Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Michael Dorman, Bucket Lists, Irukandji, and Magnesium Sulfate

1. Dreamed that my almost-Australian cousin wrote a blog post about how children's Tylenol can help with weight loss.

Maybe I got that from the venom-medicine stuff from Reef Doctors.

Medications are complicated. They can have benefits for multiple problems, but they almost always have a danger or bad side effects.  

2. Started watching another episode of Reef Doctors. I'm super excited, because guess who I saw in the credits?!
Michael Dorman!!!  He might be one of my favorite Australians.

3. Saw Michael Dorman and thought he looked a bit like Christopher Walken.  I think it's his haircut.

4. Recognized another one of the guest stars on Reef Doctors.  I looked up the actor. It's Christopher Morris.  IMDb says he was on six episodes of Offspring, most in the first season, but then also in one episode of the last season. He played Brendan Wright. I'm not sure who that was, but I'm guessing it was Nina's ex-husband?  Though I don't remember him returning in the last season.  

5. Looked at the Australian television website. Yeah. From what they say...it seems I'm right about Brendan. 

6. Saw that Dorman's character on Reef Doctors is very different from his character on Wonderland and The Secret Life of Us.  He's much less sweet...more like a Barney Stinson type.

7. Started watching another episode of Reef Doctors.  Isabel Durant is a guest-star on this one. I know her from Dance Academy. What's funny is I remember seeing her name on one of my shows earlier this week, but I don't remember seeing her.  I'm guessing it was Reef Doctors.  It would be a coincidence if it had been The Saddle Club.

8. Looked at Isabel Durant's IMDb filmography. She was in the third episode of Reef Doctors, but it's classified as uncredited.  Maybe her role was very small on that episode?

9. Bored by ongoing subplot on Reef Doctors about diving for treasures.  

10. Saw Durant. She's playing a swimmer who's working on training stuff.

11. Thought more about bucket lists, because a guy on the show talks about having one.  He has MS, and doesn't expect to live a full lifespan.  I'm usually not a big fan of bucket lists, but maybe I feel differently if it's for someone who's terminally ill.  If someone doesn't have long to live, it kind of makes sense for them to figure out what they want to do during their last weeks, months, or years.  If there's no immediate threat to your life, and you make a list, I think it's....

I don't know.

What if you put stuff on the list and ten years later, you're no longer interested?

For example....If I made a bucket list a few months ago, I would have added the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. Now I'm really not into that anymore. 

I guess people can delete stuff from their list.

I think I believe more in going with the flow.

Maybe I also believe we shouldn't have a long list of wishes.  We're setting ourselves up for disappointment.  I think healthy people are better off having a gratitude list than a bucket list.  I would hope dying people would have a gratitude list as well, but maybe it's not a bad idea for them to also have a bucket list.  

12. Thought a bucket list for a terminally ill person would also qualify as setting up for disappointment if the list was unrealistic and/or unreasonable.

Wanting to go to Disney World or spend a week in Paris is one thing. Wanting to visit the capitol of every country or marry a movie star is not likely to come to fruition.  Well, the former might if the sick person is very wealthy, or has very rich and generous friends/family.  

13. Wondered if it was better to have a bucket ITEM instead of a bucket list...whether you are healthy or terminally ill.  Have one wish. Work on making it come true. Then if it does, consider making a new wish.  

I think if we can pick one thing we really want, then that means we truly have passion for it. If we have a long list, then do we really feel that passionate about everything on the list?

14. Started watching the last episode of Reef Doctors. After that, I'll choose my new show!

15. Saw, on the show, that they're putting up the stinger warnings on the beach.  

I think stinger season is November to April?

16. Saw from this website, that May is included as well. 

17. Wondered if any medicines could be made from Irukandji venom.  

18. Learned from this website that Irukandji syndrome is a nerve toxin that causes a release of both adrenaline and non-adrenaline.

The website says that the release of both these things causes a fight or flight reaction.

Is there actually something in our body called nonadrenaline?

19. Learned that we do have something in our body called nonadrenaline.  It is also known as norepinephrine.  Lord Wiki says it's used medically for people with low blood pressure.  I'm guessing they mean very low blood pressure. Moderately low blood pressure doesn't usually need to be treated.

20. Learned from Lord Wiki that in Alzheimer's disease, many of the cells that project the norepinephrine are lost.  So who knows. Maybe the Irukandji jellyfish will one day lead to alzheimer's treatment. How? I don't know. I'm not a scientist.  But I wish I was sometimes.

21. Started questioning my amateur science ideas. It seems they already have norepinephrine, because Lord Wiki says they use it to treat blood pressure. So why would they need to get it from the Irukandji?

Maybe it's the release of both chemicals that will lead to something.  What if you dialed down the Irukandji syndrome from 100% to 10%.  Maybe what's bad in huge amounts can be helpful in tiny amounts.  

22. Expected that someone is going to get stung this episode.  

23. Saw that someone probably got stung.

I'm scared. This is very suspenseful.

24. Terrified and felt a lot of sympathy for the victim and the people taking care of him.

25. Googled magnesium sulfate, because on the show they talked about using it for Irukandji Syndrome.

I found a study.  It says magnesium sulfate has become the standard of care, even though there's not much evidence to support its use. Well, and I think this is why they decided to do the study.

So...what did they find?

26. Read the conclusion. They found that magnesium sulfate didn't do any more than the placebo did.

That's kind of disappointing.

27. Got the idea that the writers of Reef Doctors disagree with the research. The patient on the show responded well to the magnesium sulfate. 

28. Finished Reef Doctors.

29. Went to Random.org to pick new show.

It's Neighbours!!!!

I'm so happy!

It will be so nice to get back to Ramsey Street!

I'll start that on Thursday.

Tomorrow might be a The Saddle Club marathon.