Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Starting New TV Shows, IMDb Fun, Dominic Purcell, and Rarmian Newton

1. Thought that most of this blog post will be about Australians in American TV shows.

I'm not watching any Australian show today, because my rule is that I don't start my new TV show until two days after I pick it on

Why do I have that rule?

I don't know.

Actually, I do.

It's mostly to give me time to catch up on other shows. Then sometimes it gives me time to mourn the show I've just lost.

2. Decided that I liked Review with Myles Barlow. Sort of. I didn't love it. Sometimes I was bored by it. Sometimes I found it interesting.

But I certainly don't need to mourn it.

3. Went to the TV Guide fall preview feature.

The next show for me to look at is called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's about a woman who moves from Manhattan to Los Angeles.

Why is that supposed to be interesting?

I'm just wondering.

The star of the show is Rachel Bloom. I've never heard of her. Maybe she's Australian.

4. Learned from IMDb that Rachel Bloom is American, not Australian.

5. Looked at the cast list for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  I don't see any Australian actors I recognize.

I'll click on some names to see if there are Australians that are new to me.

6. Saw that Hans from Frozen is on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. He's not Australian, but I thought that was a fun piece of trivia.

Who is Hans? I'm guessing he was Anna's love interest.

7. Done with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I did not see any Australians.

8. Went to the next TV show. It's Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, starring Gary Sinise.

Any Australians?

9. Looked at the cast list.

10. Did not find any Australians on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders; but did see that Noah, from The Walking Dead, is on the show. That's kind of exciting.

11. Worried I won't find any Australians today.

12. Ate a Tim Tam.

I think I might prefer the originals over the caramel ones.

13. Looked at the next American TV show on TV Guide.  It's called Crowded.

I don't know if there are any Aussies, but there are some Yanks I recognize.

First, there's iCarly herself—Miranda Cosgrove! We used to love iCarly. 

Then there's Carrie Preston from True Blood.  I also know her as being married to Michael Emerson from Lost.

The premise of Crowded is a husband and wife that suddenly have their grown children and parents moving in with them. Sound a bit familar?

It's not exactly Packed to the Rafters, but there are some major similarities.

14. Started looking at the cast list for Crowded.

15. Found an actor that's not Australian, but he looks Australian to me. Ryan Dorsey.

Maybe he was Australian in a past life.

Sometimes people just have an Aussie aura.

16. Did not find any Australians on Crowded.

17. Looked at the next TV show. It's called DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Guess who's the star?!

Arthur Darvill!  No, he's not Australian, but he's from Doctor Who, and that's equally exciting.

18. Saw from IMDb that Legends of Tomorrow isn't starting until 2016. That's not exactly fall. Not to be picky, or anything.

19. Found an Australian on Legends of Tomorrow.

Dominic Purcell was born in England, but grew up in Australia.

Purcell was on three episodes of Home and Away in 1991.

He was on two episodes of season three of Water Rats.

He was on Heartbreak High.

I think that's it for the major Australian shows. Most of his work has been done in the US. He has a pretty extensive filmography.

20. Saw that Dominic Purcell is probably most known for Prison Break.

21. Saw another Walking Dead star popping back onto television—Sarah Wayne Callies, who played Lori Grimes.

22. Saw at least three of the stars of Legends of Tomorrow were also stars of Prison Break.

23. Added one to the three. Now I have four.

And there's probably more.

24. Moved up five....

25. Saw that the creator of Legends of Tomorrow is the same guy who created Prison Break.

I kind of guessed that.

26. Went to the next show on TV Guide.  It's called Dr. Ken. It's a family comedy about a doctor who's good with the medical bits, but not so good with the patients.

27. Saw a man in the cast picture who reminds me of Kevin Rudd.

28. Saw from the cast list of Dr. Ken that the Kevin Rudd guy is Dave Foley.  I remember him.

29. Thought that maybe Tim told me about this show.  I vaguely remember him telling me about an Asian actor who's also a doctor. And that's the case with Ken Jeong, the guy who plays Dr. Ken.

When we had the conversation, I brought up Jeremy Cumpston from All Saints. He's not a doctor playing a doctor, but he's pretty close. He's a doctor who played a nurse.

30. Looked at the next show. It's a thriller called The Family.  It's about a family who lost a child; then he returns ten years later. The thing is, they don't know if it's really him or not.  I guess they didn't save a DNA sample when the child was lost?

Maybe that's not usually done with missing children.

31. Found an Australian in The Family!

It's Rarmian Newton. He's from Melbourne.

Newton plays young Danny.  I'm not sure who that is—probably not the missing child, because Newton is in his twenties. And from what I gather from TV Guide, the child was supposed to be young when he got lost.

32. Saw that Rarmian Newton was in four episodes of Dance Academy—the second season. He played Michael Slade.

I don't remember him.

33. Learned, from Lord Wiki's cousin, that Michael Slade was a dancer from a Tasmanian school. He competed against the Sydney kids.

34. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to the 70th song, which is "Is it a Banger" by Odd Mob.

What is a banger?

Google says it's a sausage or a a bad car.

Oh! Yeah. I think I've heard the sausage one. Bangers and mash.

35. Could not find an official video for "Is it a Banger".

Or maybe this is official but isn't labeled official. I'm not sure.

36. Liked the beginning of the song.

37. Liked the sound of the song, though, not sure why he's so against the Lumineers.

I love the Lumineers.

38. Started to look at the cast list of the first episode of season two of Underbelly.

I plan to watch that tomorrow.

39. Saw Roy Billing's name.

I know him from Wonderland.

40. Saw that there's an actor from Water Rats—Scott Burgess.

I don't know if I remember him.

His name sounds familar, though.

41. Found a photo of Scott Burgess.

Now I remember him on Water Rats.

42. Recognized Damon Gameau's name.

I didn't remember who he was at first, but then saw that he was on Slide.

43. Saw Asher Keddie!

I think I knew she was on the Underbelly; or I least knew that some Offspring stars were also Underbelly stars.

44. Wondered from where I knew Matthew Newton.

It turns out he's from Farscape! He played the long lost son of Ka D'argo.

45. Saw Myles Pollard's name.

I know him from McLeod's Daughters.