Sunday, July 8, 2012

Malcolm, Adam, and Steve

Today I'm watching the March 12, 2012 episode of Q and A.

I'm ten minutes into it, and already loving it, because one of the panelists is Malcolm Turnbull.

I think he's number one on my list of sexist Australian men.  Or he might be tied with John Waters.

Turnbull brought me to tears with his Adam and Steve story.

It got me thinking about whether there are real gay Adam and Steve couples out there.  Well, I guess it's a stupid question. Of course there are.

I guess there are also a few Adam and Eves.

I'm wondering if there's a lesbian equivalent.  Eve and.....

I can't think of any.


Eve and Michelle popped into my head.  I don't know why.

I have more to say on the show though.

Tanya Plibersek, another one of the panelists, annoyed me.

They were talking about Bob Katter's homophobic political add, the one accusing Campbell Newman of supporting gay marriage. Turnbull said the add was helpful for Anna Bligh who is MORE left than Campbell Newman.  Well, because the main players in the fight are Labor and the Liberal Party.   If you damage the reputation of the Liberal Party, you're helping the Labor party. And that's kind of funny if you're more to the right than both of the parties.

Although really...Newman ended up winning.  So maybe HE was the beneficiary of Katter's ads.   I think the majority of people support gay marriage. So I don't think the ads had the effect on people that Katter was hoping for.


Back to my point.

Tanya Plibersek accused Malcolm Turnbull of caring more about the ads effect on the political parties than on homosexual people.

I think that's a bunch of BS.   Obviously, prejudice ads are going to hurtful and offensive.   I think Turnbull understood that and is sensitive to that.   I think he was just pointing out that, on top of the ads being offensive, they were also quite silly in terms of political strategy.  

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