Friday, September 12, 2008

Very Beautiful Video

I love this video. 

It's a beautiful video about Sorry Day using the song From Little Things Big Things Grow. I'm so proud of myself because I actually recognized some people from the video.  Well, really just Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins.   But a few weeks ago, I would have had no idea who those people are.  I'm feeling so damn educated!


  1. p.s to add to your "education" perhaps? do you know ben lee, sarah blasko, clare bowditch, josh pyke? I see these musicians as typically australian, for the bygone era- frente also encompasses well australian quirk.
    aussie films especially pre this decade are also quite classic eg SHINE, STRICTLY BALLROOM, MURIEL'S WEDDING, THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE, PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT, THE CASTLE, THE DISH etc etc...shine is my favourite personally. let me know what you think of our films!

  2. mscherrylane,

    Thanks for the education!!!!!!!

    I have Blasko and Bowditch on my playlist (on YouTube). I THINK I have Ben Lee. I'm not sure about Josh Pyke.

    The playlist is at if you're interested.

    I am SO bad at watching movies. I rarely sit down to watch a movie. Instead, we have a TV in our bathroom (no not by the toilet). and I'll watch bits and pieces of movies while I get ready, sort laundry, etc.

    I keep saying I want to see this Australian movie and that Australian movie. I kind of doubt I'll do it though. I mean I'm sure I'll see some...eventually.

    I did see Muriel's Wedding and LOVED that. I planned to just watch 5-10 minutes to get a feel of Aussie films and sat there glued to the screen.

    I saw Opal Dreams on the airplane and loved that.

    I also tried to watch December Boys on the airplane, but didn't like it. Although it may have been because this was on the way home from Australia and I was very sad. I may have liked the movie if I was in a better mood.

  3. Dina, never heard of those two films! LOL australian cinema has really deteriorated due to lack of funding I need to go back to at least muriel's wedding era for the cream of australian film! (yeah I love quirky films too- lots of Aussies I know utterly detest Muriel's Wedding!)

    p.s I plugged somewhere I thought was worth a visit on my blog LOL :)

    great seafood, awesome beaches, great golf courses, lovely people, beautiful place...highly recommend pelican feeding at The Entrance and Dolphin watching further north at Port Stephens, vineyards/gourmet food region of Hunter Valley. Anyway...if you have any questions you know who doubles as a tourist guide LOL

  4. p.p.s great playlist :)

    just two classics obviously missing:

    THE TRIFFIDS wide open road.

    THE CHURCH under the milky way.


  5. oh, and FRENTE (angie hart)

    "ordinary angels"
    "accidentally kelly st"

    anyway if you're interested there are quite a few aussie music youtube clips on my song blog.

  6. mscherrylane,

    Hey, I haven't heard of many American films!! I used to be totally on top of that. Now we drive past a movie theater, and I am totally clueless about most of the movies.

    Thanks for the Playlist suggestions. I will definitely add them!!

    I will check out your blog to see this place you're talking about. Not sure if we're going to go up that way this time. We might. Who knows?

    Oh and I'll also check out your songblog. That should be fun!!

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  8. That clip/song is freaking awesome! I hadn't seen that before. Thanks.

    One of my all time favourite aussie films is Malcom - absolute cack!

    And as you are someone interested in Aboriginal affairs and social justice may I recommend Rabbit-Proof Fence?

  9. Bettina,

    Glad you liked the video : )

    I haven't ever heard of Malcolm. I shall have to look it up.

    I haven't seen Rabbit Proof Fence, but did read the book. It was one of the few Aussie books our used bookstore had.