Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lovely Australia and Lovely Adelaide

I love this quote from Bill Bryson's In a Sunburned Country

Adelaide is the most overlooked of Australia's principal cities. You could spend weeks in Australia and never suspect it was there, for it rarely makes the news or gets mention in anyone's conversation.  It is to Australia essentially what Australia is to the world-a place pleasantly regarded but far away and seldom thought about . And yet is is unquestionably a lovely city.  Everyone is agreed on that, including millions who have never been there. 

I love it because I think it's a spot on description of how Americans tend to view Australia. 

I'm not sure if the rest of the world sees Australia that way.

I see it as more of an American thing.  But what do I know of the other countries? 

It's funny to imagine that Australians might feel that way about Adelaide. I'm wondering if it's true.

It makes me think of that line on Lost directed towards Sayid: He's our you.  

People who watched Lost will know what I'm talking about.

People who didn't....

Well, it's too hard for me to explain. 

I'm wondering if Australians have an Australia—a place they don't often think about, but when they do think about it, the thoughts are positive. They'd vaguely like to go there one day but don't have any exact plans. 

I guess it's silly to imagine all Australians would have the same Australia. It might be different for everyone. And some might not have one at all.

And for Americans, not everyone's Australia is Australia.

I mean....mine's not anymore.

I think about Australia often.  Usually the thoughts are positive but not always. My plans of going there stopped being vague dreams and become a reality.

Now I'd say my Australia is probably....

Maybe Iceland? 

I know nothing about that place really. But it seems lovely. 

It would probably be too cold for me.

I think that's about all I know about Iceland. It's cold. And there's volcano ash shooting out of it sometimes.