Monday, August 11, 2008

That Feeling

I once wrote down this dream on Livejournal. It involved flying and gardens--fun and beautiful things. I got a nice amount of comments--complimenting me on my fantastic dream.

But I commented back that the dream actually wasn't all that great. It SOUNDED great. It had all the elements of a fantastic dream. I didn't like it though. It didn't give me that FEELING.

What feeling?

I have no idea how to describe it or explain it.

Maybe it's like getting high on really good drugs. Although I'm never gotten high on any drugs, so I don't know if that analogy actually works or not.

I have a few dreams a year with a little twinge of the feeling. But I've had only about 4-5 dreams in my life with a major dose of the feeling.

One dream involved Anthony Hopkins throwing me into a pool. And I know that doesn't sound exciting or wonderful. But there was something about that dream. It had the feeling.

The dream with the most of the feeling is one I barely remember. I have a vague sense of eating breakfast. And a sense of a body of water--and a swimming race.

I don't remember when I even had the dream. All I really know is it totally had the feeling.

Then we watched Finding Nemo and the movie showed Sydney Harbor. It reminded me so much of my dream--where they had the swimming races.

And that was the other thing....besides being haunted by Julian McMahon, that made me obsessed with Australia.

I did Google research to find out if there were any swimming races in the harbor. There is one, but I don't know how old it is. Well, yeah because I thought maybe in a past life I swam in the race and that's why I'm now obsessed with Australia.

Honestly though. I don't go much for the past life theory too much. If I had been in Australia in a past life, who cares? Why would I need to go back there in this life?

I THINK what happened is I was supposed to be Australian in this life and someone messed up the paperwork.

Anyway, the most awesome thing is I just looked at the harbor race dates and it looks like it happens in the first week of March. We'll be in Sydney! I hope they don't change the dates because I would love to watch it.

Maybe it will make me feel like I'm in my dream.