Friday, July 27, 2012

Found Some Photos

Today I was able to find photos of detention centres.

Yesterday I didn't look hard enough. Well, because I just looked up Villawood. Sorry about that. I'm feeling stupid, negligent, and least in this instance.


Today I plugged Australian Detention Centre into the Flickr keyword thing.

The photos are from the Perth Immigration Detention Centre.  

I can't say I have 100% faith in the photos. The Flickr account belongs to the Australian government's Department of Immigration and Citizenship. I'd rather see something from an independent party. But still. It's something, at least.

In the photos, the centres look very nice. It's like a hostel not a concentration camp.

OUR house is a huge mess.  It's quite disgusting, actually.  There's dust. Toilets have rust stains.  There's clutter everywhere.

We live like this on a regular basis. We're slobs.  But most guests to our house wouldn't know this.   When the threat of guests is imminent, we clean like maniacs and we shut certain doors.  

This could be the case with the detention centre. It might look awful on most days and looks great on picture day.

OR it could be nice everyday.

There are so many conflicting stories. It's hard to know what's what.

Anyway, I just looked and saw the government Flickr account has lots of sets and lots of photos.

I shall be looking at them.

After seeing these photos and reading all these different opinions, I'm back at square one.   I have no idea what to believe or which side I lean towards.    I think the only way I'd have confidence in my opinion is if I did one of those mystical body switch things. If I could live the life of an asylum seeker— see what he's fleeing, see if the situation is absolutely that distressful, and then see what it's like in the detention centre. Then maybe I'd know the truth.  

Yet even then I wouldn't have the whole truth. One person's story might not be a good representation of all the stories out there. 


  1. The photos are a good find! I'll grant you a mystical body switch in an Australian detention centre if you agree to also try one in an African refugee camp.

    I'm relieved to hear about your clutter and dust. I'd like to think clutter is low on my list of irritants, but then this house might get worse. I'd like to say "stuff" is just "stuff", but I would be a hypocrite. Bugga.

    Would you like to borrow an 83 year old Aunt for a week? She's a lovely lady, but keeps doing things. She generates such a great deal of guilt she's like a stereotypical Jewish Mother. Let me tell you, it's exhausting doing nothing these days.

    She makes a mean lemon meringue pie. And chocolate date slice. And all the parts of a meal finish cooking at the same time.
    When she does the shopping she brings home stuff that's on special, like family assorted cream biscuits.

    She takes a hint really well too. Today I pulled some elastic out of the sewing basket and in ten minutes she fixed a fitted sheet. It would have taken me an hour to re-read the instruction manual for the sewing machine.

    I'm not sure I share many of her genes.

    She's going to stay with her daughter over the weekend. I hope she finishes the ironing before she goes.

  2. Fruitcake,

    Of course I'll do the African refugee camp. I want the whole package!

    But hey...can I have the aunt-for-a-week and the body switching magic? Or do I have to choose one or the other?

    I'm so impressed by the sewing skills.

  3. I think we're all relieved to hear about your clutter. I was just thinking today what a slob I am. No -actually what it was was I was reading this article online for single women - it was how to not scare away potential suitors (when you bring them home). And on the list was "make sure your house don't look worse than his."

    well nevermind about that... Fruitcake's aunt sounds super cool..particularly the cooking bit.

  4. HappyOrganist,

    Well, hearing that people feel relieved about my cluttered home makes ME feel relieved.

    I think we should clone Fruitcake's aunt.

    Although I don't think you're that different from her.

    If we can't clone her...and there's only one out for rent. I think I need her more than you.