Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I had a stressful day yesterday.

I wasn't feeling a 100% great.   Then I started to work on making hotel/holiday park reservations.

First, the hotels near Sydney airport were much more expensive than I expected.  I found one hotel with a good price, but it got very mixed reviews.   And when I say "mixed", I mean mostly bad reviews.    I hate reading hotel reviews.   If there's a really negative review, I can't tell if the hotel was really bad, or if the person writing the review is snobby/has too high expectations, etc.   It's so hard for me to figure these things out.

I decided maybe we'd just stay at the Darling Harbor hotel that we stayed at last year, and planned to stay again for our upcoming extended time in Sydney.   I looked up the hotel prices and they have TOTALLY jumped from last year.   I am so bummed out about that.

Now we're stuck looking for a new place to stay.   No, I'm not hinting that you Sydney people should let us camp out on your floor.   We HAVE found some promising places that have good locations and good prices.    It's just I'm going to miss staying in Darling Harbor.   Yes, there were annoying aspects.  It's very touristy and we didn't really like the restaurants over there. But I loved being right next door to the Aquarium and Wildlife World.

Some of the new places we found are near Hyde Park.   I think that will work for us.  We loved having picnics in Hyde Park, so now it will be a shorter walk.   I think there are buses and train stations nearby.   And it's a fairly okay walk to both Circular Quay and Darling Harbor.

Oh well.

We shall see.