Monday, February 22, 2016

Confusing Senate Stuff, Ending a Relationship, Weirdness Intolerance, and Not Seeing Dan Wylie

1. Wondered about what's going on in Australian politics.

I've been too lazy to read.

But I'm wondering....

Am I going to wake up tomorrow and find there's a new Prime Minister?

2. Started to read an article about Turnbull trying to make Senate changes.

I don't get it.

3. Finished reading it.

I'm confused.

It's something to do with changing how people vote for the Senate.

If I'm understanding things right, some people think the new way would to make it harder for Independents to get into the Senate, and some think it will make it easier.

4. Figured I'm either understanding things wrong, OR this is a case where people want the same thing, but disagree on how it can be obtained.

I definitely think government is better when small parties and Independents have a fighting chance.

5. Started watching an episode of Home and Away.

6. Finished watching the episode and thought about how it dealt with the ending of two relationships.

One storyline had Phoebe (Isabella Giovinazzo) breaking up with Kyle (Nic Westaway). She did it, because he wants marriage and a family. She doesn't want those things, and can't promise she'll change her mind. She doesn't want to hold Kyle back from the life he wants.

I think Phoebe's decision was self-sacrificing and kind; though I don't know if it's the best choice.

It's a huge problem when two people love each other, but want different things. If it's something trivial, like one person wants to watch TV every night, and the other person wants a TV-free household; if they're both decent enough, they can come up with a compromise.

7. Thought it was nuts that I just called TV a trivial thing.

My God. TV is a huge part of my life.

But anyway....

The disagreement about whether or not to have children is a tough one.  I would hate for Phoebe to be pushed into having a child she didn't want.  I'd also hate for Kyle to be deprived of fatherhood.

In a perfect world, they could split up, both find someone new, and live happily ever after.

But that might not happen.

What if Kyle finds a wife, gets married, but never gets over Phoebe? What if he spends his lifetime missing her?

8. Decided to move onto the next couple, though they were never really a couple. They had just started dating...and then stopped...and then started again.  Really. What they are is an on-again-off-again pre-couple.

Nate (Kyle Pryor) wants to be with Katarina (Pia Miller). She's obviously attracted to him, but she's not keen on having a small town romance. She's very sensitive about people knowing about her love life.

Nate is a bit of an ass about Katarina's feelings. He pressures her into dating him, and goes as far as saying her worries aren't normal.  It's almost like he's saying,  If you don't agree to date me, you're a freak.  

Yes. I think Katarina is a bit uptight about the small town dating thing.  But everyone has their thing.
If someone doesn't want to date you, I think their wishes should be respected. Pressuring them and belittling them is really not the way to win them over.

9. Thought about how I have many weirdness-issues, and that Tim was very decent about one of them yesterday.

I won't go into details, but it had to do with my vomit phobia, which can be INCREDIBLY irrational at times.

Tim didn't argue with me or try to get me to be rational. He kind of just gave into my wishes....which weren't difficult. They were just a bit mental.

What I'm thinking, though, is I don't have a problem with Nate thinking Katarina is abnormal.  She IS being abnormal.

I also know that my vomit phobia is abnormal. And there are other things about me that are abnormal.

What I don't like about Nate's attitude is he treated Katarina's abnormality with derision.

10. Hoped that I'm usually tolerant of people's abnormalities.

Now I think it's sometimes okay to be annoyed or angered by the abnormality itself.  I think that's different than being disgusted by something simply because it's abnormal.

In other words, it's fine to dislike something that's weird. But don't dislike something BECAUSE it's weird.

11. Started watching an episode of Tangle.

I think, with the other seasons of this show, I disliked them at first. Then by the end of the seasons, I was liking the show.

Maybe it will happen this time as well.

For now...I do like the opening credits, at least.  I like the song and all the dollhouse stuff.

12. Saw from IMDb that Dan Wylie is in this episode.

I had to take a closer look to see if he appeared in previous seasons of Tangle. I couldn't remember.

Anyway, the answer is, he didn't.  This episode is his first appearance.

13. Saw that I have two minutes left of the show, and I haven't yet seen Dan Wylie.

Either he's going to pop in at the last minute. Or there's a mistake on IMDb about him being in this episode.

14. Figured it could also be that Wylie was in another scene, and I failed to notice.

Yeah. I'm betting that's the case.

15. Finished watching the episode.

I like this one more than I liked yesterday's.

16. Went to the Tropfest website.

Tonight I'm going to watch a 2010 finalist film called "Fish Lips".

I think I saw another film by the person who made this.  I can't remember the name, but it involved underpants.

17. Looked at the filmography of Duane Fogwell, the director of "Fish Lips".

I'm totally wrong.

It turns out Fogwell is the one who directed the golf movie—Fore!  He also directed the movie where the kid goes missing on New Years Eve.

18. Started watching "Fish Lips"

19. Saw that this film involves Yahtzee.

20. Thought that there's a lot going on in the film.

It's visually stimulating.

21. Liked the pop culture references in the film.

I like pop culture stuff.

22. Finished watching the film.

On the plus side, I liked some of the visuals and the pop culture references were sort of fun.

On the negative side, I thought the plot was a mess.

There was too much going on, in a short period of time, and I didn't feel connected to any of it.

23. Noticed that like Fogwell's New Years Eve film, this one too featured a child in peril.

24. Saw that the adult version of the child in the film was played by Jessica Marais from Packed to the Rafters. I didn't recognize her. Though I did think she looked vaguely familiar.

25. Saw that Jessica Marais is an upcoming British film called Chasing Satellites.

What's interesting to me, about the movie, is it's written by the Australian actress Judy Morris.

I think she's from Mother and Son?

26. Had a closer look at Morris's filmography.

Yeah. She IS from Mother and Son.  I forgot who she played.

27. Saw that her character had the same last name as Ruth Cracknell's and Garry McDonald's character—Beare.

So, she might have played McDonald's ex-wife? Or maybe his sister?


Now I'm thinking maybe she was the sister-in-law.

28. Saw that Chasing Satellites was not Morris's first writing adventure.  She was one of the writers for Babe: Pig in the City; and was also one of the writers of Happy Feet. Plus, she has other writing credits as well.  

29. Went back to the filmography of Jessica Marais, and saw she's the star of Love Child.

I don't think I knew that.

But it seems like I should have.

30. Wondered if Hulu is going to get Love Child.

I hope so.