Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bad People, Love, Adultery, and Worrisome Hugs

1. Started watching an episode of Tangle.

2. Saw Ryan Corr.

His character seems nice.

I don't want him to be a bad person.

I don't like when I like an actor and then I see them playing a scummy person.

It's like Damien Richardson. I first saw him on Neighbours, where yeah...he was a bit scummy. But he was also sympathetic. Then I saw him on City Homicide where he played a very decent person.

I was kind of in the mode of adoring him. And then I saw him on The Secret Life of Us where he plays a scummy rapist...or almost rapist. So that kind of ruined things.

3. Figured I will go back to adoring Damien Richardson when I see him playing someone decent again.

4. Thought this all kind of contradicted with my feelings for Anthony Hopkins. Because with him, I like him best as a sociopathic cannibal.

5. Received an email from a company asking me to link to their jewelry website. Why? Because I once linked to another jewelry website.

In a way, it almost sounded like they were demanding I link to their website. Well, they weren't demanding. But there was this attitude of, we see you linked to this other jewelry website, so we want you to link to ours. I felt like they were saying they deserve fair treatment.

6. Considered emailing the company back and saying I will link to their company on the sidebar if they pay me $200. But the thing is, I don't know if I'd trust any company that sends out emails like that. They sound too desperate.

7. Liked the conversations about falling in love on this episode of Tangle.

Some of the scenes made me think that the sexiest trait in a man is when they're in love.  Real love—like Christine (Catherine McClements) says, the kind where you can't stop thinking about someone.

I like this versus the kind where someone is mildly interested in someone, and what they really want is sex. Or sometimes it's not sex. Sometimes it's just about the attraction not being strong enough.

8. Thought of my college relationship adventures. There were times that I was definitely attracted to someone and definitely hoped for a relationship. Then there were other times where I was attracted to someone but at the same time not attracted.

9. Thought that the sexiness of a man, in love, greatly loses its appeal for me when the person he's pursuing doesn't love him back.

Then it's either sweet and sad; or pathetic—depending on how persistent he is.

If he goes REALLY far in his pursuit, it becomes scary.

10. Thought of Peter and Tina on Coronation Street. Peter's maybe in love with Tina, but I don't find him at all sexy. I could say it's because he's married to another woman. But I do sometimes find extramarital relationships sexy. Or maybe I usually don't. I'm not sure.

On Tangle, I liked Ally (Justine Clarke) with Gabriel (Matt Day) even though she was married to his best friend. But that's probably because Ally's husband Vince (Ben Mendelsohn) was such an ass. He didn't seem to love her, so it seemed so wonderful that another man did. That's different than Peter and Tina, because Carla, Peter's wife, does seem to love him a lot.

11. Decide that with extramarital affairs, if the cheated on spouse doesn't seem to really be in love, then the cheating doesn't feel so bad to me. It's romantic and sexy. If the cheated on spouse is obviously in love; then it's sad.

Another example of this on Coronation Street is with Nick and Leanne.  Leanne has fallen out of love with Nick and loves someone else now. Nick still loves her, so I don't want Leanne with someone else. I want her to fall back in love with Nick.

12. Loved what Christine (Catherine McClements) says about her husband having an affair.

She tells Ally that no, it wasn't a fling. It was real love. And it was the worst thing that ever happened to her. But then the affair resulted in a pregnancy, and that child came to live with them. Christine became the mother, and she says this is the best thing that's happened to her.

It's amazing how bad things sometimes result in very good things.

13. Liked a scene with Ally feeding the hungry.

An old man named Stan (Don Bridges) tells Ally she's pretty and asks for a hug.  She's kind-hearted and open-hearted enough to say yes. It's kind of a tense scene, because you don't know if he's going to try to grab her ass or something.  He doesn't, but he wouldn't let go. He kept hugging. Then someone working with Ally (Todd MacDonald) requests that the man stop hugging Ally.  The man stops, and Ally's co-helper asks if she's okay. She says, Yes! It's the best hug I've had all year.

I wish I could be like that. I'd likely be very hesitant, and then during the hug, I'd be frantically wondering when was the last time the hugger took a shower.  I'm not even sure it would have to be a homeless person to make me uptight like that. I think a hug from any stranger would have me feeling germaphobic.

Although it's not really germaphobic. It's really more like cootie-phobic.

14.  Saw that Don Bridges was recently in an Australian Zombie movie called Plague.

15. Saw the Stan storyline get a little less sweet. Uh...speaking of zombies.....

16. Finished watching the episode.

I liked it. It was less depressing than the previous ones; and also less slow.

17. Saw that Netflix has The Plague.

I'm going to add it to my to- watch list.

18. Decided to look for 2015 movies on Hulu and Netflix.

I didn't look much before, because I didn't expect them to be released yet. But The Plague is from 2015, and that's already on Netflix.

19. Decided I'm just going to look on Netflix now, and later I'll check Hulu.

20. Added Strangerland and Infini to my to-watch list.

21. Started watching Not Suitable for Children.

I'm already unnerved by Ryan Kwanten speaking in an Australian accent.

I don't know what's weirder—hearing Jason Stackhouse being Australian or Rick Grimes being British.

22. Wondered if there's truth to the premise in the movie.

Jonah (Kwanten) ends up with testicular cancer.  Treatment will leave him infertile. He gives a sperm sample that will be frozen for future use; then learns his sperm is unfreezable.

23. Found a website about sperm cryopreservation.

They say that 50% of sperm motility keep that motility after being thawed. If sperm is of poor quality, the motility level will be less than that.

24. Glad to have learned something new today.

25. Wondered how old Ryan Kwanten is.

26. Saw that Kwanten was born in 1976. He's only four years younger than me.

I like when people are close to my age...or older.

Very young people make me feel old.

27. Saw that Ryan Kwanten's birthday is close to mine.

28. Remembered that Toni Collette's birthday is today.

29. Saw that Ryan Corr is not at all close to my age.

I'm seventeen years older than him.

He makes me feel old.

30. Wondered if what Jonah says in the movie is true.

If you don't have a clean medical history, you can't adopt. He says that includes cancer.

That's sad.

It seems unfair.

What if your cancer was mild, and easily treated? You still can't adopt. I understand that cancer has a chance of recurring, but no one is guaranteed to live a long and full life for their children.

31. Tried to find information about adopting in Australia, if you've had cancer.

I can't find anything but did find an article about the issue in the UK.

32. Recognized the actress who plays Marcie in the movie.

I looked her up. It's Susan Prior, and I've seen her on Puberty Blues. But I can't remember who she played.

33. Remembered!

I'm glad, because it would have probably bothered me for most of the night if I hadn't.

She plays the wife of Rodger Corser.  He's cheating on her, and she's kind of naive about the whole thing.

I actually could have figured it out if I looked at the IMDb cast for Puberty Blues.  I could have just matched the last names of the characters.

BUT I'm happy with myself for remembering on my own.

34. Decided that one of the reasons I was able to remember is Prior's character on Not Suitable for Children is similar to the one she played on Puberty Blues.

35. Struggled to think of words to describe the characters.  It's kind of like someone who's a doormat—overly nice and giving.

Is there a word for that?

36. Stopped watching the movie for tonight.

I'm going to watch the rest tomorrow.