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Sunday Reed (Thanks Andrew)

I think Sunday Reed is another Australian Dynasty person. I remember Andrew telling me that.

That's about all I know.

I can't even remember if Sunday is a man or woman.

I guess I shall go and find out.

Sunday is a she.

Maybe I should have known that from Nicole Kidman's baby. But it COULD be used for a boy's name. Couldn't it? Maybe?

Lord Wiki says that the Kidman Sunday was named after Sunday Reed. Then he changed his mind and said no, she's named after the day of the week. I heard rumors that the name was deliberately chosen as a slap in the face to Scientology. Sunday in Catholicism is a holy day. In Scientology it's not. The rumor is that Kidman named the baby Sunday as a way to say that she's back to feeling that Sunday is important to her. I'm not sure if that's true or not. If it's true, maybe it's not really a slap in the face. It's more a deceleration of faith. Maybe? I guess I'd see it as a married person feeling forced to change and conform. Then when they're free from the marriage they feel Ha! I'm free now. I can go back to being myself. I can show the world Sunday is an important day of the week to me.

The other Sunday was born on 15 October 1905.

I think she'd be a Libra.

Birthday website time!'

She's a 4 in numerology, but I need to do my own math to make sure she's not a 22.

Let's see.

15=1+5. That equals 6.
October is the tenth month. 10 is 1+0=1
1905 is 1+9+0+5=15 which is cut down to 1+5=6

So we have 6+1+6, and that equals 13.

She is not a 22. She's a 1+3=4.

Baby Sunday was born into the wealthy Baillieu family of Melbourne.

Her uncle was a rich guy named William Baillieu. William started out with humble beginnings, but then did well in business. I'm thinking this is where the family wealth began.

I'm guessing William shared his wealth with his family. Lord Wiki says little Sunday grew up in the family mansions. They had a mansion in the Melbourne suburb of Toorak, and a mansion an hour down south from Melbourne.

From what I'm reading from Lord Wiki, Toorak is the place where rich people live. It has a lot of mansions. I guess it's also fairly conservative. Lord Wiki says the people there usually tend to vote for the Liberal party.

Little Sunday was homeschooled. At least that's what I'd call it. She was taught by her governess. She did attend regular school for two years during her teens. She went to St. Catherine's, an all girl's school.

In the 1930's, Reed studied art with a painter named George Bell. He had an art school called the Bourke Street Studio School.

Before that, Reed got married to a guy who gave her Gonorrhea. It left her infertile.

I'm reading about Gonorrhea now. I've heard of it. I know it's an STD. But I don't know much about it.

Let's see.....

It's common.

In both men and woman it can cause infertility. Pregnant women can pass it on to their babies. In babies it effects the eyes usually.

In adults it can cause penis problems, vagina problems, anus problems, and throat problems.

This website says that in the United States, it occurs most frequently in teenagers and young adults. I wonder why that is? Is a youthful body more susceptible? Or are the young more likely to have multiple partners and unprotected sex?

Back to Sunday Reed.

She got married again to John Reed in 1932. She would have been twenty-six. That's how old I was when I married Tim. I wonder if Reed knew about her STD and that she was infertile. It would be sweet if he loved her despite that.

John Reed originally came from Tasmania. Later he ended up in Melbourne.

I wonder if John Reed is related to Oliver Reed. He was in that movie I watched recently.  Burnt Offerings. Lord Wiki says John's family spent time in the UK. I think that's where Oliver Reed is from. Some of the family might have stayed behind and made Oliver.

I'm seeing some kind of connection here on IMDb. Oliver Reed was a big fan of Errol Flynn. Where was Errol Flynn from? Tasmania! So maybe Oliver had affection for this actor because his long lost cousins were from Tasmania.

They might be related. They might not. If you think about it, we're ALL related. Right? We're all distant cousins of each other. If you have the same last name, it probably makes it more likely. The exception is if your last name has been changed. That's the case with my family.

In 1934, Mr. and Mrs Reed bought a dairy farm. It was in a suburb of Melbourne called Bulleen. It's north-east of the CBD. The Yarra river is there.

I'll look at Google Maps.

The Reeds named their farm Heide.

On the map, near the Heide place, there's a lot of green stuff....parks and golf courses.

The Heide farm eventually became an art museum. It's the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

I'll get back to that later. I hope. I might forget.

Before it became the museum, the Reeds opened their home to various artists. Many famous Australian paintings were done there. I'm imagining that museum is Mecca to people who love Australian art.

Sidney Nolan painted his famous Ned Kelly stuff there. I think I've heard of him. Yeah. I've seen his stuff before. I should add him to my list though. I'll go and do that right now.....

Oh. Lord Wiki has some juicy stuff.

He says Sunday had affairs with some of the artists. Her husband knew. I guess he was okay with it? Did they have an open relationship?

It's believed that Sunday helped Nolan with some of his work. Around 1946, Reed and Nolan had issues. Nolan stormed out, leaving his paintings behind. Oops. Lord Wiki says at first he said she could keep the paintings. Then he wanted them back. She gave him some of his stuff back, but not the Ned Kelly ones. She wanted to keep them for the museum.  In 1977, she gave them to them to the National Gallery of Australia. Lord Wiki says this resolved the dispute.

I look forward to writing about Nolan. He sounds like a complicated man.

Reed committed suicide ten days after her husband's death. That sounds kind of romantic, but I might be missing part of the picture.

That's about it for Lord Wiki. I'll have to explore elsewhere.

No wait. See? I almost forgot.

Let me go see what he has to say about the Heide Museum. OR...I guess I could visit the museum website itself. That might be a better idea.

There's a photo of a weird stuffed animal sculpture on the front page. Is that a rabbit?

Well, this page says the weird rabbit thing was made by an artist named Kathy Tenim. It's titled the Duck-Rabbit Problem.

Oh! I get it! I was going to say something degrading about modern art. But this thing is COOL. It's an optical illusion. You guys need to have a look at it and tell me what you see first....the duck or the rabbit. I'm going to ask Jack what he sees first. He likes optical illusions.

He saw the rabbit first. I had to point out the duck to him.

Anyway, if any of you people in Australia want to see her exhibit, it will be at the museum from 1 August until 8 November.

This winter and spring you can also see the photographs of Albert Tucker. He took photos of Melbourne in the 1930's and 1940's. Any of you Melbourne history fans will probably get great joy out of this exhibit. I like looking at old photographs. I saw a great photograph exhibit at The Museum of Sydney when we were there in 2007.

Starting in a few days there's going to be an exhibit about the Ern Malley hoax. I've not heard of this before, but it sounds interesting. Apparently two poets created a fake poet named Ern Malley and submitted his poems to John Reed's cultured journal the Angry Penguins.

Reed and his partner were so impressed with the poems that they dedicated a whole issue to the fake guy. When the truth came out, there was a lot of scandal.

Another exhibit coming soon is from a guy named Paul Yore. He takes colorful rubbish and turns it into art.

The museum is open every day except Mondays, Christmas, Good Friday, and Boxing Day.

The cafe is currently closed. It will open again in November. So make sure to eat before you go. No, wait. Never mind. They have a second cafe you can eat at.

The museum is free for kids under twelve. That's awesome.

You know, I don't see much stuff about the history of the museum. Maybe I will go back and read what Lord Wiki has to say about it.

In 2005 and 2006 they did a lot of redeveloping.

The farm house existed before John and Sunday Reed moved there. It was built in the late 1800's. They named it Heide though. They got that idea from a nearby suburb called Heidelberg. The people who named the suburb Heidelberg got that idea from a German town called Heidelberg. Heidelberg is one of the few cities in Germany not heavily damaged by bombing in World War II.

Well, that's about it for that.

Where should I go now?

How about that Australian biography dictionary.....

Crap. They don't have an entry on her.

Here's a news article about Sunday Reed and Sidney Nolan.

A biography was written about Reed. The author, Janine Burke, alleges that Reed helped paint Nolan's famous paintings. She also says that Reed and Nolan had an affair. Nolan's widow isn't happy about these ideas. The widow says there is no way to prove these things. It's just speculation.

I wonder who is right here. Is Burke just making things up?

Burke says, It might sound far-fetched at first, but when you examine how closely they were working together you can see it was a very natural outgrowth of that.

I don't know. Burke could be right. She could be wrong. From what I see in this article, there's no real definite proof either way.

I'm seeing websites via Google saying that the new baby Sunday was named after Sunday Reed. Maybe Lord Wiki was wrong about it not being that. Or maybe Kidman and Urban later tried to deny it.

It was in July 2008 that all these websites carried news of the name thing. Then in 2009, Keith Urban announced it wasn't so. He says they named their baby after the day of the week. Supposedly he talked about this on the Ellen show.

I think ALL these theories (Reed, day of week, Scientology stuff, etc) are wrong. I think they named their baby after the ice-cream dessert. They didn't want people to think they were food obsessed, so they changed the spelling a bit.

Maybe I'll read about the dynasty that Sunday Reed was born into.

Her rich uncle William produced three sons and four daughters. Those would be Sunday's cousins. I wonder if she had a close relationship to any of them.

Maybe it's best if I just add some of the family to the list. It's too complicated to write about them all now.

Maybe I'll add Kate Baillieu. She looks kind of interesting. I'm not sure how she's related to Sunday Reed. I'm guessing maybe Sunday was her great-aunt?

There's a musical group named after Sunday Reeds. Here's their MySpace. Are they later going to tell us they really meant to name their band after the day of the week?

Here's one of their videos. It's a pretty cool song, but some parts of it hurt my ears.

If any of you in Melbourne are interested, they're doing a show at Yah Yah's on 30 July.

Well, I think I'm going to end this here. I'm sure we'll come back to the story when I get to the names I just added to the list. There are a lot of names on that list so it might be a long time.....


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  2. Peter,

    Thanks for the link. How did you end up finding my blog?

  3. Nice work Dina. I was interested because we used to live next door to Albert Tucker's sister and she had many of his paintings on her wall. Kate Baillieu should be interesting. She has been in the news of late. OMG, we visited Heide and I wrote about it spelt the name wrongly. So, put Heidi into the search box on my blog. Why didn't anyone tell me.

  4. Hi Dina! I have been reading your blog (from Australia), I'm not sure if you're taking the piss or just really love Australia. Either way I don't mind I think it's fantastic. Thanks heaps I have not been so entertained for ages.


  5. Christy,
    Dina is definately not taking the piss. She LOVES Australia and is doing a wonderful job on her blog of highlighting many of our colourful characters :-)

    Really enjoyed this entry. I knew hardly anything about her (aside from her name really). Bulleen is now a built up suburb in Melbourne. I can't wait to show you around Melbourne and surrounds!!!


  6. Andrew: lol about Heidi. Why didn't anyone correct you? Maybe they were trying to be polite? Or maybe they didn't know the correct spelling either.

    Christy: I really do love Australia
    : ) And I love doing the researching and writing. I'm glad you were entertained!

    Tracey: Hi!!!! I've missed you commenting on my blog! I hope you're feeling better. It's so funny. I just worked on a post yesterday about visiting Melbourne, and I said something about hoping you show us around.