Saturday, September 5, 2015

Animatronic Law Breakers, Fighting For Love, Long Biographies, and Lonely Dead People

1. Decided that the next time we ride on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney World, I'm going to give the animatronic Johnny Depp a dirty look.

His attitude towards Australia annoys me.

Actually, the animatronic Johnny Depp has always annoyed me. I much prefer the old Pirates of the Caribbean ride. 

2. Started to watch an episode of Neighbours

3. Disappointed in Imogen's (Ariel Kaplan) negativity towards ukuleles, but happy that she is very supportive of Josh's (Harley Bonner) new male-dancing career.

4. Felt opinionated for judging Imogen's opinions.

5. Thought Daniel's (Tim Phillips) plans of fighting for Imogen are wrong.

Imogen is fighting against a romance with Daniel for the right reasons: A) He was engaged to her best friend B) He's now on the rebound C) He has a history of falling madly in love with someone...and then someone else...and then someone else D) In the past, he made it sound like he could never like as more than a friend.

I think Daniel should back off with the romance stuff and just be Imogen's friend—at least for the next few months. Then, after that, maybe he can pursue the romance thing.

6. Hoped that maybe this is what Daniel meant by fighting for Imogen. Maybe he's going to fight by giving her what she wants for now: Friendship.

7. Started watching an episode of Water Rats

8. Saw that there's an American-Australian actor in this episode. His name is Kevin Copeland.  He has a very long and detailed biography on IMDb.  I'm kind of skimming through it. 

Copeland studied acting in Los Angeles; then fell in love with a Qantas flight attendant.  That's how he ended up in Australia. 

9. Thought the biography sounded like one of those best man speeches at a wedding—the ones that go on a bit too long and gets somewhat too personal.

Or maybe I'm just not used to reading long biographies on IMDb, especially from people who aren't very famous.

10.  Saw that there's another American-Australian on this episode. Josephine Byrnes.  She was born in Connecticut. 

Her accent doesn't sound very American to me. I was confused. She and Copeland are playing presidential secret service people. But when she started talking, I thought she sounded more Australian than American. I thought maybe the American secret service man was temporarily partnered with an Australian security professional. 

11. Tried to figure out why I don't like Kevin Copeland's bio page. I shouldn't have a problem with people who write long things, since I'm definitely one of them.

I think, though, that the IMDb bio page is not the place for it.

If Kevin Copeland wants to share his life story, it's better done on his own website.

On IMDb, it kind of looks unprofessional.  

I think short IMDb bios are preferable. 

If I was going to rewrite Kevin Copeland's bio, I'd take out about 90% of it. I'd probably just leave the part about how he ended up in Australia; and I'd mention that he had a full frontal nude scene in Muriel's Wedding. 

11. Checked the word count of Kevin Copeland's bio.  It's 1063 words. 

In comparison, Catherine McClement's bio is only 188 words.

Aaron Jeffery's is 34 words. 

12. Saw that Johnny Depp has a fairly long bio page. But at 570 words, it's still much shorter than Copeland's. 

13. Started watching another episode of Water Rats, though, I'm not sure I'll finish it, because we're at the lake house.

It depends what activities are happening this evening. 

14. Tried to have sympathy for the man (Jamie Jackson) who recently lost his wife, but I'm finding it difficult.

First, he takes his wife to a dangerous underwater cave thing to show her a lake. Fine. He probably thought it would be okay.

It wasn't

She ended up dying.

I'm not going to much blame on the husband for that. Sometimes people think things are safe enough, and it's not always their fault that they end up being wrong.  

But then....

The police were sent down into the cave to retrieve her body. They tried their best, but ended up getting into a dangerous situation, themselves. Terry Watson (Aaron Jeffery) ended up unconscious down there. They had to pull him up too fast, and he needed the decompression chamber.

The body of the dead woman went into a place where they couldn't reach her. The husband was upset about this.

I can understand people expecting the police to rescue their LIVING relatives. But dead ones? I mean, of course anyone would help if it's not too dangerous.  Why, though, should the police put themselves into extreme danger for the remote chance that they could retrieve a corpse?

What does the man think, that his dead wife is going to be lonely deep down in the water cave?  Is that his belief in the afterlife—that your soul lingers near its body and can't escape?

Well, maybe he does believe that. And maybe it's true. Then I'll feel bad for the woman. At least in a cemetery, dead people can talk to the other dead people. Unless their soul can't get out of the coffin.

If it can get out of the coffin, though, then couldn't we say the woman in the water cave could escape the cave?

Or is there some kind of proximity rule?


The other thing is, the husband than tricks the police into going on the radio. They think it's for a normal public-interest kind of interview, but instead it's a ploy for the man to be able to publicly interrogate the Sydney police about his wife's body being left in the cave.  

15. Realized that this guy, from Water Rats, reminds me of Mitch Pileggi. 

Well...not so much in the screenshot.

I hate when my screenshot doesn't support my opinion.

16. Played Australian Celebrity QuizUp. 

I kept getting actors from Neighbours, but I don't know them.  It makes me feel left out.  Or maybe it makes me feel like a failure. Like...If I was a REAL Neighbours fan, I wouldn't be ignorant about so many years of the show.