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Julia Stone

I have no earthly idea who Julia Stone is.

I'm so excited to find out.

Is she in politics?
Is she an actress?
Is she a singer?
Is she in sports?
Is she an author?
Is she a famous murderer?

Who is she?

Let me go see.....

She's a singer!

She's from Angus and Julia Stone. I should probably have known that. My excuse is when I see their band name I guess I notice just the Angus part. If the whole band name was together, I'd know who it was. Probably. But Julia Stone on her own confused me.

I've heard some of their music. I like it. The one thing I can remember off the top of my head is the song about an airplane. I forgot the exact title. I shall go find it.

Here it is. "Paper Aeroplane".

I've never paid attention to the lyrics. I should go see and what the song is about.

I like the first few lines.

I spilled the ink across the page trying to spell your name
So I fold it up and i flick it out Paper Aeroplane
It wont fly the seven seas to you Cause It didnt leave my room
But it awaits the hands of someone else The garbage man 

I like that, but I don't quite understand the rest of the song.

I'm watching the video now. I think it might help explain things to me.

Well, not really. But it IS cute and sweet.

This website has lyrics, and people can guess the meanings of the song.

Gracie says: Angus said not long ago that he wrote this song because a girl used to write him letters all the time, but he never wrote back to her.

Caitlynnicoleee responds: If Angus did say what ~gracie~ said, then this song definetly makes sense. But the ending confuses me. Maybe he eventually did write this girl a letter, but It didn't get to her?
I'm with Caitlynnicoleee. The ending confuses me.

Okay, well....The important thing is it's a lovely song. At least I think so.

I shall read now about Julia Stone. Lord Wiki doesn't have an entry on her specifically...just her musical group.

She and Angus are siblings.

That's incredibly sweet.

They're from Newport in Sydney. That's about thirty-five minutes north of Manly. There's a Newport Beach. That sounds very familiar; but I'm not sure if I'm remembering one in Australia, or whether there's a Newport beach elsewhere in the world. Maybe Florida?

Ah! California. It's in the Los Angeles area.

The Stone siblings began their musical group in 2006. Prior to that they worked solo. They did open mike nights.

In 2006, they sang at festivals around Australia. They also released an album called Chocolates and Cigarettes. I like the chocolate part. I'm not a big fan of cigarettes.

They later went to the UK. There they worked with a Scottish band called Travis. It seems he let them do a recording at his house. It was there that they made their next album....

No wait. It's not really an album.

You'll have to excuse me. I'm very ignorant when it comes to music. It's an EP. That's what Chocolates and Cigarettes was. And it's also what they recorded at the Travis house. Lord Wiki says EP stands for extended play. It's not a single song, but it's too short to qualify as a full length album.

Anyway, the EP they did at the Travis house was called Heart Full of Wine.

Julia Stone also did back up singing for a Travis album. That's cool.

Their first album came out in 2007. It's called A Book Like This. It has done well in Australia, and has been also released internationally.

Julia and Angus currently divide their time between the UK and Australia. I really don't understand how people manage that flight. I have a hard enough time with the Australia to USA flight.

Well, that's about it for Lord Wiki.

I'm going to look at their official site now. It's cute. It looks like a children's book. There are three kids looking at a sign post together. It's one of those things which have various signs pointing you in different directions. On this picture, each sign is a link to a part of the website.

The front page is all black in white except for some colorful mushrooms and flowers.

There's something magical about all of this.

And I like the song that's playing. It's about a Mango tree.

I feel like I've been transported back into some magical childhood land.

I'm going to read their information stuff. It says their Book Like This has thirteen organic songs. Organic? Does that mean they didn't use pesticides?

Julia is described as being a Tinker Bell. Funny because Julia Roberts played Tinker bell in Hook. That's one of my favorite movies.

Music was part of their family and childhood.

Isn't music a part of almost all families and childhoods? Well, I guess in some families it's a hobby/fun part, and in others it's more serious and professional.

All right. Now I'm going to leave the site because it won't stop playing the mango song. I'm getting tired of it. Well also, I'm not finding information that I deem to be valuable. If I did, I'd just mute the mango song.

I'll check out their MySpace. There's something I can't see or hear because I don't have an updated Flash Player. Well, excuse me for living!

I'm too lazy to upload. Besides, I think it will just force me to listen to the mango tree song again.

Shit. It's already in my head. I'm going to be singing it all day, I bet. I wish I had a mango tree.....

They have over thirty-six thousand friends. I really don't like that term friends when used on social networking sites. I prefer Twitter's word...followers. I think social networking sites should be like Sims. When you add a person, they become your acquaintance. Then when you've exchanged enough messages or comments you become friends. If you send TOO many messages and comments while the other person ignores you...then you get classified as a stalker. Actually though, Sims doesn't have stalkers. I think they should add that to the game.

The Angus and Julia Stone MySpace doesn't really have a lot of information that I find to be valuable.

I shall go look elsewhere. I might end up just watching videos and reading lyrics. Who knows.

Here. They have their own whole YouTube Page. Oh no. Guess what song came on when I arrived on the page.

Here's the "Mango Tree" song for those of you who've never heard it before.

It IS a lovely song. I like it. It's funny. I liked it. Then I got sick of it. Now I'm starting to like it again.

Here's another song. "The Beast".

Weird. The video isn't working for me. At first it wouldn't play. Then it would play, but there's no sound.

Okay. The song does work here.

I don't understand the lyrics.

Retrench me because of machines
Kids trading roses for guns
Track mark under the sleeve

I can't talk I need to run
Loves thrown away the ring
Not knowing what to say
Mama won't you sing

It's like you're cut by the blade

I like the roses for guns bit.

TonyFlow believes the song is about heroin. He says, its obviously has something to do with heroin seeing as the title is the beast, and "Track mark under the sleeve, I can't talk I need to run" makes it pretty obvious.

Celam92 thinks the song is about slavery. He says, retrench me because of machines"-- there was a time during the middle 1900s where the jobs for slaves were cut down due to the production of machines, especially on farmlands. And "Pack up your things Your work here is done" - refer to the constant slave trading and auctioning.  I think both Celam92 and Tony Flow have good points.

I really like this song meaning website. I wish I had known about it for my previous musician posts.
I should probably look at the "Mango Tree" lyrics.

The lyrics are very sweet--childlike and romantic.

Through my eyes I can see
A shooting star
Weavn its way across the sea
Somewhere from mars
Down the street we would run
To scratch our names in the path

Young and free in the sun

Wheels upon the tar
See_Prune says i think it's about childhood love and the freedom of youth - playing with all the kids in the street, and finding love at such a young age.    That's very sweet. And I agree with her. Maybe it also is about how love makes us feel youthful.

It's like that Andrew Loyd Weber song. "Love Changes Everything"

Love, Bursts in, and suddenly All our wisdom Disappears.
Love Makes fools of everyone:
All the rules We make are broken. 

It doesn't matter what age someone is. When I see a person talking about falling in love, they sound like they're twelve-years-old again.

Okay. Onto the next song.

Here's "Hollywood".

The beginning is beautiful.

Well, at least the instrumental part is beautiful. I'm not sure if I like Julia's voice. I feel bad saying that. Maybe it will grow on me.

Oh! I LOVE the lyrics though. Well, for one thing....they're simple and easy to understand.

It starts out by saying:  I blame you Hollywood, for showing me things you never should 

A few lines down it says:

They all would have been killed in the sound of music, they would have found out that Pinocchio could never tell the truth.
She never would have made it to shore, the little mermaid.
He would have married a whore from a wealthy family, after all he was royalty.

Although The Sound of Music people DID really survive. Their descendants have that ski lodge.

Here's "Just a Boy". I've heard this before. I love it.

It's very romantic. I'm reading the lyrics now.

I met you once and I'd fallen for your notions.
I don't know why. I don't know why.
Do you believe that there's treasures in the ocean

Did I say I'm just a boy? 

Shanae197 says: I heard angus doing an interview on JJJ ages ago this song is about a girl he met at a gigand she had him like straight away but it was like a one day thing and never eventuated into anything more it was just an infatuation.

I can't imagine having such a big crush on someone for just one day. Well, maybe I can. I've had very short crushes on people. Once we went to Chicago. My dad took my sisters and I on this dinner cruise. There was a guy there that looked like William Baldwin. I had a crush on him for that one night.

Usually though my crushes last a bit longer.

I think now I'm just going to quickly read through the lyrics of their other songs. If there's anything I really love, I'll post them here and/or try to find a video for that song.

I like the lyrics in Bella. I don't know why though.

There goes the gal,
In the pretty skirt with the Golden smile that made you feel new.

Like when the marching band strolls the street,
You know another years come too soon. 

I like the marching band bit. You know how sometimes random memories will pop into your head? When I read that line, for some reason, it reminded me of this little girl I used to babysit when we lived in Atlanta. Leigh Spence. There. I put in her full name. Maybe she'll google herself. She'd be in her late twenties or thirties now. That's so funny. She might have children of her own.

Here's the song on YouTube. Actually....I think I've heard it before. I guess I have it on my playlist.

I'm tired of reading lyrics. I'm going to stop.

Maybe I'll try again to find some biographical stuff.

Well, I'm not finding anything really.

I guess I'll stop here.

I enjoyed writing this even though I couldn't easily find much information. I really like their music.

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