Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blink, Vomit, Three Days, and Quick Recoveries

1. Inspired by a comment from Andrew to find Malcolm Turnbull's speech on video.

Andrew says I need to watch Turnbull's eyes as he says "humble".

I'm going to do that now.

I'm wondering if hearing the speech actually spoken will make the word "humble" seem less ridiculous...or more.

2. Watched Turnbull say "humble". He bats his eyelashes. Is that what Andrew wanted me to see?

3. Realized Turnbull is probably just blinking. He does that a lot.

Now I'm going to be obsessively watching people's eyes to see how much they blink.

I probably wouldn't even have noticed Turnbull's eyes if Andrew hadn't mentioned them.

4. Wondered if Turnbull was blinking more than normal in the video.

If he was, it might have been because he was tired. In the beginning of the speech, he apologized for keeping everyone up so late.

5. Hoped that Turnbull never meets up with a Weeping Angel. He wouldn't last for long.

6. Wondered what time period Turnbull would end up in if he was attacked by a Weeping Angel.

7. Felt bad about imagining Turnbull zapped into another time period.  Because I watched more of the speech and he says, There has never been a more exciting time to be alive than today. And there has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian.

He might get mighty unhappy if he's sent back into the past.

8. Wondered if most people share Turnbull's opinion.

I probably do. What Turnbull was referring to is technology, and that has brought great things into our lives.

I don't think everyone would agree, though. Technology has also brought bad things into our lives. If an individual has found more grief with technology than happiness; they'd probably want to regress in time. They'd probably long for days when there was no Facebook, Twitter, iPhones, Netflix, etc.

9. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

10. Disgusted by graphic Daniel (Tim Phillips) vomit scene.

He has an allergic reaction, and throws up all over Brad's (Kip Gamblin) shirt.

However, I'm glad it happened.

Brad was being so unfriendly and difficult towards Daniel.

Plus, he's been a jerk lately, in general.

11. Thought that this was the most graphic vomit scene I've seen on Neighbours.

Or maybe there was a graphic vomiting scene when Paul (Stefan Dennis) was on chemo?

I think maybe the actual vomit was NOT shown, but then later we see Paul's clothes looking wet.

12. Enjoyed looking at the 1 year Off's blog post about the Flinders Ranges.

I especially love their photos of Brachina Gorge. It's stunning!  I think this might be the first time I've heard of it.

Maybe we'll go there, if and when, we return to Australia.

13. Nervous!

I went to watch another episode of Neighbours. From what I can see, all Neighbours episodes expire in three days.

What the hell does that mean?

Is it a glitch?

Is Hulu removing Neighbours?        

I'm going to be so sad. Maybe depressed.

I hope I'm misinterpreting something.

14. Looked at Coronation Street and Packed to the Rafters.

They don't have the same message.  

So, does this mean it's true? Is Neighbours leaving Hulu?

15. Felt sad.

I Googled Expiration and Hulu, and the Hulu site says this DOES mean the show is leaving.

16. Felt abandoned.

17. Fought back tears.

18. Looked at the Fremantle Media page on Hulu. They're the ones who provide Hulu with Neighbours.

Am I going to face the loss of all the Fremantle Media shows?

19. Saw that the other Fremantle Media Aussie shows aren't threatening to abandon me.

20. Wondered who I should blame for kicking me out of Erinsborough. Is it more Hulu or more Fremantle Media?

21. Decided to blame Paul Robinson.

22. Wondered if I should just stop watching today.

What's the point of continuing?

But I think I'll keep watching.

Maybe the powers-that-be will change their mind and Neighbours won't vanish.

23. Started to watch another episode of Neighbours.

24. Told myself that the Doctor and Clara Oswald will help me through this difficult time.

25. Decided to blame Malcolm Turnbull.

He becomes Prime Minister and disaster strikes.

Maybe the guy is so humble, he doesn't realize he has sinister powers. Maybe every time he blinks, there's some kind of pop culture tragedy.

Watch out.

He might blink away Daryl Dixon.

26. Felt that Sonya (Eve Morey) was TOTALLY speaking my mind when she said, I know that it sounds horrible. But I just wish...I wish there was somebody to blame.  I wish there was something to help make sense of it all. It's just so unfair, Karl.

See? She's upset about Neighbours leaving Hulu too!

Okay. Not really. She's talking about her husband being paralyzed.  But still. The speech can be applied to both situations.

It can be applied to lots of situations, actually.

27. Thought it might be better to remove the Karl before applying the speech to other situations.

But I think it sounds better with his name in there.

28. Wanted to say, if there's anyone reading this who's angry that I dare compare the loss of my TV show to a paralyzed man; don't give me grief.  Catastrophic soap opera injuries rarely last.

Toadie (Ryan Moloney) has a much higher chance of recovering from his spinal injury than I have of being able to continue watching Neighbours.

I'm pretty sure Toadie will be fine in a couple of months.

It's too bad I won't be around to see it.

29. Felt bad for minimizing Toadie and Sonya's problems.

Sonya looks so sad and stressed.

Even though I'm pretty sure Toadie will be fine very soon; the next several weeks is going to be hell for them.

30. Wished people having real life medical disasters would have quick soap opera style recoveries.

31. Wondered if there has ever been a soap opera character who's been permanently disabled by an accident.

Is there any character out there whose paralyzation, blindness, deafness, amnesia, etc. wasn't temporary?

And I don't include characters who have always been disabled—such as Izzy on Coronation Street.

I'm talking about people who have a catastrophic injury; worry about never recovering; and they actually do not recover.

Does that ever happen?

I think in real life it does, but soap operas are a different story.

32. Went to the Triple J 2014 list; and appreciated that it's not threatening to disappear in three days.

33. Decided instead of comparing my problem to a woman with a paralyzed husband, I will compare my TV show problem to the victims on The Ring.  Remember when Samara called them, and told them they had only seven days to live?  This is totally like that. (except I have less days)

34. Decided I should be thankful that a swamp girl isn't going to emerge from my television set.

I'll keep that in mind when I'm missing Erinsborough.

Sometimes you have to remember to count your blessings.

35. Tried to find an official video for Hilltop Hood's "Walking Under Stars", which is the 57th song on the Triple J List.  But I can't find one. Malcolm Turnbull probably blinked it away.

36. Listened to a user uploaded recording of the song.

37. Liked the song.

38. Had issue with some of the lyrics.

And a tiger don't apologise for being tiger

Really? How do they know that? Do they speak Tiger?

I don't think they do.

39. Predicted that Hilltop Hills also doesn't speak Koala, Poodle, or donkey.

40. Started to watch a Neighbours backstage video.  This one is about the return of Janelle Timmins (Nell Feeney).  I didn't know who that was at first. But then I saw her, and now I remember. She was involved in the bake-off thing.

41. Learned that Janelle Timmins was a Rebecchi before she got married.

I guess she was Toadie's sister? Or maybe cousin?

42. Learned it's not cousin or sister. Janelle is Toadie's aunt.

43. Didn't know if I will continue watching the backstage videos once I can't watch the actual show anymore.

Watching the videos might make me feel still connected.

On the other hand, it might be better to make a clean break.

44. Felt this song.