Monday, September 15, 2008

Australia Celebrity Geography

I've decided to map out the famous people.

So, here they are by state of birth.

Sarah Blasko-singer
Peter Garrett-Singer/politician
Adam Hills -Comedian who has made vital improvements on the Australian National Anthem.
Toni Collette-Actress from Muriel's Wedding & The Sixth Sense
Bryan Brown-Actor from Cocktail
Rachel Carpani-Actress from McLeod's Daughters
Doris Younane- Actress from McLeod's Daughters
Hugh Jackman-Wolverine!   
Baz Luhrmann-Film director: Moulin Rouge and the upcoming Australia
John Howard-Liberal Prime Minister
Paul Keating-Prime Minister 1991-1996
Harold Holt-The Prime Minster that drowned
John Curtin-World War II Prime Minister
Paul Hogan-Crocodile actor guy
Henry Lawson-Poet and writer
Dawn Fraser-Swimmer
Donald Bradman-Cricket Player 
Julian McMahon-Actor from Charmedand the one who haunts my dreams
Anthony Field-The Blue Wiggle that my sister and I fight over.
Murray Cook-The Red Wiggle.
Greg Page-The Wiggle who is no longer a Wiggle.  (sniff).
Jeff Fatt-The Purple Wiggle
Sam Moran-The Wiggle I'm struggling to get used to.
Iva Davies-Musician from Icehouse
Miles Franklin-Writer.   My Brilliant Career
Clive James-Writer.  I didn't like his memoirs.  Sorry.  I have limits to how much I want to know about someone's masturbation experiences.  
Nellie Stewart-Singer
Shirley Hazzard-Writer whose book I couldn't get through.  I shall have to try something else that she's written.
Peter Weir-Film director.  Truman Show and Gallipoli
Christian Byers-Child Actor.  Opal Dream and December Boys--the two movies I saw on the airplane for our Australia trip.
Jacqueline McKenzie-Actress from Opal Dream and a lot of other stuff
Banjo Paterson-Poet who wrote Waltzing Matilda 
Evonne Goolagong-Tennis Player
Nancy Bird-Aviator
Frank Hurley-Photographer famous for Antarctica stuff
Graeme Clark-Helped the hearing impaired with his cochlear implant
Fiona Stanley-Works with issues of maternal and youth health
Kerry Packer-Very wealthy man
Neville Bonner-First indigenous Australian to become a member of the parliament
Arthur Stace-Man who wrote "eternity" a lot of times
Thomas Kenneally-Adorable author of Schindler's Ark.  I saw him speak somewhere about Schindler's List.
Bruce Beresford-Film director.  Breaker Morant & Driving Miss Daisy
Paul Scully-Powers-Oceanographer and Astronaut
David Hefgott-Pianist whose life was portrayed in the movie Shine
Adam Hill-Artist.  Descendent of the Daingatti tribe

Missy Higgins-Singer
Rachel Griffiths-Actress from Muriel's Wedding and  Six Feet Under
Emilie de Ravin-Actress from Lost and Roswell
Portia de Rossi-Actress from Ali McBeal and Nip/Tuck
Peter Singer-Ethical guy who helped father the animal rights movement.
Gough Whitlam-Prime Minister 1972-1975.   The one who returned land to Vincent Lingiari & the Gurindji people
Bridie Carter- Actress from McLeod's Daughters
Malcolm Fraser-Prime Minster 1975-1983
Brett Tucker-Actor from McLeod's Daughters
Ben Mendelsohn-Actor in a lot of stuff I've never heard of before
Steve Irwin-Wildlife Warrior
Jason Donavan-Actor/singer who I used to listen to obsessively on the Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat soundtrack.
Kylie Minogue-Singer and a name I get tired of seeing.
Peter Carey-Writer.  The True Story of the Kelly Gang & Oscar and Lucinda
Patricia Shaw-Writer of historical fiction
Mem Fox-Children's book author who says controversial things about daycare.  
Helen Garner-Writer
John Flynn-Father of the Royal Flying Doctor Service
Janette Turner Hospital-Writer.  Author of Oyster.
Barry Humphries-Comedian/Actor.  Dame Edna's alter ego.
Cate Blanchett-Actress and supermom who was able to attend a summit a few weeks after giving birth.  What would Mem Fox say about that???
Norman Lindsay-Artist and author of children's book The Magic Pudding
Eric Bana-Actor.   I think the only thing I've seen him in is Finding Nemo.  
Bill Hunter-Actor.  Another one in which the only work I've seen is Finding Nemo.  I'm way behind here.
Gillian Armstrong.- Film Director.   Little Woman and My Brilliant Career 
Robert Menzies-Actor and grandson of Prime Minister 
Vince Colosimo-Actor in Opal Dream and a bunch of other stuff.
Will Anderson-Comedian  
Edward Dunlop-WWII hero
Mary MacKillop-Almost a saint
Helen Caldicott-Anti-nuclear Activist
Ned Kelly-Bushranger
John Monash-World War I military commander
Fred Schepisi-Film director Roxanne and Six Degrees of Separation
Frank MacFarlane-Known for work in immunology
George Coles-Founder of the Grocery Store
Rupert Murdoch-A very powerful man
Germaine Greer-Writer and Feminist.  Anarchist and not a mate with Steve Irwin
Nellie Melba-Opera singer and on the 100 dollar note
Rhonda Byrne-It's a Secret.   
John Marsden-Writer of young adult fiction
Sonya Harnett-Writer of mostly children and young adult literature
Andy Griffiths-Writer of funny stuff for kids
Fred Walker-inventor of Vegemite
Helen Reddy-Singer/Actress from Pete's Dragon

Bernard Fanning-Singer
Simmone MacKinnon-McLeod's Daughter's actress
Cathy Freeman-Olympic Athlete
Bindi Irwin-Wildlife Warrior
Kevin Rudd-Current Prime Minster who would turn gay for his wife.   
Thea Astley-Writer
Geoffrey Rush-Actor from Shine.   
David Malouf-Writer
Charles Kingford Smith-Aviator
John Bradfield-Designer of the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Peter Doherty-Scientist involved with immunology
Jack Mundey-Environmental activist
P.L. Travelers-Author of Mary Poppins

Matilda House-A Ngambri-Ngunnawal elder.  Artist and an active leader in the Aboriginal community

Paul Kelly-Singer 
Sonia Todd-Actress from McLeod's Daughters
Robert Hawke-Prime Minster 1983-1991
Murray Bail-Writer.  Eucalyptus.   Read on IMDb that it was supposed to be turned into a movie
Lowitja O'Donoghue-One of the stolen children who grew up to work in Indigenous affairs
Lawrence Bragg-Youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize
Vivian Bullwinkel-WWII nurse and sole survivor of Banka Island Massacre
Howard Florey-Helped with the whole Penicillin thing
Sidney Kidman-A guy who owned a lot of land
Judith Anderson-Actress.  Star Trek III  and Santa Barbara
Robert Helpmann-Dancer and scary guy in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Cadel Evans-Biking athlete
Albert Namatijra-Aboriginal Painter.  His name sounded so familiar to me and then I realized I recognized it from the I Am Australian song.

Elizabeth Blackburn-Biologist/geneticist
Errol Flynn-Wild and crazy actor
Simon Baker-Actor from show Mentalist and Smith

Heath Ledger-Actor.  RIP
Myles Pollard-Actor from McLeod's Daughters
Tim Winton-Writer.  Cloudstreet, Dirt Music, The Riders
Judy Davis -My Brilliant Career and Husbands and Wives
Edith Cowan-Hero who helped women and children
Rolf Harris-Singer.  I know him as the "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" guy.
Melissa George-Actress from In Treatment and Alias

SOMEWHERE ELSE- These folks are associated with Australia, but were not actually born there.   Some are Australian and some are not.   

Nicole Kidman -Actress.  Was born in Hawaii to Australian parents.  Moved back to Sydney in early childhood.
Lisa Chapell- McLeod's Daughter's actress.  She's a Kiwi.
Aaron Jeffrey-McLeod's Daughter's actor--the only one who lasted all eight seasons.  He's a Kiwi.
Mel Gibson -Born in New York.  Later moved to Australia.  I think maybe one parent was Australian.  I'm confused about this.
Guy Pearce-Actor.   Born in the UK and emigrated at the age of 3.
Michala Banas -Actress/singer.   Kiwi
Jessica Napier-Actress from McLeod's Daughters   Another Kiwi!   The girl I would turn gay for!  And she's into animal rights.  We could be tofu-eating lesbians together!!
Russell Crowe-Born in NZ, but grew up in Australia
Robert Burke-Explorer.  Born in Ireland
Patrick White-Writer.  Born in UK to Australian parents, moved back to Australia as an infant
John Birmingham-Writer and very prolific blogger.  Born in UK and emigrated as a child.
Jimmy Barnes  Singer.  Working Class Man   Born in Scotland.  Family emigrated when he was a young child.
Caroline Chisholm-Humanitarian.   Fought against poverty
Eric Bogle-Singer and writer of The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.  Born in Scotland.
Victor Chang-Heroic Heart surgeon.   Born in China.  Came to Australia when he was 15
Matthew Flinders-Gave Australia it's name.  Born in England
Daisy Bates-Born in Ireland.   Studied Aboriginal culture and fought for their welfare
Naomi Watts-Actress from The Ring and King Kong.   Born in England.  Grew up in Australia
Frances O'Connor-Actress from AI and other stuff.  Born in England
Isla Fisher-Actress from Wedding Crashers.   Born in Oman of Scottish parents
Hugo Weaving-Actor from Lord of The Rings and The Matrix  Born in Nigeria
Olivia Newton John-Actress/singer.   From Grease and Xanadu Born in the UK.  
Peter Finch-Actor from Network and lots of other stuff.  Born in the UK

I know I have probably forgotten some very important people.   Please tell me and I'll add them.   I'll add you too if you want to pretend you're famous!!!    


طارق الغنام said...

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Creative Magherath about celebrities here
I'm just like you loved the friendship and wish to speak with you if you'd Messenger
With thinner wishes and life

Dina said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. I don't do any messengers. Sorry! I will check out your blog though : )

Dina said...

Okay. Gotta say. Google translator is really awesome. I need to use it more often.

Mim said...

My random collection of distant brushes with fame:

One of Mel Gibson's brothers was a member of the same amateur theatre group that Adam and I were members of for a while. The Gibsons were long gone by the time we were there though.

A friend of mine used to live next door to the red Wiggle. I saw him walking down the street when having brunch with her one day.

My dad was friends at Sydney Uni with Paul Scully-Powers who was the first Australian-born astronaut to enter space.

mooiness said...

Here you go. More famous Aussies. :)

Naomi Watts, born in England, moved when 14, grew up in NSW.

Frances O'Connor, born England, moved when 2, grew up in Western Australia.

Isla Fisher, born Oman to Scottish parents, moved when 4/5, grew up in Western Australia.

Melissa George, born and bred in Western Australia.

And then there's Hugo Weaving (born Nigeria, moved to England and then to Sydney), Olivia Newton John (born England, moved to Melbourne), and Geoffrey Rush (born/bred Brisbane, Queensland).

Dina said...

Mim: Cool!! I wonder if I'd recognize a Wiggle without their colored shirt on. ???? I will add the astronaut to my list. Thanks!

Mooiness: I can't believe I forgot Naomi Watts! Thanks for giving me more names.

Retarius said...

How did you get all these together? That's a remarkable collection.

Jaeneen Cunningham said...

Just on Geoffrey Rush - Peter Finch received the Best Actor Oscar in 1976 for his role in Network. There have been several actors nominated postumously for the best actor award but he's the only one to have won it. Technically he's English but his parents were both Australian and he moved to Sydney when he was only very young so we're claiming him as one of us (the same way we claim Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Sam Neil and a host of others)Incidentally, Australia's first ever Academy Award was also given postumously for a documentary called Kokoda Frontline in 1942.

Dina said...

Retarius: Thanks : ) It took a few weeks. I used various websites. Don't worry. It wasn't something I quickly put together in the morning ; )

Jaeneen Cunningham: Thanks for the info! I'll add Finch and change the bit about Rush. I didn't include Sam Neil. I guess maybe I should. I'll also look up Kokoda Frontline. I love hearing about new things and learning about them. Well, especially Australian stuff.

mscherrylane said...

david helfgott- bellingen, NSW (great place) - the pianist whose life the movie SHINE is based on.

also canberra burley griffin?

Dina said...


Thanks!! I added Hefgott.

Griffin was born and raised in America, so I'm not counting him. I'm looking for people born in Canberra. I think I MIGHT have someone.


redness said...

Harold Holt was a Victorian.

Peter Carey wrote from his home in Balmain NSW

Janet Turner Hospital was a Queenslander ...

I could be wrong but that's what history has taught me here ;)

Dina said...


I did use wikipedia for some of my info and you know how that is!!

Although I was going by birthplace....Maybe some of these people were born in one place, but spent most of their important years in another.

The other explanation is pure human mistake. I could have just dropped someone in the wrong state ; )

The Analyst said...

Hi, Dina

(Ex-Prime Minister) Harol Holt's name is immortalised in Aussie rhyming slang. To "do a Harold Holt" is to bolt - torun away.

My token brush with fame? - I went to uni at Newcastle, when Olivia Newton-John's father was still a professor there.


Dina said...

The Analyst.

Poor Holt. I THINK I might have heard that slang before.

Was Olivia Newton John's dad one of your professors?

We've had a few brushes with fame. I volunteered/student taught at the school where Michael J. Fox's son went.

He wasn't in my class, but I had a short hilarious conversation with him. Very cute kid.

My sister went to High School with Reese Witherspoon. They had Spanish class together.