Friday, January 7, 2011

Pudding Fiasco

I dreamed about pudding last night; not in the British or Australian sense, but the American-type.

I'm actually not sure what pudding is in Australia. Do Australians even use that word?

I know in the UK it's just a general term for dessert. In America, it's a custard. 

Oh. I'm super dumb this morning. Do they use pudding in Australia?  What a question. I just Googled, and Google was kind enough to remind my absent brain of The Magic Pudding.  

Thank you, Google.

Anyway, here is my dream.

I'm with my parents and two Australians.   We're walking, maybe towards home (or where we're staying).  I'm carrying a package of pudding.  My dad has bought this for our dessert.  I'm a little embarrassed that this is all we're having for dessert.  The pudding package has the word American on it.  I apologize about the dessert choice. I joke around that my dad is making us eat a product labeled American because he's afraid I'll turn Australian. He's afraid the Australianness of our guests will rub off on me.  The Australians don't seem very amused or interested in my joke.

We go in and sit at the table.  I start eating one of the puddings.  I then notice that I'm eating, and my guests are not.  I served myself, and not them.  I'm very ashamed and embarrassed.  I go to the refrigerator to fetch some puddings for them, but there are least not of the type I'm eating.   There ARE puddings from last night. It's chocolate with green glitter-like sprinkles.  I feel weird about serving something different than what I'm eating.  Worse though is that I find there's only one leftover bowl of pudding.  How can I feed both of the Australians? 

What does that all mean?  

Well, it's probably saying that I'm rude, gluttonous, and greedy. Hey, but at least I tried to eventually fix things.

I also dreamed something I hardly remember.  I was walking on a bed....maybe jumping on it?  And I was thinking of Oprah's Australian episodes.