Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hopefully This Is The Last One (Don't Read, Grethe)

I am REALLY obsessed with Lost right now. If this continues, I may have to make a fourth blog. But since my favorite scene involves Emilie de Ravin, and she's Australian; I feel, for now, I can sneak this onTO my Australian blog.

The main reason I'm writing this post is because I want to share some videos. Don't worry. They don't involve me faking an accent or singing.

Before I do share the videos though, I have more thoughts.

It's about all the unsolved mysteries of Lost. There's a lot of fan anger/annoyance towards the writers because they set up all these questions, and failed to answer them. I'm not really bothered by it.


A) I was skeptical pretty much from the beginning about them ever answering these questions. I lost almost all hope when I saw the cave with the names.

B) My real life is FULL of unanswered questions. I'll probably never find out the answers. So in that way, Lost feels so realistic to me.

Okay. I'll shut up, and share the videos now.

1. This is a hilarious video about Jacob and the Man-in-Black....probably funny only if you're a Lost fan...or used to be a fan (before the finale). This is a great video for those of us who wish that Jacob and the Man-in-Black got the emotional reconciliation scene that all the Losties got in the finale.

2. This scene made me cry (pretty hysterically) the first time I saw it. Now I'm totally addicted to it; and I keep watching it. It features Kate, Claire (the Australian!) and Charlie. If you're a Lost fan, you've already seen it...probably. If you're not a Lost fan, you might be able to still appreciate it. It's an emotional birth scene with tear-jerker music. I think birth scenes always make me cry....and also pregnancy test scenes (like the one in Friends).

There are three things in the scene that especially get to me.

A) Kate when she first remembers. I love the expression on her face.
B) Claire cutting Charlie's hair in the flashback.
C) The fact that Charlie cries before even remembering. Is he emotional because of the birth scene, or was the actor (Dominic Monaghan) unable to hold it together, because the scene is so damn beautiful?