Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Advice For All Of Us

Jack and I were reminiscing about his past obsessions.

We started talking about Miss Spider. We both loved that show.  Not only did we love the show, but we loved the songs from the show.

These are the lyrics to my favorite one:

Slow down and watch a leaf
Floating to the ground
Slow down and give a listen
To the wind's enchanting sound
From dawn until the day's end
Slow down and see the Earth's wonders
From dawn until the day's end
Slow down and make a friend.

Sometimes the simple lyrics of children's music say so much important stuff.   

When we're in Australia, we need to make sure to slow down and enjoy every moment.  Well, maybe ENJOYING  every moment is asking too much of ourselves.  Maybe it's better to say APPRECIATE every moment.

It's funny.  I don't think I actually appreciated every moment from the last trip there.   But now looking back, I see every single moment as being incredibly precious. I often stop and have this idea of Holy Shit.  I was actually IN Australia!!   I look back at even the mundane things and I'm in total delight over it.   Stupid stuff like going to a chemist to find ear drops for swimming.  Or walking desperately around a grocery store looking for the piece of Jack's Crocs that broke off.   Those things didn't seem that great at the time, but in my memories they're spectacular.  Just cause they happened in Australia.  


  1. I love the bit off the Blues Clues song

    "Cause when we use our mind, take a step at a time
    We can do anything...that we wanna do!"

    Words to live by ;) lol

  2. Bettina,

    That's a great song.

    And Joe and Steve are very sexy guys.

    Wait, do you guys have Joe and Steve or someone else?

    I know the UK has someone else....Kevin, I think?

    Is there an Aussie Blues Clues guy??