Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Spring, Hearing Things, Regret, and Surrender

1. Had Australia-brain this morning.

I thought spring was approaching here rather than fall.

It was only for a split second, though. I wanted to know the first day of spring and was about to Google. Then I remembered that fall is coming, not spring.

2. Wondered if all countries in the Southern Hemisphere start their seasons on the first day of the month as Australians do. Or do they wait for the Equinox day like we do?

3. Consulted Lord Wiki about Spring. He says Australia and New Zealand see Spring as starting on September 1. He doesn't mention South Africa, but Google says it's the same. They start on September 1.

Lord Wiki says that some Americans begin Spring in February—either after a holiday called Candlemas or after President's Day. I never heard of that before.

4. Saw that Peta Credlin is top news this morning.

I feel stupid, because I have no idea who she is. I don't think I've heard of her before. 

5. Learned from this article that Peta Credlin was Tony Abbott's chief of staff. 

6. Thought that Peta Credlin sounded a bit up herself. The article quotes her as saying, People say to me You're really lucky to have the best job in the country', and I was like, 'There's no luck involved, I worked my guts out for six years to go from opposition to government.

First of all, luck is always involved. People with good luck work hard and have good results. People with bad luck work hard and get no substantial awards or benefits. Really. If hard work was guaranteed to bring good fortunate, all sweatshop workers would become millionaires.

Second, it sounds like Credlin is saying she's the one who pulled the Liberal Party out of opposition and in to government. Or am I misreading things?  I can imagine she played a part, but I don't think she did it single-handedly.

7. Wondered if I'm misinterpreting Credlin. Maybe what she means is she had to work very hard in order to be accepted as Abbot's Chief of Staff once he became Prime Minister.

Yeah. That's probably it. I hope.

8. Started to watch an episode of Review with Myles Barlow.

9. Thought I heard Brendan Cowell's voice on the episode.

Is he guest-starring again? Or is it just someone who sounds like him?

10. Looked at the credits for the episode.

Brendan Cowell didn't play the people I heard. One guy was Brad Jelfs, and the other was Duncan Fellows.

11. Wondered if I'm having Brendan Cowell delusions. Maybe every person is going to start sounding like Brendan Cowell to me.

12. Confused by sounds I was hearing on Review with Myles Barlow. Then I realized it was a commercial coming from another browser window that I had open.

I'm not a big fan of that kind of thing.

It's annoying.

13. Watched some of Mary Poppins with Jack.

It's hard for me to watch it now without thinking of the Australian author (P.L. Travers) and all the grievances she had about the film.

14. Remembered that I once wrote a post about P.L Travers. That was way before we saw Saving Mr. Banks.

While watching Mary Poppins, I didn't think about the woman I learned about while writing my post. I thought about the one I saw played by Emma Thompson. Though they're not two completely different people; I think they're also not quite the same.

It's just like movie Mary Poppins is somewhat the same person as the book Mary Poppins, but they're also quite different.

15. Decided we're all different people depending on who's telling our story.

16. Started to watch another episode of Review with Myles Barlow. 

The first segment is about paying for sex. They make it look much less glamorous than Satisfaction.

17. Liked that Myles Barlow gives sex with a prostitute five stars while it's happening, but then later moves it down to two stars.

18. Thought that pigging out on food is also like that. It feels great eating the two big donuts, but later there's usually regret...and sometimes a belly ache.

19. Wondered, though. If someone pays for sex with a beautiful high class prostitute, do they usually regret that?

I guess it would depend on various factors. Are they married? Are they seriously involved with someone else? Does it seem unlikely they'll ever have sex with someone without having to pay for it? What are their morals?  If they don't believe in sex without marriage, they're probably going to regret what they did.

20. Started watching another episode of Review with Myles Barlow.

This is the last episode for season one. After I watch it, I'll go to Random.org to pick my next show.

21. Finished watching the episode.

22. Went to Random.org to pick my next show.

It's Underbelly!

I imagine that's going to be interesting.

23. Saw that Hulu only has season two, so I guess that's what I'll be watching.

I think I already knew that about Hulu, actually.

24. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to the 69th song, which is "Surrender" by the Smith Street Band.

25. Thought about "Surrender" by Ball Park Music.

I like that song a lot.

I wonder if I'll like this other "Surrender".

26. Started watching the video for "Surrender"

27. Thought the singer sounded like a drunk man singing karaoke at a party.

It's cute, though.

28. Guessed that this type of singing was probably done on purpose.

Maybe it's supposed to be very casual.

29. Wanted to look for more Australians in American TV shows, but it's late—past my bedtime. I'm tired. I've had a very bad day, and I'm kind of depressed.

I'll do more searching for Aussie actors tomorrow.