Monday, October 13, 2014

Liking Vegemite

I thought more about what I was thinking about in my last post.

I came up with an example involving Australians.

So my feeling is this: It's okay, if I meet an Australian, to make the guess that they probably like Vegemite.  It's likely my guess would be correct. However, there's a chance I could be wrong.

What's not right is to insist they must like Vegemite, or to say that if they don't like Vegemite, they're not real Australians. I mean joking about it is one thing. Fine. But if I was serious, that would be nuts, rude, and wrong.

It would also be rude if I had a friend who told me they didn't like Vegemite, but then I went ahead and bought it for them when they came to visit. But you're MUST like Vegemite.

Well, I could have just forgotten. Yeah. But what if they told me multiple times, and I refused to listen and accept it? That wouldn't be nice of me.