Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Regrets, Water Rats, Mistakes, and Scary Music Videos

1. Started watching an episode of Neighbours.

2. Liked this quote from Daniel (Tim Phillips).  I don't believe in regrets. I refuse to look back and wish things were different. But my problem right now is looking forward. I don't know what to do next.

The only thing is, it actually sounds like he's saying, I believe in regrets. Or at least that's what I'm hearing. But judging from the context, and Daniel's personality, I'm assuming he's saying he does NOT believe in regrets.

I like what he's saying, because I also don't believe in regrets. I try not to regret things, because we never know if a "mistake" we made in life brought us the stuff in our life that we love now.

The future thing makes sense to me too. Sometime it can be really hard figuring out what we're supposed to do...or what we want to do.

3. Realized I don't always follow my advice of not having regrets. I've been reading my old posts lately—from May 2011. I had been trying to decide whether or not to go to Australia in the next few years, because of the rising Australian dollar. We ended up going, and I've been regretting that. If we had waited, we could have gone this year when the dollar is down.

Also, I don't think I was in the best head space when we went in 2013. In some ways, I don't think I was ready to go back. Emotionally...speaking.

But we did go, and some of it was really lovely.

Maybe it was meant to be.

Also, it's probably always easy to regret taking a trip, because the trip is now in your past rather than your future.

4. Felt I am in a better headspace now, and it would be cheaper now to go. I think I'd enjoy myself more.

However, it would probably be too hard for Tim to take off work. Plus, we've started doing a more formal homeschooling curriculum. It would be hard to take time off from that. So, not going then, doesn't guarantee we'd be going now.

Also, who knows what would have happened to us if we didn't go to Australia in 2013. Our lives could be a total mess right now. We could even be dead.

So yeah. I agree with Daniel, although I don't always follow it in practice.

Don't regret the past. It happens for a reason. Or at least it's brought us to where we are today.

What if we don't like where we are today? Well, that might be a bump on the road to a much better future. Or not. Unfortunately, it doesn't always turn good for everyone. That's when you hope for an afterlife. Then you can at least hope heaven, or the next incarnation, has improvements.

5. Saw Daniel kiss Imogen (Ariel Kaplan). I like them together.

6. Saw Brad (Kip Gamblin) treat Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) like crap. As usual.

I don't like them together.

7. Started watching Water Rats.

I'm worried I won't like it.

Hopefully that won't be the case.

It probably won't be. I usually like Australian action-dramas.

Though maybe I'm jinxing myself by saying that.

8. Recognized one of the guest stars, but I don't know where I know her from. I can't look it up, because I don't know her character name.


I think I know who I'm thinking of.  The woman from All Saints. Well, one of the nurses. She wanted to become a doctor. I think her name was Steph?

I doubt it's her, though. It might just look like her.

9. Found the name of the All Saints actress. It's Kirrily White.  She wasn't on Water Rats.

10. Realized that the woman on Water Rats really does not look like Kirrily White.

I don't know what I was thinking.

11. Thought that the not-Kirrily-White woman is ridiculous. Catherine McClement's character asks her about terrorism. NKW says they're in the business of stopping terrorism, not causing it. When asked what she means by terrorism, she mentions things like testing nuclear weapons and destroying the ozone layer.

Just because we disagree with a practice, it doesn't mean it's terrorism.

Terrorism is specifically causing purposeful harm or fear while having a political agenda as our motivation.

12. Figured that testing nuclear weapons could lead to an act of terrorism, but the testing itself isn't terrorism.

13. Found out character's name is Ms. Ritchie.

I can't find it in the episode credit list, though.

Interestingly, Catherine McClements isn't listed on the episode either.

IMDb isn't always perfect.

14. Figured out why I'm not seeing the right name.

I have the wrong episode.

Am I not watching the first? Or am I looking at the wrong place on IMDB?

15. Found out I was looking at the wrong episode on IMDb!  So IMDb may not be perfect, but I'm even less so.

16. Found out the actress playing Ms. Ritchie is Kelly Butler.

I've seen her on Wonderland and Puberty Blues. I don't remember seeing her on those shows, exactly. But I trust that I did—since I know I watched those episodes, and I recognize her.

17. Saw that I saw Kelly Butler very recently! She was on Packed to the Rafters. She played Medusa. I think that's the bitchy advertising receptionist, who turns out to be not so bitchy after-all.

18. Thought that Samuel Johnson is very brave.

He took a bite out of a live Huntsman spider, even though he has arachnophobia.

He did it for a dare, related to his quest to ride a unicycle and help fight breast cancer.

19. Felt bad for Samuel Johnson—that he was pushed to do something that made him so uncomfortable.

I also feel bad for the spider.

20. Finished watching the first episode of Water Rats. I didn't dislike it. but I'm not really into it yet.

21. Decided to watch another episode.

Hopefully, I will form a bond with the TV show soon.

22. Recognized a guest star in this episode.

He looks very familar.

He kind of reminds me of Max Ramsey on Neighbours, but his hair is blondish-red instead of black.

23. Decided I'll try to figure it out later. It's easier when I have a character name.

24. Found out the character's name is Jimmy.

Now I can probably find the actor.

25. Saw that the actor is Andrew S. Gilbert.

I think he's a character actor—has been in several things.

26. Saw that he was in The Librarians. I would have seen him in that.

That's probably about it...for me.

27. Thought that Andrew S. Gilbert sort of resembles Ryan Corr.

I can't really explain why or how.

28. Thought storyline on this episode is similar to a current one on Neighbours.

On Water Rats, Jimmy (Andrew S. Gilbert) has just gotten out of prison. Who put him there in the first place? His own brother, who's a cop.  If I understand things correctly, another one of Jimmy's brothers was helping out by giving his wife money.

It reminds me of the Brennan family on Neighbours. Tyler Brennan(Travis Burns) is in trouble with the law. Mark Brennan (Scott McGregor) is a cop. Aaron Brennan tries to get Mark to not be so rough on Tyler.

29. Thought that Rachel's (Catherine McClements) husband sounds awful. When talking to their son, he refers to his second wife as the kid's mother. Then he refers to Rachel as Rachel, instead of referring to her as the kid's mother.

Then again, I refer to Tim as Tim when talking to Jack rather than saying "Dad".  But I never had the purpose of trying to manipulate Jack into thinking Tim wasn't his father.  I don't know how it started, really.

I think Jack calls Tim by his first name as well.

I think they both call me mom.

Sometimes it feels weird when Tim refers to me as "Mom". For example, if he said to Jack, Does Mom want to go with us?  I feel like he's saying I'm his mom—like I have two sons.

So that's probably the main reason I say Tim instead of Dad. Otherwise I think it might sound like Tim is my dad.

30. Looked at text from MY dad. He said, You will need to respond to Mom. Normal people say these things. When it comes from my own parents, it doesn't sound weird to me. But when it's with Tim, Jack, and me; it doesn't sound right.

So now I have a child who calls his father by his first name.

30. Started to like Water Rats.

It's getting interesting.

31. Recognized an actor on Water Rats.

He finally said his character name, so I was able to find the actor. It's Peter Mochrie.

He was on Neighbours thirty years ago.  He played Peter Kirk, a guy who was interested in Julie Robinson (Vikki Blanche). I vaguely remember him.

32. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to the 37th song, which is "I Want U" by Alison Wonderland.

33. Started to watch the video for "I Want U"

34. Thought that the video was kind of freaky.

Maybe it's about possession?  Alison Wonderland is on a bed kind of bouncing around like Regan MacNeil, before they tied her down. And there are nuns acting strange as well.

35. Saw a long hotel hallway, which makes me think of The Shining.

36. Would not want to watch that video if I was home alone at night.

I can kind of imagine that it's going to end up making me scared tonight.

37. Started to watch a Neighbours backstage video.  This one is about the tornado.

That episode scared me a bit. The tornado didn't bother me so much. What scared me was Lou (Tom Oliver) choking, and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) giving him the emergency tracheotomy.  I get worried about stuff like that.

38. Learned that Tim Phillips and Jenna Rosenow wore wetsuits under their clothes, so they didn't get too cold in the rain.

I think it's fake rain?

I wish they talked more about how the rain is created.

39. Had an idea.

Maybe the backstage video segments should feature other people besides actors. Maybe the writers? Special effects crews. The prop people?  Hair and Make-up.

I think that would be interesting.