Thursday, January 22, 2015

Say Lou Lou

Today I'm going to learn about the musical duo Say Lou Lou.

I know them from their song "Hey Julian".

I already learned a few things about them, because I had to Google to figure out whether or not they are Australian. I thought they were, but didn't have 100% confidence.

When I looked them up, I saw that they're from Sweden and Australia. Originally I took that to mean that one member of the group was Swedish and the other was Australian. But then I read more carefully and saw that they're twin sisters. I guess it could have been a Parent Trap type situation—each twin raised in a different country.  I think, though, that it's more likely that the twins (together) lived in Sweden some of the time and Australia another time.  Actually, I think I read that this was the case. Again, I'm not 100% sure. I didn't look at anything in detail.

The other thing I saw when skimming through the information is that one of their albums is called "Lucid Dreams" or "Lucid Dreaming". I thought that was fitting...just for me personally. Because I have lucid dreams about Julian McMahon. And the song I know from Say Lou Lou is about a Julian. 

OR maybe it's not just me personally. Maybe there are other people that have lucid dreams about Julian McMahon. Yeah. It seems to me that it would be statistically impossible for me to be the only one.  Well...I guess it depends on how common lucid dreams are.  At the very least, his family and friends should be having them. 

I've been trying to find out how common lucid dreams are, but am not having luck. This website has some ideas, but I don't think there's anything scientific about it. I think it's just someone's opinion. 

I think lucid dreams are hard to qualify and quantify. I'm not even sure about my own dreams. I say they're lucid, but I'm definitely not fully lucid in the dreams. It's more like I'm partly lucid. An example would be I'm in my bed and realize I'm dreaming. Or actually it's more along the lines that I get the idea I can leave my body, travel through the window, and have an adventure. I struggle to remove myself from the bed without waking up. So I guess I do understand that there is sleeping involved.  But later when I wake up, I realize my bed wasn't my real bed.  My house wasn't my house, or it looked different from my real house. But in my dream I wasn't lucid enough to realize this.  

I do have some dreaming moments that might better qualify as being truly lucid. There are times where I'm very meta-cognitive and ask myself questions to connect my dream self to my waking self. And there are lucid moments where something scary is happening, and I force myself to wake up to escape.

I also have times where I know morning/wake up time is approaching and I'm anxious and regretful about having to leave the dream. 

Anyway...enough about my dreams.  Or enough for now. I'm sure I'll find excuses to ramble about it more later.  But in the meantime, I should get onto learning about Say Lou Lou.

I'm going to start with Lord Wiki.

He says Say Lou Lou is made up of twin girls who were born on June 7, 1991. They're exactly ten years older than one of my nieces.

The names of the twins are Miranda Anna and Elektra June. Then their last name is Kilby-Jansson.  The Kilby comes from their father, Steve Kilby. He was (is?) a member of the Australian band The Church.  Jansson comes from their Swedish mother, Karin Jansson. She too was in the music business. She's known for a band called Pink Champagne.  

I'm mildly familar with The Church.  The song I'm familar of offhand is "In an Unguarded Moment". The funny thing is I'm more familar with a cover of the song. Someone sent it to me on a mixed CD.  

I'm looking at my massive Aussie Spotify list.  I have six songs from The Church. Only one sounds familar by title ("Under The Milky Way").  If I listened to the others, they'd probably sound familiar. 

Yeah. I just listened to bits and pieces. They all sound a little familiar.  I don't love any of them. I don't think they left much of an impression on me. I listened to the Spotify list a lot, but often not knowing who sang what. Then every so often I will suddenly bond with a song. And then in those cases, I'll often find out who sings it.  

Lord Wiki says Say Lou Lou released their first single in 2012. Then in 2013, they formed their own record label.

Lucid Dreaming is their first album, and it hasn't come out yet. It's going to be released in February.

Their first single was "Maybe You".  

Their Julian song is called "Julian" not "Hey Julian". But I think in the lyrics they say Hey Julian. That's why I got confused.

I'm feeling a bit dumb right now.


I'm going to watch some Say Lou Lou videos. I guess I'll start with the first, "Maybe You".  

There's a person swimming in the ocean; then a tunnel, a tree, and then a woman wearing just a bra. Or maybe it's a bikini.  She has an interesting mole on her back. 

I was thinking this song sounds familiar. It turns out I have it on my Spotify list. I just never noticed.

I don't know If I'm very attracted to the song or the video.

Well, actually I think I do kind of like the song. The video is boring to me, though.

There are two women in the video. I wonder if they're the Say Lou Lou twins. Or they could be other women. Models? Actresses?

Now I'm going to watch the Julian video

I'm being warned that I'm about to see explicit content. Will there be naked people?

The beginning of the video makes me dizzy.

Then there's a dead woman. I think? Her eyes are all red. Or maybe she's alive. I can't tell.

Again, I think this is another case where I like the song better then the video.

So far, there's no naked people. The most explicit thing has been a kiss. You might not think a kiss would be explicit. But they get really close up and then we see an exchange of saliva. I think it's a bit graphic. To me, it's not a big turn on. Other folks might disagree.

I'm wondering about the meaning of the song. They keep talking about crossing the border. Crossing the border to where? Or what?

I'm looking at comments for the video. Several people mention a remix of the song by Chainsmokers.  I'm going to watch that...or at least listen to it.

It's pretty cool—more upbeat than the original.  

Lord Wiki says the Chainsmokers are American, and they're the ones who created the song "Selfie". 

I don't know which version of "Julian" I prefer. I guess I like both. Or maybe I like the Chainsmokers version, just because I'm now going to associate the first one with the video. And I didn't like the video. I think the video might have ruined the song for me.  Maybe that's why I don't often like watching music videos.  Sometimes the video adds to the song for me, but I think often it detracts from it.

Here's Say Lou Lou's Facebook page. I think this is what they use for their official website. Lord Wiki linked to it, and they also link to it from their Twitter.   

Their most recent Facebook update right now is from January 19.  They have a song posted called "Games for Girls". The beginning of the song is a bit repetitive, but I like the song. It's fun.

A few days before that, they posted the cover for Lucid Dreaming.  It reminds me of their videos. There's an aura of We're SERIOUS and SEXY.  I'm not a big fan of that look.

On December 12, they posted a photo of themselves with the same color hair. The caption says,  And some people don't believe we're identical twins...ha!  Usually, the twins have different colored hair, so they don't look identical. But anyway, it's hard to know, because sometimes fraternal twins look very much alike. The example that comes quickly to my mind is the Olson twins. They looked enough alike to play the same character on a TV show, but they're not identical.

The Say Lou Lou twins have that whole smoldering thing going on, which makes me think of Friends. You know when Brad Pitt was hating on Rachel, but she mistook his hate for smoldering.  

I'm learning today that I don't find smoldering to be very attractive. I prefer a warm smile or silly happiness.  I guess seriousness is sometimes okay. But not sexy seriousness. Maybe I like seriousness that is thoughtful or mildly angry. But righteous anger—like someone angry because they don't like how their best friend is being treated. It's like Callan Mulvey on Rush, when someone has mistreated one of his fellow officers.  

Now I'm going to look at Say Lou Lou's Twitter.  Their most recent Tweet is from 8 hours ago. It's in response to a guy named Chris Gray. He suggested that they listen to Tori Amos's album Scarlet Walk.  They Tweet back. Our little sister is named after that album.  So I guess little sister is named Scarlett. Or...Walk. Is there anyone out there named Walk? I bet there is. Somewhere.

I'm going to sound a bit picky now, but...oh well. Chris Gray's Tweets kind of annoy me. First of all, I don't like it when people tell me to do something.  He Tweets, Listen to Tori Amos' Scarlett's Walk right after PJ Harvey's Stories album. Real treat. When people say things like that to me, I feel they're being pushy and bossy.  But then how else should people recommend things to me? Why am I so intolerant?

Maybe I'd like it better if they say things like I highly recommend. Or You might like. Or I'm wondering if you'd enjoy.  That all sounds less confrontational than me.

The other thing that Chris Gray says that bothers me is his response to Say Lou Lou's Tweet about their sister. He Tweets, That's so cooooootee! Your entire family must live on beautiful dreams that leak into reality.  

I don't like when people make assumptions, especially based on so little. Naming your child after an album doesn't guarantee that you have a wonderful dream-like family. There could be awful abusive parents who name their kid after an album.

Maybe it's the word "must" that bothers me. Maybe if he was less definitive about the whole thing, I'd be more tolerant.

On January 19, Say Lou Lou Tweeted about a song called "We Float" by PJ Harvey. They say, it's one of the best songs they know.  The title reminds me of Stephen King's It.  I think the victims of Pennywise the clown say something like that.

It's nice though that they're promoting something on Twitter that's not their own product. Most of their Tweets though are self-promotion. The recent ones are specifically about Lucid Dreaming. 

There are some other things, though.

On December 22 they quoted from Nietzsche. You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.  I like that quote.  It reminds me of a book my cousin sent to me.

Shit. I forgot the name of the book.  But it was about people who are intense in various ways. It talked about how people become confused and depressed because their ideas and beliefs are threatened. But this is actually good, because in the end it makes us smarter, stronger, better, etc.

In a way, it's good for our soul to be tormented. I don't mean by other people. Not abuse. But the stuff we inflict on ourselves. The guilt, the doubt, the fear...the discovery of our own hypocrisy.

I was hoping to find a Tweet about lucid dreams; not the album, but the actual dreaming thing.  And here. On December 3, Say Lou Lou Tweeted, This year has gone by so fast, it's almost like we just woke up from a very lucid dream!  

I have lucid dreams and time goes by very fast for me. I've never connected the two.

I'm wondering if I've ever had times in real life that felt like a lucid dream.

I don't think so. And I'm pretty sure that I've never felt that the life-flies-by times in my life were like a dream.

On November 24, Say Lou Lou Tweets, Why do Germans put curry in everything?  That's not something I've ever noticed. Though I haven't had much German food in my life. We've had German food at Disney World. I think that's about it. And I don't eat the meat stuff. Maybe the meat has curry?

Lord Wiki says there's a German fast food called Currywurst. It has curry.  I'm not sure if other German food usually has it. Maybe in actual Germany, there's a lot of curry in the food. But exported German food has less of it.

On November 10, Say Lou Lou shared one of their dreams on Twitter. dreamt that we were in a strange hotel in a foreign city and had to choose between our vinyls and could only pick a few each.

Vinyls are records, right?  I wonder which ones they chose. Or maybe that was never revealed. I have plenty of dreams that leave me in suspense.

Here's an article about Say Lou Lou, but at the time they were known as Saint Lou Lou. Lord Wiki mentioned that name, but I failed to mention it. I'm mentioning it now.

The interview includes a photo of the girls with their smoldering look. They're hanging out with two dogs.  The dogs aren't doing the smoldering thing. They're doing the I'm-sad-and-need-a-cuddle thing. Otherwise known as puppy dog eyes.

The article says, Named after a great aunt who was “just really mean” (older-by-four-minutes Miranda’s description), Saint Lou Lou makes dreamy electropop that brings together two elements of late-’70s disco: huge, sweeping emotions and lots of synthesizers. 

At first I was confused when reading that, thinking the twins were named after the mean aunt. I was thinking, but WHICH twin.  But now I realize they're talking about their music group name.

Their parents divorced when they were babies, so that's one of the reasons they split their time between Sydney and Sweden.  I say one of the reasons, because if their parents stayed together, there'd probably be time spent in each country. Although I guess in those cases, more time is often spent in one country more than the other.  I guess the family usually lives in the homeland of one of the parents, but then sometimes they go to visit the other country.

This article says the twins are NOT identical. So I guess on Facebook, they weren't saying they were identical. They were saying they look identical.

At the time of the article, the girls lived in neither Australia or Sweden. They were sharing an apartment in London.  I can't find a date on the article, so I don't know when this was happening.

The article says Miranda has brown hair and prefers Sweden to Australia. Elektra has blond hair and prefers Australia. I wonder if they both have fun and interesting dreams. I wonder if they're really interested in lucid dreams, or they just like the idea and/or sound of it.

Here's another interview. This one too has a smoldering photo. I'm guessing, though, that this is par for the course when it comes to magazine interviews with female music celebrities.

The article says they speak English to the crew and stylists, but then to each other they'll speak Swedish.  I think it would be cool to be bilingual.

The twins hug each other a lot and hold hands. That's sweet. I think family affection is nice. I'm thinking again of Friends.  A few days ago, we watched the episode where Monica is led to believe that she and Joey are eating dinner with a brother and sister, but they're actually lovers, and that leads to some fun misunderstandings.

The interview asks who is Julian? I was wondering that as well. There's no real answer here. One of the twins says, It’s such a romantic name! Like Dorian.  So why didn't they go with Dorian?

The twins didn't dress the same when they were growing up.  Elektra liked red. I guess a lot, because she says her nickname was Electra Red. Miranda likes navy and black.  It also says here that Elektra is the more extroverted one. I think that kind of fits. I picture red being the color for an extrovert, and black being a color that an introvert would prefer.

The twins say they weren't very close when they were young, but the music brought them together.

They have different skills when it comes to singing.  Miranda has a higher voice. Elektra can sing the low stuff.  I'm not good at singing the low stuff.  I try and I fail.  So I relate more to Miranda there. And also I relate more to Miranda in the whole less-extroverted thing. I'm much more introverted than my two sisters.

It says here that they shared an apartment for only two months. Then they both went to live with boyfriends.

As for shoes, Miranda prefers flats and Elektra prefers heels.  Another instance where I'm more like Miranda.

Maybe there should be a Miranda-Elektra personality quiz!

Now I'm going to watch a video interview with Say Lou Lou. I'm excited to hear what they sound like when they're talking.

Ah! They're smiling. And now they look cute to me. They look sweet and natural. I think that's so much better than the smoldering stuff.

Miranda says there are certain connotations to being a female twin. She says, just because you're a girl and twin; it doesn't mean you want to have a three-some.  

I don't think I ever saw anything sexual about female twins...until I saw Say Lou Lou. Before I heard Miranda say all that, I was thinking that there's something rather kinky about the two of them.  I think they're projecting a sexual image.  Now it could be sexual in terms of sexiness towards others. But I also see a sexiness directed towards each other. They might not want a threesome, but from looking at them, I kind of get a different feeling.

OR maybe it's me and I'm the one projecting ideas onto what I'm seeing. It's possible, because we're in the midst of watching American Horror Story, which features a threesome involving twins. They're conjoined, so they don't have much of a choice in the matter. If we weren't watching American Horror Story, maybe I wouldn't have seen something kinky about the Say Lou Lou twins.

Again, though, the American Horror Story twins have to have threesomes because they can't take a break from each other. I've never gotten a sense that they were sexually attracted to each other. Yet with Say Lou Lou, I do feel like there's a bit of flirting going on.

I wonder if there's been many cases of twin incest. I don't even know how common sibling incest is.  I wish there was some magic button I could press that could give me all the statistics— How many people have lucid dreams; how many people have lucid dreams about Julians; how many people have lucid dreams about Julian McMahon, specifically; how many siblings are doing incest with each other; how many twins are engaged in incest with each other; how many twins are not doing incest, but are tempted by it.

The Internet has answers, but unfortunately it doesn't yet have answers to everything.