Monday, September 28, 2015

The Fletcher Foster Kids, Anti-Minecraft, Teasing, and Outbursts of Anger

1. Had a confusing and irrational dream about Home and Away. I'm going to assume it was inspired by seeing Kate Ritchie on Underbelly.

First there was a dream with someone attacking someone else—maybe trying to murder them. I might have been the victim...or just an observer. I have no idea. I'm really confused.

Then, it turns out the attacker is one of the Fletcher foster kids. She's gone bad. Another fletcher foster kid cries out hysterically, saying something like, "We've lost her! We've lost her!"  I am agreeing with this sentiment, and concluding the foster kid has gone to the dark side. But then I remember she ends up with Ben, Julian McMahon's character. So, I get the idea things will be okay.

When I woke up, I had a hard time making sense of it all, because the Fletcher foster kid who cried out, We've lost her! looked very much like Carly. But then it was also Carly who had supposedly gone to the dark side, because she's the one who ends up with Ben. Though I feel the attacker seemed more like Bobbie Simpson.  From the little I remember, she had a Bobbie aura more than a Carly aura.

Later I was thinking, though, that the girl-gone-bad could have been Carly, because maybe the person who cried out was actually Carly's twin sister, Samantha. 

But no. It seemed more like Carly. 

2. Thought that another alternative interpretation is that maybe everyone in the dream was Carly. Maybe it was like that scene in Being John Malkovich, where everyone is John Malkovich.  

3. Remembered that I had another Australia-related dream.  I learn my dad likes the theme song to Wonderland. I let it be known that I can send him the song. But then he changes his mind about liking it. 

4. Annoyed by Kat Abianac's article about keeping tweens away from Minecraft during the school holidays.

She doesn't really explain why she's against Minecraft. I get the idea she's just against technology in general. She says,  In our technology filled environments, I hate the thought of my tweens spending valuable and limited holiday time sitting on Minecraft. So here's 5 hacks to get them off the couch.

I'm not against the idea of getting kids off the least for part of the holiday. Physical activity is a good thing.  But two of the not-Minecraft activities that Abianac suggests are coloring books and board games.

Really?! How are those activities better than Minecraft? Minecraft is an activity that involves creativity, problem solving, and in some cases, cooperation.  What does a coloring book provide? Well, I guess it's good for fine motor skills. But ever try fighting a hoard of zombies? That takes fine motor skills as well.

5.  Started watching an episode of Sea Patrol.

6.  Felt sorry for the new chef, Rebecca (Kirsty Lee Allen).  The guys tease her about her health-conscious cooking, and it turns out to be a bet over how long it would take for her to lose her temper and throw food. Then they tease her again during a training activity. She gets mad and breaks the rule about not touching your opponents. She gets reprimanded, and now some people on the ship are giving her the cold shoulder.

It's not that I support violent, angry outbursts. But it's not fair to tease someone with the purpose of making them have an outburst; then be self-righteous when it happens.

8. Saw that once again Alan Dale is playing a wealthy, powerful man. He played the same type of character on Lost, Ugly Betty, and Torchwood.  Those are just the ones I know about. There might be more.

9. Saw that James Stewart from Packed to the Rafters is on the next episode of Sea Patrol.

I'll probably watch that tomorrow.

10. Sang the Wonderland theme song...well, the bits that I know or pretend to know.

Then I decided, if I had a choice between Hulu bringing back Neighbours or adding more Wonderland episodes, I'd pick the Wonderland episodes.

11. Saw the very large saltwater crocodile at the zoo.

He (or she?) is pretty amazing.

12. Started watching an episode of Underbelly.

13. Saw that Chopper Read is a character in this episode.

I think I know who that is.

Or at least I know that Eric Bana played him in a movie.

14. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to listen to "Quit Your Job" by the Thundamentals.

I listened to something of theirs before.

What it was it?

15. Found the song.

It was "Something I Said", which is the 30th song on the list.

Did I like it?

I have no idea.

16. Remembered the song after peeking on YouTube.

It's the one with a burial.

The song and video made me blab on and on about...something. Maybe, bitching about people?

17. Started watching video for "Quit Your Job".

18. Thought the song was kind of cute.

From what I can hear, it's pretty simple. It's about wanting to quit a job because of a difficult coworker.  Or boss, perhaps.

19. I like the chorus of the song.

You make me want to quit my job, but I can't.
So instead I wrote this song about you.

Some of my novels and blog posts would have that chorus, if they could sing.

20. Realized the quit my job part wouldn't fit.

It's more along the lines of, I want to write you a mean email, or scream at you, and totally bitch you out, but instead I'm writing this blog post about you. 

21. Went to TV Guide to do more searching for Australian actors in new American TV shows.

Guess who is in the next TV show?!

Martha Plimpton!

Yeah. I know. She's not Australian. But still. It's kind of exciting—at least for someone, like me,  who's had an 80's childhood.

The show is called The Real O'Neals.

22. Started to look at the cast list for The Real O'Neals.

23. Finished looking at the cast.

I didn't see any Australians.

We'll try again tomorrow.

I mean, not with that show.

I'll look for Australians in another show.