My Novels and Other Fiction Writing

I have written a lot of fiction through the years.  Most of it is printed out in a bin in the closet or lost on a computer disk somewhere. But a few things are available in the online/digital world.

I wish more people read what I wrote.

Yeah, I'd love to make money from writing. But what's most important to me is that my characters become unpaused. I hate that they're just sitting there in limbo.

If you decide to read something I've written...even just try, I'll be full of so much joy (at least for twenty minutes or so)

1. Thirty Cats- This is a novel about a college girl who has Neurofibromatosis. It's a quirky kind of romance thing.  It's available on Kindle for a dollar (USD).

2. The Dead are Online-This is a supernatural drama about what happens to society when life after death becomes an accepted fact rather than a maybe.

3. Wizards, Muggles, Ducks, and Others-A Harry Potter fan fiction blog that I wrote while participating in the Harry Potter Magic is Might Experience. It's about the Muggle sister of a witch, experiencing the Deathly Hallows days

4. The Zombie Zoo-A novel that I unfortunately never finished. It's about a young girl living in a post-zombie-apocalyptic world.

5. The Dream Games-A young adult supernatural romance novel that someone was kind of enough to publish on their website. It was very sweet of them.

6. My Pretend Trip to Australia- A fictional trip report thing.