Monday, September 15, 2008

Australia Celebrity Geography

I've decided to map out the famous people.

So, here they are by state of birth.

Sarah Blasko-singer
Peter Garrett-Singer/politician
Adam Hills -Comedian who has made vital improvements on the Australian National Anthem.
Toni Collette-Actress from Muriel's Wedding & The Sixth Sense
Bryan Brown-Actor from Cocktail
Rachel Carpani-Actress from McLeod's Daughters
Doris Younane- Actress from McLeod's Daughters
Hugh Jackman-Wolverine!   
Baz Luhrmann-Film director: Moulin Rouge and the upcoming Australia
John Howard-Liberal Prime Minister
Paul Keating-Prime Minister 1991-1996
Harold Holt-The Prime Minster that drowned
John Curtin-World War II Prime Minister
Paul Hogan-Crocodile actor guy
Henry Lawson-Poet and writer
Dawn Fraser-Swimmer
Donald Bradman-Cricket Player 
Julian McMahon-Actor from Charmedand the one who haunts my dreams
Anthony Field-The Blue Wiggle that my sister and I fight over.
Murray Cook-The Red Wiggle.
Greg Page-The Wiggle who is no longer a Wiggle.  (sniff).
Jeff Fatt-The Purple Wiggle
Sam Moran-The Wiggle I'm struggling to get used to.
Iva Davies-Musician from Icehouse
Miles Franklin-Writer.   My Brilliant Career
Clive James-Writer.  I didn't like his memoirs.  Sorry.  I have limits to how much I want to know about someone's masturbation experiences.  
Nellie Stewart-Singer
Shirley Hazzard-Writer whose book I couldn't get through.  I shall have to try something else that she's written.
Peter Weir-Film director.  Truman Show and Gallipoli
Christian Byers-Child Actor.  Opal Dream and December Boys--the two movies I saw on the airplane for our Australia trip.
Jacqueline McKenzie-Actress from Opal Dream and a lot of other stuff
Banjo Paterson-Poet who wrote Waltzing Matilda 
Evonne Goolagong-Tennis Player
Nancy Bird-Aviator
Frank Hurley-Photographer famous for Antarctica stuff
Graeme Clark-Helped the hearing impaired with his cochlear implant
Fiona Stanley-Works with issues of maternal and youth health
Kerry Packer-Very wealthy man
Neville Bonner-First indigenous Australian to become a member of the parliament
Arthur Stace-Man who wrote "eternity" a lot of times
Thomas Kenneally-Adorable author of Schindler's Ark.  I saw him speak somewhere about Schindler's List.
Bruce Beresford-Film director.  Breaker Morant & Driving Miss Daisy
Paul Scully-Powers-Oceanographer and Astronaut
David Hefgott-Pianist whose life was portrayed in the movie Shine
Adam Hill-Artist.  Descendent of the Daingatti tribe

Missy Higgins-Singer
Rachel Griffiths-Actress from Muriel's Wedding and  Six Feet Under
Emilie de Ravin-Actress from Lost and Roswell
Portia de Rossi-Actress from Ali McBeal and Nip/Tuck
Peter Singer-Ethical guy who helped father the animal rights movement.
Gough Whitlam-Prime Minister 1972-1975.   The one who returned land to Vincent Lingiari & the Gurindji people
Bridie Carter- Actress from McLeod's Daughters
Malcolm Fraser-Prime Minster 1975-1983
Brett Tucker-Actor from McLeod's Daughters
Ben Mendelsohn-Actor in a lot of stuff I've never heard of before
Steve Irwin-Wildlife Warrior
Jason Donavan-Actor/singer who I used to listen to obsessively on the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack.
Kylie Minogue-Singer and a name I get tired of seeing.
Peter Carey-Writer.  The True Story of the Kelly Gang & Oscar and Lucinda
Patricia Shaw-Writer of historical fiction
Mem Fox-Children's book author who says controversial things about daycare.  
Helen Garner-Writer
John Flynn-Father of the Royal Flying Doctor Service
Janette Turner Hospital-Writer.  Author of Oyster.
Barry Humphries-Comedian/Actor.  Dame Edna's alter ego.
Cate Blanchett-Actress and supermom who was able to attend a summit a few weeks after giving birth.  What would Mem Fox say about that???
Norman Lindsay-Artist and author of children's book The Magic Pudding
Eric Bana-Actor.   I think the only thing I've seen him in is Finding Nemo.  
Bill Hunter-Actor.  Another one in which the only work I've seen is Finding Nemo.  I'm way behind here.
Gillian Armstrong.- Film Director.   Little Woman and My Brilliant Career 
Robert Menzies-Actor and grandson of Prime Minister 
Vince Colosimo-Actor in Opal Dream and a bunch of other stuff.
Will Anderson-Comedian  
Edward Dunlop-WWII hero
Mary MacKillop-Almost a saint
Helen Caldicott-Anti-nuclear Activist
Ned Kelly-Bushranger
John Monash-World War I military commander
Fred Schepisi-Film director Roxanne and Six Degrees of Separation
Frank MacFarlane-Known for work in immunology
George Coles-Founder of the Grocery Store
Rupert Murdoch-A very powerful man
Germaine Greer-Writer and Feminist.  Anarchist and not a mate with Steve Irwin
Nellie Melba-Opera singer and on the 100 dollar note
Rhonda Byrne-It's a Secret.   
John Marsden-Writer of young adult fiction
Sonya Harnett-Writer of mostly children and young adult literature
Andy Griffiths-Writer of funny stuff for kids
Fred Walker-inventor of Vegemite
Helen Reddy-Singer/Actress from Pete's Dragon

Bernard Fanning-Singer
Simmone MacKinnon-McLeod's Daughter's actress
Cathy Freeman-Olympic Athlete
Bindi Irwin-Wildlife Warrior
Kevin Rudd-Current Prime Minster who would turn gay for his wife.   
Thea Astley-Writer
Geoffrey Rush-Actor from Shine.   
David Malouf-Writer
Charles Kingford Smith-Aviator
John Bradfield-Designer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Peter Doherty-Scientist involved with immunology
Jack Mundey-Environmental activist
P.L. Travelers-Author of Mary Poppins

Matilda House-A Ngambri-Ngunnawal elder.  Artist and an active leader in the Aboriginal community

Paul Kelly-Singer 
Sonia Todd-Actress from McLeod's Daughters
Robert Hawke-Prime Minster 1983-1991
Murray Bail-Writer.  Eucalyptus.   Read on IMDb that it was supposed to be turned into a movie
Lowitja O'Donoghue-One of the stolen children who grew up to work in Indigenous affairs
Lawrence Bragg-Youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize
Vivian Bullwinkel-WWII nurse and sole survivor of Banka Island Massacre
Howard Florey-Helped with the whole Penicillin thing
Sidney Kidman-A guy who owned a lot of land
Judith Anderson-Actress.  Star Trek III  and Santa Barbara
Robert Helpmann-Dancer and scary guy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Cadel Evans-Biking athlete
Albert Namatijra-Aboriginal Painter.  His name sounded so familiar to me and then I realized I recognized it from the I Am Australian song.

Elizabeth Blackburn-Biologist/geneticist
Errol Flynn-Wild and crazy actor
Simon Baker-Actor from show Mentalist and Smith

Heath Ledger-Actor.  RIP
Myles Pollard-Actor from McLeod's Daughters
Tim Winton-Writer.  Cloudstreet, Dirt Music, The Riders
Judy Davis -My Brilliant Career and Husbands and Wives
Edith Cowan-Hero who helped women and children
Rolf Harris-Singer.  I know him as the "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" guy.
Melissa George-Actress from In Treatment and Alias

SOMEWHERE ELSE- These folks are associated with Australia, but were not actually born there.   Some are Australian and some are not.   

Nicole Kidman -Actress.  Was born in Hawaii to Australian parents.  Moved back to Sydney in early childhood.
Lisa Chapell- McLeod's Daughter's actress.  She's a Kiwi.
Aaron Jeffrey-McLeod's Daughter's actor--the only one who lasted all eight seasons.  He's a Kiwi.
Mel Gibson -Born in New York.  Later moved to Australia.  I think maybe one parent was Australian.  I'm confused about this.
Guy Pearce-Actor.   Born in the UK and emigrated at the age of 3.
Michala Banas -Actress/singer.   Kiwi
Jessica Napier-Actress from McLeod's Daughters   Another Kiwi!   The girl I would turn gay for!  And she's into animal rights.  We could be tofu-eating lesbians together!!
Russell Crowe-Born in NZ, but grew up in Australia
Robert Burke-Explorer.  Born in Ireland
Patrick White-Writer.  Born in UK to Australian parents, moved back to Australia as an infant
John Birmingham-Writer and very prolific blogger.  Born in UK and emigrated as a child.
Jimmy Barnes  Singer.  Working Class Man   Born in Scotland.  Family emigrated when he was a young child.
Caroline Chisholm-Humanitarian.   Fought against poverty
Eric Bogle-Singer and writer of The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.  Born in Scotland.
Victor Chang-Heroic Heart surgeon.   Born in China.  Came to Australia when he was 15
Matthew Flinders-Gave Australia it's name.  Born in England
Daisy Bates-Born in Ireland.   Studied Aboriginal culture and fought for their welfare
Naomi Watts-Actress from The Ring and King Kong.   Born in England.  Grew up in Australia
Frances O'Connor-Actress from AI and other stuff.  Born in England
Isla Fisher-Actress from Wedding Crashers.   Born in Oman of Scottish parents
Hugo Weaving-Actor from Lord of The Rings and The Matrix  Born in Nigeria
Olivia Newton John-Actress/singer.   From Grease and Xanadu Born in the UK.  
Peter Finch-Actor from Network and lots of other stuff.  Born in the UK

I know I have probably forgotten some very important people.   Please tell me and I'll add them.   I'll add you too if you want to pretend you're famous!!!