Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bribery, Positive Cancer Patients, Neighbours Villains, and Wentworth

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

2. Felt bad for Clem (Max Whitelaw). His dad (Steve Nation) is bribing him with expensive sports trading cards. 

I had thought maybe Clem might be the kind of person who likes bribes, but it seems to be not the case. Clem ripped up some of the cards and then threw all of them into the trash.

Gifts are nice, but not when they're used as leverage. 

3. Bothered by Georgia's (Saskia Hampele) attitude.  

Naomi (Morgana O'Reilly) asks Georgia how her mother's doing—the whole cancer thing.

Georgia says her mother's being very positive which is half the battle.  She then says she's proud of her mother.

It makes me think about a book I read this year, which pokes holes in the whole positive thinking philosophy. One of the chapters was about breast cancer; and how women with the disease are pushed so hard to be upbeat.  

America...yeah. But I'm sure it causes problems in other countries as well. 

Back to Georgia's mother's cancer. If Georgia says being positive is half the battle, what does that say for women who died of breast cancer?  Were they not positive enough? Did they frown too much? Did they express too much fear? Did they FEEL too much fear?  Did they have the nerve to complain about not feeling well?

5. Felt bad for Clem again. He's starting to believe Terese's (Rebekah Elmaloglou) side of the story—that his dad attacked her. Not only that, but he also suspects his father assaulted Chloe, Clem's girlfriend.  

6. Thought Terese was a bit cursed. Two of the show's nastiest villains lately have been strongly connected to her. Nick (Damien Fotiou), the evil cancer doctor, is her brother. Clem was her former colleague.

7. Realized both people are also strongly connected to Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis)

Well, Paul Robinson became Nick's chemotherapy victim. He also played a part in the nasty bet involving Georgia and Nick. And he's the one who originally brought Ezra, Clem's father, to Erinsborough. 

8. Heard a song in the car; and thought the singer sounded like Kasey Chambers. I looked up the song and saw that it was sung by a Kasey, but not Kasey Chambers. It was Kasey Musgraves. 

9. Started watching another episode of Neighbours

10. Glad to see that Paul seems to be changing his mind about giving up Naomi.  

I understand that he has a rocky past when it comes to women, but maybe things would be different with Naomi. 

It bothers me that Sheila (Collette Mann) is so pushy about Naomi getting together with Brennan (Scott McGregor). Yes, Brennan ticks the boxes on SHEILA'S list, but I think he does less so on Naomi's list. Plus sometimes lists don't matter. Someone can tick all the boxes, and still things don't click.  

11. Started to watch another episode of Neighbours.

I'm getting close to Saskia Hampele's departure day. I think it's going to have something to do with Georgia's mother's cancer. But what?  Is she going to leave Kyle (Chris Milligan) for that?  And never come back?  

12. Felt Naomi and I were on the same page about relationships.

Brennan talks about working hard to make her happy. Naomi says it shouldn't have to be so hard. Things like that should come naturally.  

Well...maybe that's not exactly what I think.

Or do I?

I'm confused.

I do imagine that in the beginning of the relationship, there are going to be some missteps. Even if we're soulmates with someone, it doesn't mean we're going to automatically know what they like and dislike.

After awhile though, I imagine it should be easy for soulmates to make each other happy.  Two reasons: A) They know each other very well B) They have a lot in common.  

13. Thought of something else.  If someone loves you, it shouldn't take a huge amount of work to make them happy. Just being with you, in itself, should be a huge pleasure.  Within limits.  They might not be happy watching you watch golf all afternoon.  But then again. If you're a good match, maybe they'll love watching golf as well.   

13. Thought about how you can have a lot in common with a person but still not be attracted to them. 

There's that whole thing of opposites attracting.

Can opposites be soulmates...meant to be together?  Or is it just a mistake brought on my faulty chemical attraction?

14. Figured some opposite traits compliment each other, while others cause conflict.

15. Convinced my family to watch Wentworth. I think they liked it!  

Actually, I just wanted them to watch the trailer, but it seems Netflix doesn't have trailers. So they decided to try out the first episode.   

16. Realized something.

I think Hulu has the fun, happy, light-hearted shows about Australia. Netflix has only dark ones—as far as I know. There might be shows on there that I don't know about yet.  But the ones I do know—The Code, Wentworth, Rake, Underbelly.  They're all quite dark, and they don't give a very warm cozy image of Australia.

Hulu has some serious shows as well—such as City Homicide.  But it also has shows like Offspring, Wonderland, Neighbours, and Packed to the Rafters.

17. Remembered that Hulu also has Tangle. That's a pretty dark show. 

18. Decided the thing about Hulu vs. Netflix is that, in terms of Australian shows, Hulu has more balance and variety.