Thursday, October 1, 2015

Drug User Personalities, Gender Stuff, Drug Dealers, and Sticky Fingers

1. Started watching an episode of Sea Patrol.

2. Saw that RO (Kristian Schmidt) is having some sort of mental or physical breakdown.

3. Accidentally saw spoilers when looking at Kristian Schmidt's character name on IMDb.

It turns out RO was drugged and is going to get in trouble for it. Oh no!

4. Wondered about something said on the show.

There's discussion over whether RO did the drugs. There's talk of RO not being one of the boys, and someone says something about this person being the type to do drugs.

Is that true?

I picture it more often being the opposite.

I think of drugs as usually being a social thing. People get the drugs from their friends and acquaintances, and they use the drugs with their friends and acquaintances. 

Am I wrong? 

Are drugs more often used by loners? 

5. Started to read article about the type of people who use drugs. They say studies (or one study?) shows that drug use is more often used by people who score high on neuroticism, low on conscientiousness, and low on agreeableness. 

Another trait associated with drug use is sensation-seeking. That doesn't surprise me.

6. Realized the article is more about who's going to end up using what kind of drugs.

In the end, it says certain personality factors push us towards certain drugs; but then there are other factors such as what the people around us are using and what's available.

7.  Liked what Terrie wrote in her blog post. And Yes, Linda and Michelle, I am the Mrs Eddy who taught PE at SCEGGS Gleniffer Brae in the 1970s. It's amazing that you found my blog!

That's cute.

As far as I know, no one from my past has found my blog. I've never gotten an email along the lines of, Hi! I don't know if you remember me. But I just found your blog, and I'm wondering if you're....

8. Thought it would be kind of cool to randomly find a blog; then realize I know/knew the person writing it.

9. Learned a lesson from Sea Patrol.

If a coworker suddenly starts acting unusual, greatly underperforms; and fails a drug test; when they insist that their drink was spiked, maybe give them the benefit of the doubt.

10. Got ready to watch an episode of Underbelly and actually felt kind of happy about watching it.

I don't dislike the show anymore.

I think it's managed to grow on me. That's not to say I disagree with my previous criticisms. I still think they used a bit too much music.

11. Started to get used to Matthew Newton being a heroin dealer rather than the son of Ka D'Argo.

12. Enjoyed reading A Welsh Girl in Australia's post about her girly-girl daughter.

She talks about her daughter being the type who likes pink, dresses, dolls, and jewels. But then a transition started taking place. The little girl started liking camping, sports, and outdoor activities.

I think the best thing is for both boys and girls to have girly interests and boy interests. I feel bad dividing things by gender, but in our society there are things that are seen as being more feminine and other things that are seen as being more masculine.

But just because a hobby or interest is more male-oriented or female-oriented; we don't have to be imprisoned by our genitals.

I think it's wonderful for a boy to collect Disney princess dolls and then also love football.

A man can love watching baseball games and also be a huge fan of musicals.

A woman can love pink dresses and lacy bras and also love reptiles and insects.

13. Felt that I'm having a major crisis of opinion.

I know I recently wrote about hating gender divisions at toy stores.

What I'm saying now kind of contradicts that.

I'm confused about how I feel.

I'm lost.

14. Felt maybe I'm against gender divisions. But since they exist and will probably exist for a long time, the best goal is to not feel shame or embarrassment about liking stuff from both genders.

It's great when toy stores get rid of their gender divisions. I think it's even better, though, when a family can go to the toy store and not be stressed or embarrassed when their son wants to buy a Barbie doll.

15. Felt there's less of a problem with labeling things as masculine and feminine and more of a problem with seeing masculine and feminine as being superior or inferior.

16. Thought it would be nice if gender was viewed the same way as nationality.

I'm American, but that doesn't stop me from liking Australian food, music, TV shows, books, etc.

There's no shame in an Australian person liking Spanish food or a Spanish person liking Italian shoes.

Liking something associated with another nation doesn't make you less of a citizen of your own nation.

17. Liked what Aussie Bob (Roy Billing) said to Alison Dine (Alison Hutchison) about selling intoxicating substances.

If the substance is legal; then it's the substance that's seen as a menace. If the substance is illegal, then it's the seller that's seen as the menace. He says this after Dine has a huge dip in her self-esteem about being a drug smuggler.

If we're going to hate people for selling heroin and blame them for our family and friend's addictions; shouldn't we also hate the local bartender, or the guy in the corner shop that sells cigarettes?  How about the waiter who hands us the wine list?

18. Wondered about people like Aussie Bob, Alison Dine, and Terry Clark. What would happen to them if the drugs they sell become legal? Would they go about their business, no longer having to worry about police raids and prison sentences?  Would things get better for them? Or would they get worse?  Does the illegality of the substance put more money into their pockets?  Does it make things more exciting?  If someone sells heroin, and heroin becomes legalized, would they continue to sell heroin, or would they start selling a drug that's not yet legalized?

19. Understood that the questions I ask can't be answered the same for every drug dealer.  I'm sure it would depend on the person.

20. Figured that drug smugglers would make much less money if they were no longer smugglers and instead just carriers of legalized substances.

My assumption is that, since it's a risky endeavor, smuggling pays quite well. Without the risk, I imagine the payment would be much less.

21. Went to the Triple J 2014 list.

Today I'm going to be listening to the song "Just For You" by Sticky Fingers.

Did I listen to another song from Sticky Fingers before?  I'm not sure.  I think I've at least seen their name when glancing at Like a Version videos.  Well, you know what it is. I remember now. I kept getting Like a Version on my YouTube recommended videos. One of the videos there involved Sticky Fingers.

22. Saw that Sticky Fingers has another song on the Triple J 2014 list. It's "Gold Snafu". Was that the video that took place in the 1970's?

23. Gave "Gold Snafu" a quick look.  I was right. It's the 1970's video.

24. Started watching the video for "Just For You".

25. Thought that the guy in the video reminded me of Johnny Depp. That after he started singing, he stopped reminding me of Johnny Depp and started to remind me of someone else. But I'm not sure who.

26. Learned that the singer from Sticky Fingers is named Dylan Frost, and I'm thinking that the person he reminds me of is Kevin Durand from The Strain.

I think Frost looks like a younger and smaller version of Durand.

27. Saw that Sticky Fingers has been on Like a Version four times! What? Did they move into the studio or something.

I actually watched one of their covers recently, but forgot about it. It was the song "Delete". I think I liked it...probably.

28. Decided to listen to Sticky Finger's cover of "Rhiannon". It's a Fleetwood Mac song. I'm not sure I've heard that one before.

29. Thought the song sounded familar to me. So I guess I've heard it before.

30. Liked the cover.

It's pretty cool.

31. Decided I want to listen to Sticky Finger's cover of "Delete" again. I'm kind of remembering that I liked it a lot.

I'm going to listen to it while looking for Australian actors in new American TV shows, via the TV Guide fall preview guide.

32. Looked at the next show, which is Shades of Blue. It stars Jennifer Lopez as a cop who works with corrupt cops. If I'm understanding things right, she's corrupt too, but then becomes an FBI informant.

It sounds kind of interesting.

33. Realized my memory is right about liking "Delete".

I'm still liking it.

34. Started looking at the cast of Shades of Blue.

35. Started listening to my current favorite song. What is that?

The theme song to Wonderland!

36. Finished looking at most of the cast of Shades of Blue.

I didn't find any Australians.

37. Looked at the next show. It's Supergirl! 

 I didn't see that coming.

38. Started looking at the cast of Supergirl.

39. Saw that Helen Slater, the woman who played Supergirl in the 1980's movie, appears in an episode of the TV show.

That's cute.

40. Finished looking at most of the cast of Supergirl.

I didn't find any Australians.

41. Glad to see America Ferrera in a new TV show—Superstore.  I wonder if it will be any good.

42. Started Looking at the cast of Superstore.

43. Found an Australian!

It's good, because I was giving up hope.

Her name is Karen Ann Cabrera. Have I heard of her before?

44. Looked at Karen Ann Cabrera's filmography.

I don't see anything Australian. So, I guess she's done her acting work in the US—at least the screen stuff. She might have done theater stuff in Australia.

45. Read Karen Ann Cabrera's biography.  It looks like she was born in Sydney, but spent most of her childhood in the Philippines. I don't know if she still counts herself as being Australian.

46. Started watching another episode of Underbelly.

47. Felt no sympathy towards Terry when he claimed to be missing his toddler son.

The guy is a narcissistic, sadistic murderer who once threatened the life of his son's mother. Can a man like that really love his child?

Well, his own sick way. But still. I don't feel sorry for him.

48. Imagined Terry misses his son in a way that other people miss their computer or other favorite toys.

49. Decided I probably have more love for my computer than Terry has for his son.

50. Decided to check and make sure Terry is dead.

Not to be paranoid, but I'm picturing him reading my blog; then having me murdered.

51. Relieved to learn from Lord Wiki that Terry Clark died in 1983.

Although now I'll probably have to be scared of his ghost.