Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Weather, Kurnell, Riots, and Dan Feuerriegel

1. Read about the tornado in Sydney.

Crazy weather! We've been having it here too.

I guess it's all part of climate change.

On the bright side, the forecast says we're going to have lovely weather on Christmas.

The same can be said for Launceston and Hobart.

Sydney and Brisbane are going to be rainy.

Melbourne and Adelaide are going to be hot.

2. Saw that Perth might have nice Christmas weather as well.

3. Started watching an episode of Scooter: Secret Agent.

4. Glad to see that this episode is about chocolate.

I love chocolate.

5. Saw from IMDb that this episode aired on February 11; so the chocolate fit well with Valentines Day.

6. Saw that Charlie Tjoe, one of the stars of Scooter: Secret Agent is in three episodes of season three of Wentworth.

It would be fun to see her on that—all grown up.  On Scooter: Secret Agent, she's a teen. That was ten years ago; so on Wentworth, she'll be an adult.

7. Finished watching the episode.

8. Learned from Twitter that the place hardest hit by the tornado was the suburb Kurnell.

9. Saw from Google Maps that Kurnell is very close to Botany Bay.

OR maybe it actually is part of Botany Bay. I think Botany Bay is the water area near Kurnell.

10. Learned from Lord Wiki that Kurnell is considered, by some, to be the birthplace of modern Australia—or really, white Australia.

11. Started watching another episode of Scooter: Secret Agent.

12. Finished watching the episode.

13. Found another 2007 Tropfest finalist film to watch.

This one is called "Between the Flags".

The description says, Early arrivals at a beach riot kill time.

It sounds interesting—thought provoking.

I wonder what it would feel like to wait for a riot to start.

14. Started watching the film.

15. Wondered if riot is always a negative word.

If you support the cause of the rioters, would you still call it a riot? Or would you call it a protest?

Is a riot always violent?

16. Saw that the film is specifically about the Cronulla riots. I know that's about racism.

But what if it was about people against plastic bags? Would that be seen as a negative by most of society? How about environmentalists?

17. Looked up the definition of riot.

t seems to be pretty bad—a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.

Is violence ever justified?

I don't want it to be.

But for things like anti-slavery, it might be important. Unfortunately.

18. Liked the film so far.

Two guys show up to Cronulla Beach, waiting for the others. They don't know each other; and have an awkward conversation about their past television escapades.

19. Wondered.

One of the rioters doesn't seem exactly Anglo.

I thought the riot was about white people against not-white people. Well, I think it was specifically anti-Muslim.

I guess I imagine if people are going to riot against Muslims; they might dislike anyone who's not Anglo.

20. Finished watching the film.

It was cute.

It's a like a feel-good film about a negative piece of Australia history.

It kind of reminds me of the Christmas truce in World War I. Though that's dependent on the idea I have in my head—that the two new buddies on the beach would not be on the same side of the riot.

If it's about two racists bonding—I'm not sure I'd like the movie as much.

21. Looked at comments for the film.

People say that one of the guys is Lebanese.

So what does it say about the riots and these two guys?

They're going to a race riot, but they're not really racist?

Maybe they're just going for the fun of it.  Maybe they're bored?

So...yeah. It is like the Christmas truce. There's that idea enemies could be mates if they simply put their differences aside for a few minutes.

22. Looked at the filmography for Jayce White, the director and writer for the film. He did a variety of short film work—directing, writing, art, music, etc. between 2003-2007. Then after "Between the Flags" there's nothing else.

I wonder what Jayce White is up to these days.

23. Saw that the white-guy actor (Daniel Feuerriegel) has been in a lot of stuff.

He was in five episodes of season six of McLeod's Daughters.

He was on nine episodes of Home and Away.

He was one of the stars of the American TV show Spartacus: War of the Damned.

Recently he guest-starred on Agents of Shield.

And he's been on other things, but I'm not going to mention it all.

24. Looked at the IMDb page for Matuse, the other actor.

He's a musician and actor.

He was on two episodes of season three of Underbelly.

25. Wondered if he's a famous musician.

26. Found a Matuce rap video.

I'm guessing it's the same Matuce.

27. Saw that there's a Sydney Short Film School.  The tutor (teacher?) of the course is Ian Nicholson, the guy who did the cinematography for "Between the Flags".

28. Looked at Dan Feuerriegel's Twitter.

He's excited about Star Wars.

29. Thought Feuerriegel's Thanksgiving Tweet was sweet. So grateful for all the amazing ppl in my life. You keep me going forward, when all I want to do is go back. Happy Thanksgiving xxoo

30. Saw that Feuerriegel eats Vegemite with avocado.

That sounds interesting.

31. Liked the picture of Feuerriegel with his dog.

Or at least I'm assuming it's his dog.