Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tracey, Michelle, Twitchy, and Rabbits

I have found myself in a crazy coincidence story.  Twitchy explains it on her blog.  But I'll try to give my side of the story as well.  

This is hard.

Where do I start?

Maybe I'll start with the current events, and then go to flashback.

A day or so ago, Tracey left a comment on my Facebook update saying she had a small-world story about my friend Michelle.  Tracey sometimes takes awhile to email, so I figured I might have to live with the mystery for awhile.

A few minutes ago, I went on my Statcounter.  I saw someone coming from some Twitchy Corner site.  I'm always curious about where people are coming from.  Yeah, I'm a Statcounter addict.

I follow the link, and it's a blog.   Someone is talking about me.  Of course I'm vain enough to be excited about that.  What's even more exciting is Twitchy is part of the Michelle-Tracey story.   So I don't have to wait twenty million years for Tracey's email.

A few weeks ago, I commented on Michelle's blog.  Her post was about the Runaway Bunny.  Like I often do, I linked to Michelle's post at some point.

Actually....I'm not sure that I did.  I mean I link to her posts sometimes, but I don't remember linking to that one.

Regardless, Blogger insists that I linked to her post and seems to believe I linked to it over twenty times.  I know I'm a major internet stalker, but I'm not that dedicated.

Anyway, so Twitchy happens to read Michelle's blog too. She followed one of the million links to my blogs and started reading some of it.  

That's when she found a picture of her old friend Tracey. They had gone to school together.  

So Twitchy is friends with two of my friends, Tracey and Michelle.   Tracey and Michelle aren't friends (yet) but we all spent time together at the Sydney aquarium.  

The story in itself is pretty exciting.  But what makes it more amazing to me is I feel a spiritual connection to both Tracey and Michelle.   With Tracey, it's a mysterious shoe thing.  And I dream about her and her family a lot.  With Michelle, it's all about how we met.  I've told the story a million time, but I'll tell it again.

I met Michelle in Darling Harbour, at the playground.  We chatted a bit.  I wanted to be her friend because she was nice, we had a lot in common, and she had an Australian accent.   I was too shy though.  And what kind of tourist tries to be friends with random people at the playground?

We went our separate ways.

Then a day or two later, we went to a playground at Moore Park. She was there again. We decided it was fate and exchanged phone numbers.  

I'd like to think all four of us are destined to be friends.

You know what would be cool? If someone else reads my blog and knows Twitchy, Tracey, or Michelle.  Maybe we could have a massive coincidence here. 

Oh!  and what if a talk show is interested in AUSTRALIAN talk show?   What if it's interesting enough that they'll pay for my family and Michelle's family to come to Australia.

I'm going to have lots of delusional fantasies about this.