liked that Baker's most recent Tweet is a Retweet about The Exorcist.  It's in praise of that famous shot—the one with the priest standing outside the house.

31. Wondered about this December 15 Tweet. Baker says, In a perfect world, #PrayForNakatomi would be trending on Christmas day.

What is Nakatomi? Is it a serious thing or some kind of pop culture reference?

32. Googled and learned it's a pop culture reference.  It's the fictional corporation of Die Hard.

That WOULD be pretty funny if it had trended on Christmas. Maybe it did among some populations?  I know Die Hard itself was trending.

33. Thought Steve Baker was horribly wrong for Tweeting this. I want my epitaph to read ~ In the face of overwhelming pressure, he made it to the end without having ever seen The Sound of fucking Music!

I want his epitaph to read: After much reluctance, he became The Sound of Music's Number One Fan; and he was actually so obsessed, that it got a little scary.

Actually, maybe that's why Steve Baker has been avoiding The Sound of Music. Maybe he knows it's his destiny to became a crazed fan of the movie.

 34. Wondered about Steve Baker's November 16 Tweet. I suspect the #MementoRemake will just be the origin story of Jared Leto's #Joker 

First of all. There's going to be a remake of Memento?  The One with Guy Pearce? Why?

And what does that have to do with the Joker?

35. Found an article about the remake.  It turns out the director of the movie is Christopher Nolan. I think he's the one who made the Batman movies. But did he also do the one with Jared Leto?

36. Did some IMDb searching and saw that Nolan isn't the one responsible for the Jared Leto Joker thingie. I thought it would be Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which Nolan produced. But no, it's something called Suicide Squad.

Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney are in it.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice also has at least one Australian—Callan Mulvey.

37. Saw that Baker watched all the Star Wars film; or at least he planned to do it.

I'm not sure if it came to fruition.

38. Realized I like Baker's Twitter a lot.

There's hardly any self-promotion, he talks about things that are interesting to me, and he manages to be funny sometimes.