Thursday, September 10, 2015

Returning, Matt Day, Sophie Karanicolas, and Crying Actors

1. Dreamed that, I watch a classic Australian movie starring Maureen McCormick. Then I end up trying to write a sequel that shows what happens immediately after the original movie, ends.

I think the movie was along the lines of stuff like Picnic at Hanging Rock, and The Getting of Wisdom.

As for Maureen McCormick, I'm not sure my dream was saying the movie had an American in it. Or if in the dreamworld, McCormick was supposed to be Australian.

2.  Thought of Michael Fuery's sequel to Picnic at Hanging Rock, because of my dream.

I read that a few years ago. I still haven't read the original book or seen the movie. I've seen clips, though.

3. Started to watch an episode of Neighbours.

It aired on July 31—Harry Potter's birthday. Yeah. I notice things like that.

4. Surprised!

Georgia (Saskia Hampele) is on Neighbours today.

I totally didn't expect that.

I'm guessing it's just a guest appearance, but it would be wonderful if Hampele changed her mind, and now she's coming back.

5. Decided it wouldn't be wonderful if she was blackmailed into coming back, or if she had to come back due to financial desperation. It would be wonderful only if she wanted to come back.

6.  Started to watch an episode of Water Rats.

7. Learned from QuizUp that Hans Hulsbosch is an Australian graphic designer.

8. Learned from Lord Wiki that Hulsbosch designed brand identities for Qantas, Woolworths, Taronga Zoo, Virgin Australia, etc.

He's a pretty big deal!

9. Started watching another episode of Water Rats.

10. Saw from IMDb that Matt Day is in this episode. I know him from Rake, Reef Doctors, and Tangle.

11. Saw that Nash Edgerton is in this episode.  I'm guessing he's Joel Edgerton's brother. Or cousin?

Have I encountered him before?  I think I might have.

12. Saw that Nash Edgerton does a lot of stunt work.

He did stunt work for his maybe-brother in The Great Gatsby.

13. Looked at Edgerton's IMDb bio.

He IS the brother of Joel Edgerton. There's some Star Wars information that sounds familar to me. I think I might have learned all this before.

14. Saw that Marshall Napier is in this episode.

I know him from McLeod's Daughters and City Homicide.

15. Saw that Matt Day looks quite young on Water Rats.

It makes sense, since the episode aired nineteen years ago.

16. Calculated that Matt Day would have been about twenty-five when the episode aired.

The most recent show I've seen him on is Reef Doctors. He would have been around forty-two then.

17. Learned more about biological tissue from The University of Adelaide.  Today's professor was Sophie Karanicolas.  Her voice reminded me of Judi Dench's voice on Spaceship Earth.  I know one has a British accent, and the other an Australian.  It's just something else that's familiar.

Well, I guess it makes sense, actually. If you change accents, you usually still have the same voice.

18. Looked at Sophie Karanicolas University of Adelaide page.  She teaches/works in the dental hospital. I'm not surprised.  Karanicolas used the dentist hospital and a man's mouth to illustrate some of her tissue lesson.

19. Saw that there's another Sophie Karanicolas out there in the world. This one lives in Canada, and, from what I see on Twitter, she's into the macabre—Jack the Ripper, ghosts, Dracula.

She also supports girl-power.

20. Excited to see that my Triple J 2014 song for today is a Vance Joy one—"First Time".  It's the 50th song on the list.

Is it the first time I've heard this song?

I don't know.


21. Started to listen to "First Time".

It doesn't sound familiar to me.

22. Liked this song less than other Vance Joy songs I've heard.

23. Started to watch a Neighbours backstage video.

This one is about the wedding/well disaster.

It looks like Olympia Valance is narrating.

24. Learned from Stefan Dennis, that when there's a busy-filming day, the actors read books.

Or some of the actors read books.

Or at least Stefan Dennis reads.

I've been trying to see what book he's reading.  I keep pausing, and missing. I think it might be a John Birmingham thriller.

25. Saw the book. Finally!

It's not John Birmingham.

It's Hunger Games: Mockingjay.

26. Liked how Olympia Valance said they were filming a sad scene, and that she hoped she wouldn't tear up.

Sometimes I ask myself how actors are able to make themselves cry. But what I also wonder is how, in certain scenes, do they NOT cry?

Take this scene from Lost. It's made me cry several times. I know I'm not the only ones.  If fans, can't watch the scene without crying, can't I assume it's difficult for the actors as well?

27. Thought about something that really gets to me. It's when the character is crying, but I feel it's REAL tears from the actor.  Well, I know actors usually do use real tears. But in these cases, I don't  feel the actor is crying about their favorite dog who died or they didn't get into the acting school they preferred. I get the idea they're crying about the show.  I especially get these ideas during series finales...or sometimes season finales.

28. Saw that Imogen and Daniel weren't alone in the well! There were film crew people down there with them.

Yeah. Of course my logical brain already knew that.

It's just....

Well, the whole suspension of disbelief thing.

29. Wondered if suspension of disbelief would be the right terminology for forgetting about the camera crew.