Friday, February 4, 2011

Stupidity From Many Sides

I saw this very messed up CNN map on Facebook.  I thought it was hilarious until I started reading some of the comments.  Apparently since someone working on CNN was incapable of creating a decent and accurate map, this means all of us Americans are really stupid.  Now some people were just tickled, like I was.  That's fine. We all need a good laugh right now.   Many people blamed CNN, and that's very fair.  They should have done their research.   Their mistake was embarrassing and shameful.  But other people took it as an opportunity to be hateful towards all Americans.   Sharlene Donnolly said, Damn americans! Just proves they know nothing about the rest of the world.  Jamie Van Bruggen said, that is just disgusting from the american ppl FOR SHAME AMERICA.

I am probably better with an Australian map than most Americans, BECAUSE I am so obsessed with Australia. But before my passion began, I would have had no idea where to find Queensland.  I don't know why I'd need to know it. There are MANY states in this world. I can't know the location of all of them.  I tend to know things on a need-to-know (or want-to-know) basis.  

You know a few months back, an Australian blogger shared what he knew (or believed) about the United States.  He got some things wrong, and I remember some Americans acting somewhat annoyed by his mistakes.  I thought it was a bit ridiculous. Why should an Australian know so much about American states?  Why should an American know so much about Australian states?   

And further more, why should a whole country be blamed for the mistakes of one news channel?

I like what Angela Ulka said, I find it more hilarious that the entire country of Americans are being blamed for a geographical error on a global news channel, when it was probably some copywriter that works for CNN that made the error. Looks to me that Americans aren't the only ones suffering with the ignorance disease.

Back to geography.  I won't say anything against the commenters who were just joking. They're just having fun.  But for the hateful THEY know where every state and country in the world is located?  Are they geography experts?  Could they get high scores on this test?   How about this one?   And are they really that smart when it comes to the Oceania?