Friday, July 6, 2012

Gillard Vs. Rudd

Today I'm watching the February 27 episode of Q and A.

The show was broadcast the day that the Labor caucus people voted to keep Gillard rather than bringing back Rudd.

Someone in the audience suggested that Australia have primaries like America.

Let the people choose the leader of the party. 

Does that work well though?  

Yes, it's strange for a country's leader to change overnight.   It's very bizarre to me.   And I'm sure it feels crazy to many Australians. They may feel betrayed and frustrated, especially if they're Labor voters.

Honestly, I feel a bit exhilarated.  It's great drama, and fun to watch from overseas.  

I did feel sad for Rudd, though.  And I do wish he remained as Prime Minister. 

How would primaries be better though?

As some panelists point out on the Q and A program; it's a mess.

There's mucho dinero wasted on political advertising, most of it full of false promises and nastiness. 

I think people want to see unity in a political party.  We want to see the members getting along. We want them to use their energy coming up with brilliant policies that will save the world. We don't want them wasting their time and our money fighting with each other.

Having primaries isn't going to make that happen.

I remember the primaries for the 2008 election. Hillary Clinton and Obama were at each other's throat.  They each tried to make the other look bad, so they'd get our vote.  Then suddenly, the election is over and they're working together.   We're supposed to forget all the bad things they said about each other.  

I would guess that democracies are better than most dictatorships.  But they're far from perfect. 

Yes, the people get to choose.

But we're choosing kind of blindly.

I mean politicians aren't the most honest people.

They tend to be power-hungry. They'll say what they can to get elected. They'll avoid saying truths that might make them lose their job.

As much as I love Q and A, it gets frustrating at times because the politicians act so much like....


They dance their way around the questions. 

Labor party people like Penny Wong and Bill Shorten speak very much in support of Gillard. They almost seem brainwashed.

But they're not brainwashed. 

Well....probably not.

What they are, though, is trapped by the need for power.

They won't speak bad of Gillard because Gillard has the power.  People don't want to lose favor with the one who holds and distributes the cards.   

That's the thing with love and support. When money and power is on the table, you can never know for sure that the love and support is genuine. 

It MIGHT be genuine, but you never know....until decades later when they write their tell-all autobiography.

But no.  Having primaries...I can't imagine how that would make things any better.  People would still pretend to be friends, then hate each other, then go back to being friends, etc. 

There would still be backstabbing.

There would still be lies and false promises. 

There would still be an emphasis on interpersonal political drama over policies and issues.

There'd still be ass-kissing. 

I'm thinking we should just give up on politics and leaders. I think we should stop arguing over issues.

We should just rely on randomness.

We can flip a coin.

Carbon tax or no carbon tax?  Heads or tails.

Fix the poker machines?  Heads or tails.

Gay marriage? Heads or tails. 

Republic or stay loyal to the Queen? Heads or tails.  

Give more support to the environmentalists or logging industry? Heads or tails.

The winning policy would stay in place for six months.  Then someone could flip the coin again.