Friday, September 9, 2011

Kondoot, Toilets, Singing, and the Tawny Frogmouth

1. Felt a bit emotional after watching the rest of Rio

I was surprised they didn't play the Peter Allen song.

But oh well. The movie was still great. And I listened to the song afterward.  

2. Found a new blog via Kondoot.  Caramaena is like me in that she has one husband, one son, and two cats.

I liked her video on Kondoot; maybe because she actually talked. I've seen videos on Kondoot where people just stare at the camera for a minute or so.

People keep adding me as a friend on Kondoot. I was getting an excessive amount of email notifications. I wish they were adding me because I'm so damn appealing; but I think it is more about them wanting lots of friends so they can feel popular.

I'll still keep accepting the friend requests, but I turned off those email notifications from Kondoot.   It was getting out of hand.

Last night I had one of those moments where I decide to humiliate myself on Kondoot.  I did singing videos. They were pretty bad. Then there was one where I felt I started well. But then Mu Shu started attacking me. I was wrestling him (while singing) to prevent myself from being bitten. 

I think Mu Shu hates my singing.  

3. Learned about a toilet, in an opal mining area, from Red Nomad Oz's blog.  Actually, it's a dunny.   I think a dunny is equal to an American outhouse.

She has a picture of the dunny, and it's something I wouldn't want to use unless I was incredibly desperate.

I'm very picky about my toilets.

Actually, I think you could easily call me a toilet snob.

I liked all the comments Red Nomad Oz received, because it made me see I'm not the only one picky about toilets.   Andrew said, Where is the not like button?   Jane and Lance Hattatt said, Mental note......Australian Opal Mine to be struck from visiting list!!! 

Fruitcake came to the conclusion that it was BYO.  I'm guessing she's referring to toilet paper.

SFlaGuy says, What you need Down Under are a few more buildings so you can use the alleys like we do here in South Florida.   Then down a bit more he said, I'll just use the Starbucks. We have at least two on every corner. 

I greatly appreciate stores that have toilets.  

4. Went to Tallygarunga.

Today I'm going to read the continuation of the Reade and Arti story; Silence is Golden. This is the one where Reade has his doctor's appointment.

There's two new posts in the story thread.

5. Started to read.

Reade is drowsy from the drugs.

Later the two teens sleep together on the couch.  They're very much in love.

6.  Saw that I have another anarchist as my Australian of the day. This guy's name was John Arthur Andrews.  He was also a journalist, poet, and prisoner.


I wonder if he resisted arrest.   Did the police have to use force against him? Or did he come peacefully?

7. Learned that John was born in Bendigo, Victoria in 1865.

His parents were both from London.

In his young adult years, John worked for the department of mines.  He did that for four years, but was then fired for disobedience.  I wonder what he did; or didn't do.

After that, John got himself into journalism; and he got involved with the Melbourne Anarchist Club.  He was a fan of communist-anarchy type stuff.

8. Learned that John was arrested for publishing something called A Handbook of Anarchy. He endured three months of prison for that; and five months more for a libel thing.

9. Wondered if my post today will be very short.

That would okay because yesterday's post was very long.

10. Started to watch Grace Sander's video "Life of a Leaf".

It features an alligator xylophone.   

The xylophone kind of makes my head hurt; but I love Grace's singing.

11. Thought it was cute that Grace had a koala sign on her wall.  I kind of imagined only overseas tourists buying something like that.  I guess Australians sometimes buy it too.

12. Started to look at more of Arthur Chapman's Australian birds Flickr set.   

This Leaden Flycatcher looks contemplative.  

Here he looks angry.  

13. Amazed by this Powerful Owl.  

14. Liked the patterns on this Spotted Pardalote.

Lord Wiki says it's one of Australia's smallest birds.   He also says it's rare to get close enough to identify the bird.   So, Arthur Chapman was lucky to get his photos.   Maybe he has a good telephoto lens?     

15. Sang again on Kondoot.  I think I have an addiction to performing and making a fool of myself.

16. Thought about how I shouldn't be overly skeptical about Kondoot.  There could be some people on there who are actually looking for new friends and not just faces to add to their account.

17. Started to look at more bird photos.

This Little Pied Cormorant is cute.  He kind of looks like a penguin.  I wonder if they're related.  

18. Consulted Lord Wiki.   The Little Pied Cormorant isn't related to the penguin; except for the fact that they're both birds.  Well, that counts for least.

19. Decided that in this photo, the Little Pied Cormorant looks much less like a penguin.  

But then in this picture he does look like a penguin again.  

20. Tried to remember if the Tawny Frogmouth is the bird that I thought looked like a lizard.  

21. Consulted Lord Wiki.   He says it is the bird.  And it's also the bird that's mistaken for an owl.   In some pictures, the guy looks like a reptile.  In other pictures he looks like an owl.  

He's pretty tricky.  

22. Liked the Tawny Frogmouth get-together.   Maybe they're having a party...or a meeting?   Maybe they're voting on whether it's better to look like a reptile or owl.  

23. Wondered why the Tawny Frogmouth isn't more famous among tourists. Why isn't it one of the animals we think of when we think of Australia?   

I think they're a bit underrated. 

Maybe they're better known among the locals?  

24. Thought of the animals that Americans associate with Australia.   It's probably kangaroo, koalas, emus, and the platypus.   Those are the main ones.  Then coming after that is probably wombats and wallabies. 

I think the Echidna is less known.   I'm not sure if Americans associate parrots with Australia. I don't think I did until I became obsessed.

25. Remembered the dingo.  That's probably another animal that we think of when we think of Australia.

26. Failed to turn off email notifications from Kondoot.   I unchecked the notification thing,  but I'm still getting the emails.   Oh well.  The friend requests have slowed down; so it's probably okay.